It Starts With A Mountain – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: I Know Divine Magic, Letting Me Call Down Thunder

There’s a saying about great reward accompanying great risk. That particular saying is quite true here. After this particular crisis had passed, what awaited the Toad Bandits wasn’t merely wealth, but riches beyond imagining.

The various horses that had been left in the mountainous woods were basically mobile treasures. Xu Shenji was so happy that his beard was about to stand upright.

Xu Linger is capable of raising and training horses. She let out a bunch of whistles and herded all the horses together. Qin Man was originally a hunter, so he’s not completely ignorant when it comes to horses either. Add in Xu Shenji’s aid, and the warhorses in the wood were all gathered up.

After a careful count, putting aside all the ones that managed to run off into the woods and those that got killed, they’ve herded up a total of 81 horses.

For the poor Xu Shenji, that number on its own was enough to make him think he’s dreaming. Qin Man isn’t all that worldly either, so he’s also scratching his head with a dopey grin at it.

Xu Shenji, Xu Linger, Qin Man… Truth be told, all of them were basically country bumpkins. The only one with their camp who is a bit worldly is probably just Lin Shaoyu. After all, he basically came fully equipped, having a spear, a horse, and a full set of clothes. However, even for Lin Shaoyu, when he saw that scene before him, it was all he could do to just maintain his calm. It’s basically like showing a guy 81 high class cars. It’s practically a fleet, so whose heart wouldn’t pound at the sight.

Of course, there were lots of other good stuff left from the battle such as armors and weapons. However, the Toad Bandits simply have too little people, so they can’t actually move all those. Therefore, they had no choice but to pick and choose. Thus, they just grabbed the most valuable horses. As for the rest, all they could do is just bear with the pain of leaving them behind.

“Linger, make sure to herd the horses properly. We’re going back to base!” Xu Shenji stuffed the last saber into the carriage. At this point, the carriage has already been stuffed completely full, having not the smallest room left for anything more.

Qin Man still had that dopey smile on him as he hauled two iron bows in his hands and quivers on his back.

“Old man Xu. Can your really ride all those horses? How about loaning me a couple!”

With a sarcastic voice, a group slowly came out of the woods. Xu Shenji was startled. They are the brothers Gao Feihu and Gao Feibao of the Flying Tiger Bandits.

“Yo, vice chief. How unusual for you to be up so early as well today!”

“Old man, stop wasting time!” Feibao impatiently spoke.

Gao Feihu let out a cold snort, “Old man Xu, you Toad Bandits really managed to get quite the riches. You guys got the meat, leaving us with only the bones. Talk, how are we splitting these horses!”

Xu Shenji shuddered as he looked about. Before his eyes, a number of people came out of the surrounding woods. The arrivals weren’t just the Flying Tiger Bandits. Little White Wolf of the Apricot Flower Peak. Kilometer Serpent of the Doghead Peak. Big Bear and Little Bear of Bald Slope… Over half the bandits of Blackbull Mountain were here. They didn’t bring along that many people, where the biggest was only 20-30ish. But even so, they vastly outnumbered the numbers of the Toad Bandits.

Right now, all of them were staring at those 81 horses here with greedy eyes.

“They’re horses that we got with our own abilities. Why should we split them with you!” Xu Linger spoke.

“Linger, shut up.” Xu Shenji immediately stopped his daughter before speaking to everyone there with a flattering grin, “All the various bosses have worked hard here, so everyone’s gotten rich today, no?”

“Not as much as you.” Gao Feihu spoke, “You Toad Bandits got the big prizes, while we’re only picking through the leftovers. But is your Toad Bandits really capable of keeping all these prize horses?”

Pretty much every bandit that came here today has basically got something out of it. With all the armor and weapons they’ve seized, it will improve the fighting strength of their minions by a full grade. However, it’s nothing compared to what the Toad Bandits have gotten. Even putting the horses aside for the moment, just Xu Shenji’s carriage full of armor and weapons was enough to make anyone drool.

“In my opinion, let’s not even bother with any splitting. Everyone just rob whatever we can get. I’m taking that white horse.” Gao Feibao shouted out before spurring his own horse forward and charging into the herd of horses on his lonesome.


An arrow pierced the air and shot straight into that horse’s right eye. The horse cried out in pain before falling to the ground, dropping its rider Gao Feibao to the ground as well.

“Who, who!” Gao Feibao pulled out his saber as he shouted.

Qin Man pulled raised the bow in his hand, pulled another arrow from the quiver on his back, and notched it on the bow. The arrow and his gaze pointed at the various bandits.

That guy’s a great archer!

The bandits admired it in their minds and were stopped for the time being.

Gao Feihu let out a cold chuckle, “It looks then that the Toad Bandits want to try your hands with us then?”

Qin Man’s face turned dark and, without a word, aimed his bow at Gao Feihu.

In reality, either Xu Linger nor Xu Shenji can fight. The only one capable of battle from the Toad Bandits is Qin Man, and he had just gone though an exhausting battle against a hundred others, so he doesn’t have that much energy left.

Both sides entered a stand off. Gao Feihu held a saber in his hands, undecided whether or not to fight Qin Man.

“With so much stuff, does the Toad Bandits really intend on monopolizing it all without letting anyone else have any?” Gao Feihu spoke as he tightened his grip on his saber.

“In that case, how does boss Gao think we should split it?”

Just then, a lazy voice rang out. The bandits all turned to look, and what appeared was a skinny horse slowly trotting out from the valley. A young man rode on that horse, carrying a large axe on his shoulder.

“Boss!” Xu Shenji and his two compatriots spoke up as one.

The bandits started whispering among themselves. Was this the son of the old boss of the Toad Bandits then? Supposedly, he’s just a useless wastrel, but given what’s happened today, that doesn’t seem to be true at all.

Cheng Dalei passed through the people surrounding his group and joined them in the center. Gao Feihu carefully observed him and found that he was actually keeping his calm even in this situation.

“How about I put out an idea?” Cheng Dalei swept his gaze about, “We kill all of you. That way, there’s no need to do any splitting in in the first place.”


Like rippled caused by a stone thrown into a pond, Cheng Dalei’s voice caused quite the commotion among the people there.

“Brat, you’re got quite the guts!”

“Not even your dad dared to say something like that to us when he was alive!”

“How many fucking people do you think you have, to dare speak with such arrogance.”

“Let’s not waste any more words and just kill the fuck of out them!”

The crowd was stirred up into a frenzy.

“Stop right there.” Cheng Dalei suddenly let out a loud shout over everyone’s voices. Then he spoke, “I got to ask though, can you total to a thousand all together?”

Gao Feihu frowned, “What’s boss Cheng asking that for? So what if we have a thousand all together or not!”

“If there aren’t a thousand of you, I’m afraid that I might not have enough to kill.” Chen Dalei calmly spoke, “I’ve already killed a thousand, so what does it matter for me to kill a thousand more?”


Everyone instantly fell silent as if their voices were swept away by the autumn wind. Everyone looked at each other and saw the uncertainty in everyone else’s eyes.

That’s right. There were only about four or five people from the Toad Bandits today, so how’d they end up slaughtering a thousand men to a rout. That’s something that no one here managed to figure our even now.

Gao Feihu’s eyes flashed as he spoke in a more calm tone, “May Boss Cheng calm your wrath. Might we ask as to how you’ve managed to do all this today?”


Cheng Dalei put his axe back up on his shoulder as he laughed out loud. The laughter made the bandits nervous, wondering just what that madman was laughing for.

Suddenly, Cheng Dalei sharply ceased his laughing as he roared out, “I know divine magic, letting me call down thunder!”

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