Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 99

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Subjugation of Demon King 6

Numerous lightsabers poured down from the sky, constantly hitting the Demon King who was leisurely intending to release his breath, hindering his movement.

Aside from the power of each one, its overwhelming barrage of attacks and the hyper-aggressive fighting style not giving the opponent a chance to counter-attack and really chipped away at his stamina.

“What on earth is happening at this tense juncture ……?”

At that moment, a young girl danced down from the light sabres that were pouring down like a meteor shower.

In the hazy smoke that filled the area, the girl who landed in front of me, her beautiful blonde hair blowing in the wind, turned back.

Hey, I’ve seen this face …… somewhere.

“I’ve come to help you, Kenji! From here on, Mizzet-sama will be your strength!”

“Miz, Mizzet…. Miss Mizzet!!”

To my surprise, it was Mizzet Galhart, who had grown up after five years.

I remember hearing that she had become a Paladin, but why is she here?

No, what is more important is the number of strokes of the holy sword.

Even I can’t reproduce that kind of super barrage at my current.

“…… No, Kenji, I’m not Ojou-sama anymore. Becoming a Paladin in order to be your sword and shield is just plain Mizzet. It has nothing to do with family or position. That’s why I’m here.”


“So from now on don’t call me Missy …… just call me Mizzet. With this alone, I can fight for my life as a knight who protects you.”

Missy, correction, Mizzet says with a look of determination in her eyes.

…… So that’s it, I seem to have misjudged her a little.

Five years would have been plenty of time for Mizzet, then a mere rebellious little girl, to become an adult. It doesn’t matter to me why she’s here, how strong she’s become or anything like that, as I ponder in all sincerity.

I won’t inquire about what happened.

Because I have not been with her since she disappeared five years ago and she has reached this point alone.

It is not my right to ask what kind of thoughts she has been distressed about and what obstacles she has crossed to get here.

But when such she comes for me, when she wants me to call her by name in order to help me, it is self-evident what I should do.

I would only answer:

“To save this continent, and for my purposes, help me, Mizzet!”

“Yes, leave it to me!”

The moment she was called, she gently smiled at me like a flower blossoming.

Then the lightsaber and light shield appear, turning to the Demon King in a protective position in front of me

From the looks of it, the sword’s output is modest and the shield’s output is at its maximum.

I can’t help but chuckle at her response, as if she already knows what I want her to do.

I’m sure that even if I hadn’t asked her to buy time, she would have had it in mind from the start.

What a reliable partner.

“Kenji, don’t worry about me, just focus and use your big moves to win. It doesn’t matter who your opponent is, your sword will never break. I will protect you until the end.”

“Alright, Mizzet. I’ll leave it to you.”

Once again, a combination of gorgeous sword skills and powerful Paladin skills that might even rival a high-rangking occupation came at the Demon King again.

The initial surprise attack had worked, the guy’s body surface was scarred here and there by the attacks that rained down on it.

With this much damage accumulated, the opponent would not have immediately switched to a move such as spitting his breath.

After all, it wouldn’t be a good thing if the girl exploited that opening.

And, leaving aside the Argus, which ran out of magic power to rip out its body, it’s almost time for the Sword Saint to return, so I can safely wait for the job fusion.

It’s a perfect lineup.

It’s a shame I can’t join the battle right now, but I just have to be patient a little more.

The fusion of occupations was finally successful as the returning Swordsman and Mizzet teamed up to battle the Demon King.

“This is the power of the special combined occupation of [Akuma]. …… I see, this is certainly not a simple occupation.”

In terms of parameters, it can be said to be a super specialisation of attack power and magic power.

Compared to the Paladin’s ability to strengthen endlessly, it is indeed capable of high performance in a limited range.

In terms of the overall power, it is far superior to that of a Paladin.

However, this is not where the real speciality of this occupation lies.

The point lies in the skill.

The name of the skill acquired is “Death Sentence”.

It starts with countdown from the number 6 to the number, and to the opponent it’s a countdown to despair.

It’s a skill that apparently only deals in heavy damage rather than instant death if the difference in strength is too great, but it will still ignore your opponent’s defences and deliver a painful blow.

Although there are drawbacks such as a large amount of magic power being used once and no other skills can be used during the countdown, this ability is close to the best answer as a defensive position in the current situation.

“Then, let me start it. Countdown『6』……”

The Sword Saint wounds the Demon King’s body surface and prevents a counterattack with the Mizzet’s Holy Shield Invocation.


Perhaps because Demon King didn’t think it would be a good idea to use his breath, which emphasises the power of a single strike, he started switching to scattered skirmishes to fight.

He’s fighting with a lot of wisdom, but it’s a great target to buy time because it’s not a decisive strike.

In addition, as time passed, perhaps due the magic power recovered slightly, Argus has also started to come around to support them.

“Countdown 『4』……, 『3』……, 『2』……”

Seconds to go.

We’re almost there, we’re almost there and our trump card will be completed.

Hang in there, you three.

And finally, the time has come.

“Countdown 『1』….. 『0』!! Skill activated, [Death Sentence]!”

While they were still in the midst of a fierce battle.

Authentically, the last trump card has been activated.

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