Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 96

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Subjugation of Demon King 3

With everyone’s preparations over, it’s finally time to go on a crusade against the Demon King, but to be honest, the chances of winning are about half.

According to Argus, the opponent has the fighting power of both the Sage and the Sword Saint, who can at best be wounded with all their might, so there is no room for optimism.

But there is still a chance of winning.

If you ask me why, because this is the Royal Castle, And even though we did our best but haven’t been able to defeat the Demon King, the Demon King who was injured couldn’t escape.

The Knights may not able to win.

However, they will probably be able to survive against an opponent who has been exhausted.

That is to say, if a protracted battle is fought until reinforcements arrive, the problem itself will be solved, albeit at great cost.

However, this is the worst-case scenario, which I hope to avoid if possible.

I am immortal, and Momiji can escape.

But I don’t think the Sage and the Sword Saint will abdicate their responsibilities.

They will fight to the death, surely.

That’s why, this is a battle that must be won as far as possible.

Then, as soon as we arrived on the room where demon disguised as a civil servant, or, correction, where the Demon King was lurking, Argus unleashed the magic he had prepared.

“Earth Wall. Enchanted‧Magic Boost. …… Meteor Smasher.”

Unleashing a huge amount of magical power emits a continuous spell of earthy attribute.

I don’t know anything about magic, so I can only judge what’s going on by eye, but it seems that the courtyard outside the single room was walled off with a solid earth wall, and a small meteorite fell from the sky and blew up a corner of the castle that there was no way out.

There was no mercy in what was done.

Although let’s just say that no one lived in this corner, the monetary damage seemed severe.

Then, in the dust, there was a voice.

“Oh, oh, oh, I wondered who it was, but it’s you. That’s quite a warm welcome ……. Ah, and by the way, long time no see.”

Despite a small meteorite hit, the mysterious man appeared casually.

Although appearing to be just an ordinary man, his clothing is spotless in this great tragedy, giving a great sense of offence.

A glimpse of his apparently exceptional fighting prowess can be seen.

Needless to say, the impact, and the fact that it was subjected to a level of power that would have made a corner of the wall crumble without a trace, left him unscathed.

Slightly more than expected.

How do you expect me to knock such a thing down?

Well, I’ll find out the way somehow.

Then, the Demon King, after finished his greeting to the two High-Ranking Occupations with a generous smile, seemed to have finally noticed me and turned his gaze to me.

“Oh my? I’ve known you both before, But this one’s the first time we’ve met, isn’t? Good evening. But still, this child…. Oh, I see ”

He nods his head in understanding and having ‘yare-yare’ look in his face.

Maybe this man found something wrong.

“I was a little curious as to how my presence was discovered, but perhaps the cause is this boy’s occupation. …… It’s due to the skills related to prophecy, isn’t it? Since the blessings of Creator God seem to have endowed the human race with a troubling ability, this seems the most likely reason for this strange phenomenon. Besides, I’ve seen this kind of human by mistake before …… Well, I killed him right away.”

Unfortunately, his guess was wrong.

I didn’t find him through the Occupational Skill, but by the privilege of being a Creator (player) of the world of creation to grasp his existence.

That said, I won’t tell him.

“But you guys are really bad-hearted. Just to find out about me, you have involved such an innocent boy in a battle ……. Aren’t you worried that the boy will die once the battle begins?”

It doesn’t matter, I’ll come back to life when I’m dead anyway.

I mean, I don’t know how far you can afford to go with these two.

You better worry about yourself.

While he was chattering away, the two were already in a state of readiness for battle.

“Talk in your sleep. Ora, let’s come with the first blow.”

The Sword Saint leaps up and approaches from the front, and his companions’ composite occupation take the opportunity to occupy the back of the Demon King. The six swords moved freely from the front, each one striking at Demon King with a long sword of masterly skill.

He was inevitable being attacked from behind at the same time, there’s no way to avoid it.

“Hmmm… That was a really impressive combination. It feels even more refined than before. But as expected, you still can’t reach me, humans!”

With a snap of his fingers, the demon king blows those behind him away with a single blow, enveloping them in a miasma-filled black explosion.

And with a step to keep avoiding the Sword Saint’s six consecutive blows, avoiding the surprise attack with no damage.

I honestly don’t know where to break in because the level of combat is so high, but my role in this team is that of a middle guard.

As long as the companions and Sword Saint who are the front guard still maintain the battle line, it’s impossible to run rashly to the front line.

So for now, I’m going to use my recovery magic to heal everyone who has been injured by the miasma explosion and covering them with light bullets.

“Ho? So the boy can also use the clergy-related skills?…. pretty good for a human being of that age.”

“There’s nothing to be gained by complimenting me,” I said.

No, I was actually kind of happy to get the compliment.

Although I cheated a little, it wasn’t without any effort that I mastered this level of power.

It was the power gained through repeated life-and-death struggles in replay mode.

Well, it’s still warm in the sense that there’s no danger of death.

“Very good. I’m sure you’ve overcome many trials and tribulations to reach that realm….. But that’s why it’s such a pity. As long as you are a human being created by the Creator God, you will never be able to reach the higher realms. …… Absolutely.”

The expression of the Demon King who laughs like this is somehow self-deprecating and his voice is mingled with thoughts of renunciation of the world.

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