Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 98

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Subjugation of Demon King 5

The full force of the Holy Sword and the Dragon’s Breath.

The confrontation between those two forces was only momentary.

My greatest trump card, the Holy Sword Invocation, was drowned out by the overwhelmingly massive flash of destruction, and was swallowed up by the breaths that tried to blow the royal castle away in the aftermath alone.


Although I don’t know what happened because the impact was too great, but I do know that I was probably blown away in a haphazard manner while holding the sword.

As it turned out, the difference in power between a primordial dragon’s special move and a fledgling Paladin’s was just too great.

It was only natural that it turned out this way. It would have been nice if I could have predicted the counterattack beforehand, but I didn’t expect him to release his breath immediately.

But the amazing thing is that I don’t seem to have fallen into a state of combat incapacity, and although I have suffered a great deal of damage, I still seem to exist in this world.

I can say this because I can see the crumbling royal castle in front of me.

This is clearly a different world.

“Uu, uaaa… Huh, why am I still alive?”

“Oh my God…. I was so surprised I thought I was dead ……”

I was about to get up to confirm the situation when the sound of Momiji came from near my abdomen

Hey, why is this kid stuck to me?

…. No way.

“Have you become a shield to protect me?”

“Huh?…. Oh, that’s right. It seems that my body was moving suddenly when I noticed. Isn’t there something strange?”

Looking at Momiji, I saw a tattered mini Kuroko-chan doll in her hand.

Really, it’s turned out this kid was able to take the hit unscathed because of this subtitute doll….

How crazy it is!

I had to preach to her after this battle …… That said, I was saved this time by that moment of action.

Looking around, fortunately there were no dead, but Argus and others were blown up quite a distance away.

It’s impossible to return to the battlefield immediately.

“Oh, you can stand up after being attacked by my main body? What a thoroughly unexpected and unbelievable boy… But that’s why it’s a pity. Given you are a human being. ”

So said The Demon King.

Hearing his words, I couldn’t help but wonder if he had a grudge against humans or something?

He seems to be letting his guard down, now that he’s battered and wounded, and it might be a good idea to ask him directly.

I take out my smartphone from my pocket with a certain strategy, and while operating the screen, I say something to him.

“What exactly do you mean by “pity”? What’s so bad about me being human?”

“Don’t you get it? …… Ah, I suppose so. Among the human race, especially those like you who are protected by the mighty Creator God, you wouldn’t understand, would you? For you who have the talent to be loved by the god and the miraculous luck that can survive this situation.”

As I listened to him, I opened my phone app and integrated my occupations into one.

Perhaps because I had been fighting so hard up until that point, the rank of [Soul Reaver] had finally reached the minimum benchmark rank of 20.

It is now possible to create a composite occupation [Akuma], by fusing [Alchemist] and [Soul Reaver].

It is now necessary to buy time in order to get the job compensation.

Anyway, now I have to buy time to get my profession correction.

I keep to talk while tapping my fingers.

“I just don’t get it. What does that mean? You’re missing the point.”

“…… Have you ever heard the story of a powerless dragon?”

The Demon King spoke.

“It was a long, long time ago, in the ancient times. There was a primordial dragon, which was supposed to be the head of the dragon family and was born with strong protection, and a powerless inferior dragon, which was obviously of the same race and was also a friend, but had little protection.

Both dragons are the oldest primordial dragons born at the same time, they attracted the attention of many other members of their own race, but in a bad sense, the strong dragon and the inferior dragon would be compared to each other.

And rightly so.

To begin with, dragons are a powerful race.

Therefore, just being inferior is considered bad.

The inferior dragon had accepted this reality, and apparently decided to support the superior dragon, thinking this was also their destiny.

Thanks to his support, his friend, the excellent dragon grew strong and wise, and was able to successfully become the strongest sub-god through a blessing ceremony.

He congratulated him wholeheartedly.

He was happy to see his friend who had accomplished something he could not, and he was happy to support him.

The man who became a Dragon God was also grateful for his supportive friend, and the relationship between the two as close friends became even stronger.

So far, everything has been fine.

There have been no problems.

The beginnings of the break occurred in the times that followed.

Since the birth of the human race into the world, things have started to change.

Human beings are weak and vulnerable.
It was clearly not strong enough to survive in the nature of this world.

It is reasonable to assume that they would have died out long ago.

However, thanks to an extra-natural intervention by the oracle of the Creator God, the Dragon God decided to protect the weak race, the human race.

As result, they are not perished.

If there were large animals attacking humans, he would protect them by providing food for them, and if they were in trouble to the point of extinction, he would continue to help them in secret.

At the same time, however, this is a clear violation of the dragon rule that “the strong have absolute rights”.

Whether it was the dragons that came to guard the world, or the oracle of the Dragon God who took sole possession of the Creator God, it was because the Dragon God was stronger than anyone else.

Yet humans were protected despite their lack of power, and evolved as a race simply by asking the gods for a miracle.

The powerless and inferior primodial dragon was outraged.

Wondering why only they were given preferential treatment?

Wondering why the God of Creation did not bring them anything?

It is so unreasonable, so irrational.

The simple but unequivocal justice that he who has no power has no rights has been the reason why he has been living a life of giving everything away. This justice, however, applies to himself, but not to mankind.

And the reason it does not apply is simply that it is favoured by the Creator God.

Isn’t that strange?

The primordial dragons who thought this way then rebelled and created illegal rituals.

The god of creation was no longer worth believing in.

There was no need for human beings any more. As a friend, the Dragon God could not be forgiven if he followed the words of the God of Creation.

This was the beginning of a history of rebellion against the world, no, against the God of Creation, by a being who would later become known as the Demon God, with a multitude of like-minded Demon Kings.

That’s it. What do you think, boy of the human race?”


All I can say is “Oh”.

I honestly didn’t expect things to get that serious. I can say that it was the first time I had heard of such a soap opera unfolding in the era of creation.

All sorts of things happened in that era too.

But to put it bluntly, this time, it was all my fault for creating the world, but even so, it would have been a problem if unrelated humans had been allowed to persist in their obsession.

It would have been fine if humans had directly interfered, but how could they have been attacked because they were being treated better than they were?

It couldn’t make sense.

I’m going to have to establish a dialogue with that Demon one day.

“Now you understand. As long as human exist, it’s a sin.”

“No, that’s strange, isn’t it? Assuming that the inferior dragon’s hatred is justified, in the end it should be the god of creation, not humans, who are to blame. I don’t think it’s any use envying others. It’s not the end of the line.”

“Right, even so, for those who have ever realised that they are inferior, they will only have the feeling of “who is in charge of that kind of principle.”

It’s not that I don’t understand how he feels.

After all, I was originally a corporate sl*ve with no strengths.

I have experienced inferiority complexes as many times as there are stars.

“…… So excellent people really don’t understand how we feel, do they? Forget it, you’re all going to die here anyway. I’ll burn you in a second, so you won’t feel the pain at least.”

As soon as the words were spoken, Demon King opened his mouth wide and entered the stage of releasing his exhaled breath again.

Damn, the fusion in the app isn’t over yet.

What’s with all this shit, what’s with the [need time to process to achieve a special fusion] plane!

Now is not the time for that kind of shit!

At least I would secure Momiji in Dimensional Storage.

“Farewell humans. [Dragon Breath].”

No, it’s too late.

Just as I was thinking this, out of the blue, a light like a meteor poured down from the sky as if it had crossed the night sky.

“Eat This Demon King!!! [Holy Sword Invocation. Dance]!!”

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