It Starts With A Mountain – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Supply Limited, First Come First Serve

Actually, when he learned of Huang Sanyu’s past, Cheng Dalei had already decided to allow him to join.

All the farmland and merchant business that Han Huju had back when he’s alive all required management, and all of those were done by Huang Sanyuan. If this was Cheng Dalei’s previous life, then Huang Sanyu would basically be the general manager of a Fortune 500 company. That’s quite the talented individual there. Now that he’s left his previous job to come join his own newly created small business, what right does he have to be picky about it.

And the Toad Bandits do need someone like Huang Sanyuan right now. Going back to the business comparison, Qin Man and Lin Shaoyu basically do the technical work (robbing). Xu Linger does back end support (raising horses). Cheng Dalei the new CEO basically has no experiences whatsoever. Thus, what they need right now is an experienced professional manager. As for Xu Shenji… Well, he sort of counts as the Toad Bandits’ mascot.

However, Cheng Dalei didn’t imagine that while putting up a front, he ended up actually hitting gold.

“What treasure map?” Cheng Dalei asked excitedly.

“It’s something that the city lord collected back when he was alive. I grabbed it when I escaped from Blackstone City.” Huang Sanyuan spoke as he pulled a parchment map from inside his clothes and handed it to Cheng Dalei.

“30 years ago, the barbaric nomads invaded the Wu Empire, sacking and looting everywhere they went. They were eventually force out, but they escaped with a lot of riches during that period. And they weren’t able to bring some of those riches with them when they were chased out, so they buried and hid it all away. This map shows where they hid those treasures.

Cheng Dalei took the parchment map in hand with great excitement. He never thought that he could even experience the excitement of treasure hunting. The map’s made of parchment too, which just gave it an even more authentic feeling.

“Where is the location on this map?” Cheng Dalei asked as he opened it up

“I don’t know.”

“What? You don’t know?”

“Of course I don’t know. If anyone did know, then they would have long since already taken it.” Huang Sanyuan spoke seriously.

When he opened up the map, Cheng Dalei finally realized what the issue was. The map is one showing mountains and rivers, and there’s a circle drawn in the middle. However, the problem though is that there wasn’t a single word written on the map. As for where the mountain and river on it actually is… Who the heck even knows.

The maps in this world are low quality from the start. Plus, it’s made by the illiterate barbarian nomads. Cheng Dalei can’t exactly try to match up the mountain and river on the map with locations all around the country either. Right now, the only real clue is that they know that the treasure is buried during the barbarians’ retreat. Simply put, the location of the treasure may not even be within the borders of the Empire. It’s also possible that it might be in the area near the Blackbull Mountains and they’d be able to dig it up easily. However, the chances of the latter happening is little better than wining the lottery.

As his excitement cooled, Cheng Dalei placed the treasure map to the side and spoke, “This map… Really isn’t all that useful. Butler Huang, you still need to prove your worth. Right, right now, our camp does have some problems. Let’s call it your test. You’ll only be a temp worker of the camp, but if you can complete this task, then I’ll take you as a direct hire.”

Huang Sanyuan didn’t get what temp worker meant. He never imagined that it’d be this difficult just becoming an outlaw. However, right now, he had nowhere else to go, so he could only ask, “What’s the issue then?”

Cheng Dalei explained the issues with their horses, and Huang Sanyuan didn’t even need to think abot it after hearing the details.

“Keeping in mind the camp’s long term development, these horses have a great amount of value. However, for the current camp, they’re instead a burden. By my reckoning, it’s best if we act as soon as possible. Does the boss happen to have any merchant connections in Fallenleaf City? If not, then our only choice is to sell it to the nearby bandit camps.”

“Strategist, did you hear that?” Cheng Dalei let out a cold yell. He thought to himself, look at the new guy, he came up with a good idea right on the spot. Now look at you.

“I’ve been listening the whole time.” Xu Shenji nodded, “I had the same idea. I was just about to say it, but he got to it first before me. Really… Great minds do think alike.”

Cheng Dalei wanted to vomit blood at that. He really has never seen someone so utterly shameless. Afterwards, everyone once again got together to discuss how to actually enact that idea.

After having a plan, Cheng Dalei was in a much better mod. He slapped Huang Sanyuan’s shoulder and spoke, “You’ve done well. I believe you’ll be directly hired soon, so keep up the good work.”


Huang Sanyuan excitedly nodded before suddenly stopping: Wait, what is he suddenly getting excited for.

Blackbull Mountain, the Flying Tiger Camp.

“My horse!” Gao Feibao let out a long sigh as he stared at the one eyed horse before him.

“Little bro, your horse is already blind, so it can’t be used anymore. It can only be used to pull the mill for the camp now. Don’t feel too bad though. If there’s an opportunity, I’ll get you an even better one in the future.”

“What? Big bro is going to give your own horse to me? Our deep brotherly bond truly makes me emotional.”

“All I can say is that you’re overthinking things.” Gao Feihu replied.

For any camp, horses are always a rare resource. Even with the power of the Flying Tiger Camp, the entire camp has only five horses in total. Everyone considers the horses as more valuable than their own wives. After Gao Feibao’s horse was shot blind by Qin Man’s arrow, he’s been acting like he’s in mourning for the past few days, looking terrible the whole time.


“Great news, great news!”

This sound suddenly rang out from outside the Flying Tiger Camp. Thus, Gao Feihu and Gao Feibao both reacted.

“Big bro, is someone trying to sneak attack our camp!”

“Let’s go and see!”

The camp’s gates were opened up and the men of the Flying Tiger Bandits swarmed out of their encampment. However, the woods before their eyes were completely empty, with not a person to be seen. However, several of the trees in the surrounding areas have a number of papers stuck to them.

“Eh? What’s this?” Gao Feihu frowned as he stared at the big word at the top of the paper, “Ad-ver-tise-ment…”

Behind a tree not far away, Cheng Dalei had a bronze gong in his hands while Lin Shaoyu was carrying some glue as the two of them huddled together sneakily.

“Did you finish sticking them up on your side?”

“Yep. And you?”

“Let’s go then. To the next camp.”

Gao Feihu’s group all gathered under a tree as they stared dully at the paper glued to it.

“What’s written on it? Boss, read is for us.”

“Yeah, tell us what’s written on it.”

One has to forgive that rough bunch. There aren’t many literate individuals in the entire Flying Tiger Bandits. Gao Feihu himself is literate though. Right now, he’s staring at the [Advertisement] before him with a contemplative expression on his face.

[Great news, great news!

Are you troubled by your lack of a mount? Can you only feel ashamed as your comrades are riding on their own horse!

In this world, what girl will look at you if you don’t have a horse!

Better to take action than just dream on it. The ones faster than you have already taken the girl you have your eyes on out for a ride, so what are you still waiting for!

Great news, our camp has a bunch of high quality warhorses for sail. Supply limited, first come first serve.

P.S. – Those holding this advertisement can enjoy a 20% discount.

P.P.S. – Additional discounts apply during event period]

The handwriting is awkward and the wordings are strange, but why does he have such an excited feeling about this. Gao Hufei sank into a deep sense of confusion.

“Little bro, what are you doing? Why did you pull it down?” Gao Feihu asked.

Gao Feibao was already moving to pull the advertisement off of the tree by now. He turned his head as he moved and spoke while blinking, “Big bro, it’s a discount.”

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