It Starts With A Mountain – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Base Construction Complete

Cheng Dalei’s planned work this time was quite extensive. The vast majority of the preexisting constructs need to be demolished and rebuilt. However, with enough manpower involved, this wasn’t an issue at all, and work continued forward at a terrifying pace.

The real issue isn’t on the work up the bandits who are working. They’re bandits after all, not good little boys and girls. They’re not just working here for the five pounds of food and two meals a day. For a lot of them, their goal is to take conquer and take this place over. Those people are likely to deal with their boss at any moment here, and the “deal with” is exactly what one might expect from bandits.

As the work was getting near completion, that particular issue also became more and more obvious. First of all, more and more people started completely ignoring Huang Sanyuan’s orders. Plus, they’d maintain a bad attitude even when they’re eating, and they’d even start fights with each other.

At noon this day, Zhou Xiaoshu had a bow of noodles in his hands. Speaking of, those noodles really are delicious.

“Eat quickly. We’re acting after lunch.” Gao Feibao stated.

Zhou Xiaoshu paused for a moment. He didn’t really want to act though. Five pounds of food and two full meals a day is already a great blessing for him. If these days can continue on, then it must be because he had saved up great karma from his previous life, to have gained such fortunes.

But he’s just a minor minion. He has to listen to the vice boss.

“Vice boss, but you’ve seen big bro Qin… Qin Man’s strength, right? I even heard that the boss of the Toad Bandits can call down thunder.”

“Complete rubbish.” Gao Feibao spoke, “I’ve been purposefully making trouble the past two days specifically in order to test their reactions. If they really could call down thunder, then they would have used it a long time ago rather than just bearing with me. Listen up now. Don’t do anything after you finish eating while I’m not working, and do as I signal you.”

“Hn. Alright.” Those people with him quietly agreed. They were still rather scared of the thunder spell though.

Noon passed in a blink of an eye. Previously, at around this time, everyone would have already started working, but today, these bandits all just lazily lied down on the ground and refused to move.

“Everyone, it’s time for work! Come on!”

“Butler Huang, it’s too hot out, so how are we supposed to work? What if we die from the heat?” Gao Feibao lazily spoke.

“Oy, bros, don’t waste any time and just get to work. I’ll add some extras for dinner.”

“I can’t move even if you’re giving us dragon meat.”

Still, no one moved. The masses have started laughing quietly to themselves. Huang Sanyuan looked about. He knows that things have already turned uncontrollable.

“Hey, get couple of guys, smash up this rock, and dig it up for wall building.” Huang Sanyuan walked up to a huge rock buried in the ground.

“That rock’s at least a thousand pound. Who the heck can smash that? Or does Butler Huang want to try?”

“How about you get Boss Cheng to try it. Doesn’t he have strength measured in a thousand pounds? He can just pull it up and toss it.”

Huang Sanyuan already realized by now that it wasn’t just the Flying Tiger Bandits who have their eyes on the Toad Camp. The other bandit groups likely have similar ideas. None of the 50 some bandit groups on the Blackbull Mountains are soft here.

The crowds were just lying on the ground with faint smirks on their lips. They were like a pack of jackals gazing at a bunny that accidentally wandered in among them.

There were nearly a thousand bandits who came to Toad Camp today. If nearly a thousand people all looked at someone like that, then the combined pressure from all those gazes can directly cause someone weak-minded to collapse on the spot.

Huang Sanyuan was already starting to sweat. He wiped it off over and over, but he only kept sweating more and more.

Gao Feibao signaled a couple of guys with a look, and they all stood up. Some people from the other bandit groups also stood up with unkindly smiles on their faces.

At that moment, Cheng Dalei walked out from his house.

Everyone’s gazes were focused on him as he casually and carelessly waked out in a gray robe.

“What?” Cheng Dalei acted like he hasn’t noticed that the atmosphere around him.

“Boss.” Huang Sanyuan acted like he just saw his savior, “There’s a rock here blocking the work. I wanted to get some guys to smash it up, but the rock is too big and these guys couldn’t do anything. How about you blow it up with your Art of Five Thunders.”

The moment they heard that, everyone there widened their eyes. When it comes to the rumor that Cheng Dalei could call down thunder, some people believed it while others don’t. However, based on what Huang Sanyuan was saying, it seems like he really did know such mysterious magic.

Cheng Dalei frowned and spoke somewhat impatiently, “You’re troubling me with such minor trifles/”

Then, before everyone’s eyes, he spread open his arm before clapping his hands together, and stabbing out toward the rock with his index finger while letting out a shout.

“I know divine magic, letting me call down thunder!”


The huge rock exploded, shattering into over a dozen pieces. Some fragments even blasted out and cause some minor injuries.


A wave of intakes of air sounded out. It was a huge rock over thousand pounds, but it was smashed apart with just a single order. By now, even if one were to claim that Cheng Dalei had strength measuring over a thousand pounds, no one would question it anymore. He’s no man, he’s a demon.

Despite doing something so unbelievable, Cheng Dalei’s expression was still utterly placid like he didn’t do anything worth mentioning.

“From now on, don’t bother me with such minor trifles.” Cheng Dalei dusted off his robe before suddenly shifting his gaze and staring at the bandits lazing about on the ground and curiously asking, “None of you are working? What are you doing then?”


Everyone who had caught his gaze started sweating up a storm. They all practically sprung up on the spot and started working their backs off. Not a single person dared to utter so much as a word of complaint. Thus, work progressed once more at an even faster pace.

Finally, after ten more days, all the work was complete, giving the Toad Camp a complete makeover, splitting it up into several zones.

The outermost area is the defensive zone, set as a wall built of rocks along with the gate. There were watchtowers on the walls, from which anyone approaching would be easily detected from on high. The trees beyond the walls were already completely cleared out, removing any cover approaching the camp. Plus, Zheng Dalei had personally set up numerous traps on the newly flattened ground, including pits, rope traps, and clamps capable of trapping wild boars… It has to be said, Qin Man really is a top class hunter.

After the defensive zone is the assembly yard. A large standard stood in the center of the assembly yard. If enemies managed to break thought the outer defenses, then this is where they’d try to slow the attackers down.

Past the assembly hard is the work zone. This includes the meeting room, horse stables, and even spaces saved up for eventual necessities like forges or clinics.

After the work zone is the living areas. This includes the houses, kitchen, well, weapon storage, and food storage.

Besides that, next to the stables is a public outhouse, which is right next to the farm fields. Manure is extremely important in this age without any artificial fertilizers after all.

Cheng Dalei was quite satisfied with his redesigned base. While he can’t say that there’s no bandit group capable of taking this base, Cheng Dalei can guarantee that none of them will be able to take the costs of taking this camp.

Of course, the reconstruction as also quite costly. The original 50,000 plus pounds of food were basically exhausted, leaving only about a thousand pounds left. However, given the small population of the camp, this isn’t an immediate worry.

Beep. Camp construction complete. Reward: One acre of matured chili pepper.

Beep. Quest received: Complete ten robberies. Current progress 1/10

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