Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 97

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Subjugation of Demon King 4

The Sage’s hot flash magic flew everywhere, the Sword Saint’s swords dancing, and my light-bullet skills rained down.

Several hours have passed since the battle began, and despite repeated direct attacks, the Demon King shows no signs of weakening.

It is not known whether the difference between attack power and durability was too great or whether he was using some kind of magic.

If the opponent had only bears it blindly, then my magic power, which I had used my stealing-magic skill, would have been restored, but even when light-bullet hit, there was no sign of snatching.
In other words, there was no damage at all.

“Argus, isn’t this bad?”

“…. maybe. But we can’t back out here.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Although he replied in this way, even this man was starting to look agitated.

The Composite Occupation of attendants was already battered and bruised, and if things continued like this, I was afraid that it would be over before we could even injure the Demon King.

If that’s happen, the knights who are waiting in in the rear so as not to get in our way would be impossible to restrain him.

Among the knights, the top-ranking fighters such as the Captain and Vice-Captain should be able to provide adequate cover, but expending energy here would mean that when we fall, the battle line would collapse at once.

They are, after all, only on standby as a second line, and that is what this battle is about, so we can’t expect them to cover us.

However, the power of the high-rangking occupations must have been reasonably close to the Demon King even if they couldn’t reach him in the first place.

And yet, it’s strange and obviously abnormal that there wasn’t a single scratch on him.

In that case, there might be some kind of mechanism.

If some sort of deed for giving damage, or a mechanism for approaching invincibility were known, it would be a decent battle, then….

I thought that there might be some reason for invincibility, so I decided to use “magic perception” consciously with the feeling that even if it fails, it doesn’t matter.

Even though I couldn’t identify what race of Demon King that guy was, but he had to pay a price in energy to use the ability.

So as long as I recognize the magic, I may be able to find the root cause of the abnormality. I have this idea.

Then suddenly a new colour appeared in the world, the colour of magic-like colours in my eyes.

So that’s how it is, how convenient it is to use this skill consciously.

“… … What are you doing, Kenji?”

“Hm? No, just a little bit of magical perception to find out who he really is”.

“Did you say “magic perception”? Isn’t that power an inherent ability of the race that only High Elves can acquire?”

No, I didn’t know that.

This is the first time I know that the High Elves can use magic perception.

But that information doesn’t matter now, I just have to find out what he is.

Then, based on the scenery that I recognised through my new perception, I compared it with the original Demon King and found some kind of change.

The source of the miasma surrounding the guy was overflowing from deep within the earth.

The miasma that was overflowing at a rate that made me believe it was the earth itself, and it had taken on the form of a man who is still fighting the Sword Saint.

So that’s what happened

That humanoid is just a puppet in human form, and the main body was lurking underground to manipulate.

Because of this, he was able to grasp the entire scene from underground and notice the initial suprise attack and didn’t suffer any damage.

My sense of offence as a creator god is also difficult to locate when it unfolds on such a vast area.

The whole area was filled with miasma, so there was no way to recognise the miasma everywhere.

In that case, if miasma of the puppet used as decoy was deliberately made dense, the puppet will stand out as an individual.

This strategy might able to trick the sub gods, but unfortunately I am a creator god.

“Okay, I see the reason for invincibility. The Demon King’s main body is some kind of giant thing that sleeps deep underground. The only way to rip him out is to dig into the earth with powerful earth magic, you can do that, can’t you?”

I glanced over to confirm.

Though shaken for a moment by the fact that I’d seen the Demon King’s true face at the crucial moment, Argus immediately recovers with a bold smile.

“…. It possible. Though it looks like I’ll lose most of my magic power if I use a spell strong enough to change the terrain, but if I don’t do it, I will inevitably lose either way. Then I’ll have no choice but to do it.”

That’s right.

It doesn’t matter how powerful your opponent is, if you don’t do it, you’re going to die.

“Enchant Magic Boost. Maximum Aura. Greater Enchantment the Earth. Complete Magic: ………… ”

One by one, Argus repeats the mysterious buffs, increasing the power of the magic.

The effect of the enchantment is so tremendous that the entire body seems to glow with too much buffing.

I mean, simply by spending up a certain amount of magic power could raise his strength to this level, as expected of a high-ranking occupation.

Because the opponent has no feeling in the fight, he hasn’t been serious until now in order to suppress consumption of magic.

After using multiplying various abilities and all the magic after that, the real magic of Sage Argus was finally unleashed.

” … … … Demon King, show me your true face, Great Earthquake!!!”

At the moment of launch, the ground rumbled and the earth cracked open.

The size of the rift extended even as far as the royal caste, and it was like the sky and the earth cracking.

However, it’s worth it. the great shaking caused by the great magic easily ripped out the big man from his slumber and revealed his true colours.


A gigantic figure, a large lizard with long-horned, overlapping scales on the dark surface of its body.

…… Yes, it’s a dragon.

It’s also quite familiar from the creation of the world, reminiscent of the slender forms of Oriental dragons.

It’s a primordial dragon.

So the Demon King was originally a Primordial Dragon. In that case, did he follow the Demon God since the dawn?

It should have been the first time we met, but it was a very emotional experience to see the real thing like this.

“Hey, the great magic I just used has left me almost empty of magic power. There’s a limit to how much magic I can maintain. …… If you’re going to kill ihim, do it quickly.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that.”

For now, let’s get the first move in and attack.

No need to be stingy here.

I’ll also use my ‘Holy Sword Invocation’, which is imbued with a great deal of magic power, on my opponent.

“The Sword Saint, and all of you the attendants, I will now use the full force of my Paladin skills! You can step back for now!”

“I got it.”

The Sword Saint picks up the battered and bruised attendants who are unable to move immediately and turns back without being caught in the rift.

….. Now, I’m ready.

“…… First of all, let’s go for the big one! Take my full magical power, ‘Holy Sword Invocation’!”

As soon as the skill is activated, a lightsaber of the full 10-metre scale appears.

As it’s not a life-threatening attack, so it’s a lot smaller than when I made an earnest attack before, but it is still enough to be a damage output.

I swung down the sword directly, showing the action of attack.

–In the event.


“Wow, seriously! Is he going to use his breath to block it too!”

–The wielded holy sword and the dragon’s breath of the Demon King, a former primordial dragon, collide with each other.

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