It Starts With A Mountain – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: The Big Business Delivered Right to the Door

The air seemed to have suddenly stilled. Dried leaves were blow up by the wind, giving off clear sounds as they landed on the ground.

Cheng Dalei took a step back. His face was rather hot, and he’d imagine that Su Ying’s face is definitely also crimson.

However, he instead discovered that Su Ying merely blinked and instead asked confusedly, “What does that mean?”


Cheng Dalei had do words. He felt like a crow was flying overhead and was cawing in laughter at him. Cheng Dalei felt like his words were super abrupt and offensive, but he overlooked one thing. At Su Ying’s age, her understanding of the relationship between men and women may still be at the stage where she’d think that girls can get pregnant just from kissing.

He just resignedly waved off the question, “Off with you now.”

Su Ying’s brows were still bunched up in confusion, unable to understand what Cheng Dalei’s words meant, “I’ll go ask someone else when I get back.”

“Don’t!” Cheng Dalei stuck his hand out like his mind was about to collapse, “I’ll personally tell you if we end up meeting again in the future.”

With the sound of a whip striking the horse and the clopping of the horses, the carriage slowly disappeared from Cheng Dalei’s field of view.

In his heart, Cheng Dalei really didn’t want to let her go. It’s not like he really liked Su Ying, but it’s only natural for people to appreciate beauty, especially when it’s a pretty girl like Su Ying. Thus, he does feel at least some possessiveness toward her. Cheng Dalei obviously could have kept her around by force. Heck, it wouldn’t even have been any issue to get a couple kids out of her.

However, Su Ying is only 17 years old this year. Of course, in this age, it’s natural for girls to get married at around 13-14, and a girl who’s unmarried at 17 could even be considered an old maid. Even so, in Cheng Dalei’s eyes, she’s just a 17 year old kid. If this was in his previous life, she woudn’t have even graduated high school yet. Thus, no matter how low Cheng Dalei has sunk to, there’s still no way that he could force a 17 year old kid.

As he thought that, Cheng Dalei’s mind suddenly stopped for a moment as he realized the mistake he’s making with that line of though.

Right. Su Ying is only 17. She doesn’t have all that much experience, so she shouldn’t be so cold. A girl’s heart… In the word of the ancients, there’s no girl who doesn’t have romance in their hearts. After he said all those things, did all those things, even though he looked dumb and laughable sometimes. But is Su Ying’s heart really a bottomless chasm, where there’s no echoes no matter how much one throws into it?

He might have been tricked then.

Beep. Completed quest Steal a Wife, second phase. Reward gained: Heavy crossbow x1.

Beep. Conditions not satisfied, unable to activate the third phase of the quest.

Down on the winding mountain trail is a carriage. Inside, Xiaodie wiped the sweat from her forehead, “Milady, I didn’t expect him to really let us go. I was really scared.”

Su Ying’s brows were knitted, however, as if she was thinking on something. After a moment, she finally asked, “Xiaodie, if a man were to tell you that he… Got hard. Do you know what that means?”

Xiaodie’s eyes opened wide, “That’s he’s hardened his heart?”

After sending off Su Ying, Cheng Dalei cleared his thoughts. He first headed to the miscellaneous items storehouse of the Toad Camp to find the heavy crossbow that he got as a reward.

After the reconstruction of the Toad Camp, all the original miscellaneous stuff just got stuffed in the storehouse. Cheng Dalei had confirmed back then that when they were cleaning stuff up, he definitely never say a crossbow. However, now, it had appeared out of nowhere, and it even had 10 heavy bolts paired with it.

It definitely is a heavy crossbow though. The whole thing is two meters long and three meters wide. Cheng Dalei confirmed it for himself that, of the entire Toad Camp, the only person who’s capable of notching it besides Qin Man is himself. Qin Man is able to do it without any effort, but Cheng Dalei had to use all his effort to barely pull the string back. As for Xu Shenji and Xu Linger, they can’t pull the string back at all.

Cheng Dalei decided to put the crossbow up on a watch tower as an addition to the defenses of Toad Camp. Even so, Cheng Dalei fully understood that the real meaning behind the heavy crossbow is that it give him the possibility of replicating it. Unfortunately though, they don’t have a craftsman in their camp right now, so there’s no point in thinking about it right now.

After setting up the crossbow, Cheng Dalei started researching the matter of raising chili peppers. They have the seeds now, but the question of how to plant them still remains. Cheng Dalei vaguely remembers that chili are supposed to be planted as sprouts, so they can’t just bury the seeds into the dirt and let it grow on its own. Cheng Dalei doesn’t have any farming experience, but he had done planting in pots back in his old apartment, so this shouldn’t be that big a problem.

He just need to first plant the seeds into a plastic greenhouse, wait for it to sprout, and then replant it into the fields. Toad Camp obviously wouldn’t have any greenhouses, but this isn’t that big a problem.

Toad Camp has plenty of empty houses, and those houses are generally built from dirt with the roof covered in straw. They work pretty well as hothouses.

Cheng Dalei planted the seeds into the dirt and watered it. He just need to wait for it to sprout before replanting it in the fields.

There’s only the six of them in the camp though, so this will end up going quite slowly. That said, this is a slow world, so the bustling lifestyle from his previous life is basically impossible anyways.

After Cheng Dalei finished with that, he settled down to wait calmly. He’ll wait until Lin Shaoyu and Huang Sanyuan gets back and their camp gets two more working bodies first.

It’s during this time that Toad Camp received its first guest.

That day, Cheng Dalei was just about to head down the mountain for his work shift, robbing travelers in other words. The Chili needs planting and new members need hiring. When Lin Shaoyu and Huang Sanyuan get back, they’ll also need to take care of the pigs and chicken. The daily robbery shifts also need doing as well.

However, for some reason, this road hasn’t had any travelers of late. Since no one was using it, the productivity is naturally low as well.

As Cheng Dalei was sitting under the shade of a tree to cool off while bored, a woman’s voice rang out right then, “Boss Cheng. You’re personally doing robberies on a day as hot as this?”

“That’s basic professionalism. I’ve always been like that.” Cheng Dalei answered without any thought. Then he turned to face the speaker and was stunned for a moment before speaking with a surprised tone, “Little White Wolf!”

Not far from Cheng Dalei was Apricot Flower Peak’s Little White Wolf. He has no idea how she managed to get her skin as white as cotton. It really does make one drool on a day as hot as this.

“Why’s Boss White here on such a hot day? Are you looking for me?” Cheng Dalei got up from under the tree.

“What, am I not allowed?” Little White Wolf grinned, “I really am here for you though. I got something I want to discuss with you.”

“Come on then, let’s talk up on the mountain.”

Cheng Dalei immediately agreed without hesitation. No man would be able to resist a beauty like Little White Wolf. This goes double for Cheng Dalei.

A woman as sexy as her ass like the current weather, hot to the point to make one breathless.

Little White Wolf thus followed Cheng Dalei into Toad Camp. She was rather stunned at the sight of all the chili that are left around the camp to dry though.

“This is chili peppers. We picked it from a slope. Boss White, you can take a few and plant them for yourself if you want.” Cheng Dalei also only had that idea just then. He let Little White Wolf to the meeting hall. He didn’t have any fruits or tea for guests though, so he just used well water in its place, “So, what business does Boss White have with me?”

Little White Wolf looked around before lowering her voice in an obvious show of caution.

“There’s going to be a big business opportunity soon. Apricot Flower Peak won’t be able to take it all on our own, so would Boss Cheng be interested?”

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