It Starts With A Mountain – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: I Only Used 60% of My Strength

“Big bro, to tell you the truth, they really did cook up some proper grub, with plenty of salt too.” Gao Feibao spoke as he brushed his teeth, “I even stole a pouch of their salt. Haha, they definitely didn’t notice that.”

Gao Feihu stared at his little brother with a complicated expression, “What are you doing, only paying attention to how good their cooking is? Did you remember what did I have you go there for? If we want to take down the Toad Camp, just how should we do it?”

“Really, there isn’t much to consider. The Toad Bandits is only made up of six people. The only thing we need to fear is Cheng Dalei’s Five Thunder Art. Who knows if it’s real or fake.”

“That’s the reason I’m having you go in the first place though. Did you manage to find something out today or not?”

“Nope. He didn’t show at all the whole day.”

“Then you’re going back tomorrow. Bring a few more guys too. We have to figure out the truth behind Cheng Dalei.”

“Hn. I want to head over earlier tomorrow as well. I’ll also skip breakfast tomorrow so as to eat more of theirs. Big bro, how about you come too. They’ve got white bread with every meal you know.”

Gao Feihu’s face twitched as he spat out just two words, “Get lost!”

The people that came on the second day was several times the people from the first day, numbering up to a thousand. Huang Sanyuan seriously got quite a scare from that. He just lacked the understanding of just how hungry the bandits of the Blackbull Mountains have been.

Of course, the more people there were, the faster the work was getting done. As expected of the butler of a city’s lord, Huang Sanyuan was able to properly organize and manage even a thousand men.

Some were erecting walls using stone from the mountains. Some dug up dirt to bake bricks. Some chopped down trees out on the slope. The entire camp was thus bustling with activity.

Inside the house, Cheng Dalei and Su Ying were staring at each other. Being stared at ended up making Su Ying fell self-conscious though, so she ended up quietly averting her gaze.

“What are you staying here for?”

“Maintaining mystery.”


Cheng Dalei laid down on the bed as he explained, “Right now, the outside is filled with rumors about how I learned the Art of Five Thunders from the gods. That every day, I’m meditating and breathing inside, cultivating the art of immortality. If I were to show myself outside all the time, then what would happen if those guys out there saw that even sages and mystics also need to go to the bathroom? Their idol worship will end up collapsing.”

Right now, Cheng Dalei was lying down on the bed with his arms acting as a pillow while Su Ying sat at the end of the bed. This scene strangely gave Su Ying an impression of a young wife keeping her husband company, but she couldn’t really say anything about that either. After all, she is a hostage. Plus, Cheng Dalei never struck or shouted at her, nor had he ever forced her to do anything, so she didn’t want to push her luck either.

“Why do you keep staying in my room then?” Su Ying asked.

“Because you’re pretty.” Cheng Dalei said as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Su Ying’s expression became pinched as a hint of anger showed.

“Don’t get mad now. I’m really bored just staying out of sight, alright? In this whole camp, I consider you the prettiest after all.”

Outside the house, everyone was busy at work, bustling with activity.

Qin Man carried his spear over one shoulder as he slowly came back from the outside dragging a wild boar before dropping it off in front of the kitchen.

“Big bro Qin, you got another boar today? It looks like we can look forward to the meal then.”

“Wow, that boar is at least 300 pounds. Big Bro Qin took it down all on his own?”

Among the bandits, it’s generally natural for the strongest to reign. After getting to know each other for the past two days, all the bandits of the Blackbull Mountains have come to respect Qin Man. Qin Man is straightforward and direct, which is something that the bandits quite like. Plus, Qin Man is the one who hunts all the meat that everyone eats as well.

“Big bro Qin, those arms of yours got something like 300 pounds of strength, don’t they?”

“Ha, that’s a bit of an exaggeration there.” Qin Man heartily smiled.

“Big bro Qin, show us a move. Wow us a bit.” The bandits started clamoring.

Qing Man blushed bright red like he’s drunk. However, he did see a boulder a small distance away and spoke with a smile, “Then I’ll give it a try.”

“Big bro Qin, that boulder’s something like 4, 500 pounds. Be careful there.” Someone spoke worriedly.

“It’s just a try, that’s all.”

Qin Man, tightened his belt, bent down, and grabbed the boulder with both hands. Everyone opened their eyes wide as they paid careful attention, unwilling to miss out on so much as the smallest detail.

Crack, crack!

Qin Man’s face turned crimson as every joint in his body seemed to explode with might, showing his strain. Then, he suddenly let out a shout before pulling up the boulder inch by inch. Then, with a roar, he lifted the whole thing over his head.


The entire field turned silent, to the point where one could hear a pin drop. Everyone was left gaping as their hearts pounded in their chests.

“Big bro Qin. You… You really are a god in flesh!”

“To be able to lift that boulder. That strength must be over 500 pounds.”

Qin Man let the boulder down as he laughed, “That’s nothing. I’m not the strongest person in this camp after all.”

Several people walked to the boulder and tried its weight for themselves. However, they weren’t even able to nudge it, never mind lifting it up.

“Then, who is the strongest person in this camp?” Someone asked curiously as their gaze already started turning toward Lin Shaoyu.

“Heh. He doesn’t mean me. It’s our boss. Qin Man’s strength isn’t even half of our boss’s.”


A wave of breaths were sucked in. Already, some were secretly trying to estimate just how strong Cheng Dalei is.

Within the house, Cheng Dalei had seen all this through the paper screen over the window, and his lips quirked up, “Alright, it’s my turn to perform now.”

Su Ying looked at him, her gaze following him as his figure vanished from the house. Then she also moved to the window and watched the commotion outside.

Everyone’s eyes were on him as Cheng Dalei left the house. Some were curious, some were fearful, and some were disturbed.

Qin Man came over with a few large steps, “Boss, let’s spar.”

Everyone paid attention as they thought to themselves, ‘What one hears may be false, but what one sees is true. We’ll only know just how powerful this guy is after seeing for ourselves.’

“What spar? Get back to work already.”

Cheng Dalei was completely dismissive of Qin Man’s invitation for battle and instead headed on forward. Qin Man stood behind him and suddenly shouted, “You looking down on me!”

Then, he clenched his fist and swung for Cheng Dalei’s back. That blow came like a fierce tiger. The roar accompanying it left not doubt that it can smash apart rocks if it landed.

Cheng Dalei suddenly turned his head though and unhurriedly caught Qin Man’s fist. Looking at it, it feels less like he’s blocking a punch and more like the punch was getting handing into his hand.

Then came a match of strength. Veins popped out on Qin Man’s face. His dark complexion turned red with exertion, making it obvious that he had put all his strength into it. However, Cheng Dalei didn’t have so much as a single drop of sweat on him. He was obviously completely at ease.

“Get lost!”

Cheng Dalei suddenly let out a roar as he put strength into his arm. Qin Man’s body flew into the air like a stringless kite and was blown a good seven, eight meters away.

Cheng Dalei walked on over and helped him up from the ground, “You alright.”

“I’m fine. Thanks for going easy on me, boss.”

“Alright, don’t be so impulsive next time. I only used 60% of my strength today. Otherwise, you really would have been hurt.”


Everyone was shocked, staring dumbfounded at Cheng Dalei like they’ve seen a ghost.

That much was only 60% of his strength!

As everyone looked at him half worshipfully and half fearfully, Cheng Dalei headed back into the house. Su Ying hurriedly sat back up straight as she looked strangely at Cheng Dalei, who was pale and sweating.

“What happened to you?”

“I pulled my waist.”

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