Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 94

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Subjugation of Demon King Part 1

It was about a week after arriving in the neighboring continent.

Although there were some mock battles with the Sword Saint and troubles in the capital, they were all within the range that would not interfere with the execution of the mission.

Also, in the mock battle with a high-ranking occupation, the level difference was so great that I was beaten to a pulp, but thanks to this, my Paladin’s level went up by one level, the challenge was quite rewarding.

Or rather, the skills of the Sword Saint are too unfair.

What the heck is “Free Sword” or something.

6 swords attack freely as if they had a will, which is against common sense, and even with the Holy Shield Invocation, I can’t defend against it.

Of course, the swordsmanship is a few levels ahead of me, and I have no chance of winning except by using guerrilla warfare with my recovery magic to bring me into a protracted battle.

It’s impossible to carry the opponent head-on.

However, the Sage, who is also a high-ranking occupation, naturally possesses cheat skills, and in the matter of defeating the demon king, he is extremely reliable.

And so, as we mastered each other’s strengths, the journey proceeded smoothly, and I was now invited into the royal castle in the capital of this great nation. Of course, Momoji used her magic to conceal her figure, and the identity of the executive force was not suspected by anyone.

It is hard to imagine how long it took to prepare for this.

I’ve heard that the Sword Saint and the Sage have been hanging out with each other since ten years ago, so they were probably planning this since then, but either way, it’s still a tremendous task.

Incidentally, it is currently the stage of the meeting where the entire crew bows their heads in the private chambers of the king.

“Raise your faces, adventurers. It’s true that this is the royal capital, but it’s just me as the king, the ministers, and the trustworthy knights. Insolence to those in position should be punished, but this is not the occasion for you to concern yourselves with such matters. …… You are here to correct the corruption in this country, are you not?”

“Forgive me, Wise King. As you may have guessed, our goal is to crush the demons that are spreading in this country, and that is why we have come here.”

It seems that this incident has been conveyed to the king, and the king himself, who has the most concentrated power in the country, is aware of the fact of corruption.

In fact, I had heard about this when I was on the ship, but in short, the problem this time was not so much the king himself, but the majority of the nobles who had been swindled by the secret activities of the Demon King.

In general, the king cannot take the opinions and movements of the nobles at face value, but if many dukes and marquises with a comparable level of power are swindled, it will also affect the nobles under them.

As a result, the majority of the people who are responsible for the development of the country will start a campaign to suppress the subhumans, and a few powerful people such as the king and ministers will not be able to do anything.

“This seems to be the beginning of the end. As the king of this country, I have inherited the throne from the late king for ten years, and I had already noticed that the nobles were behaving suspiciously. I didn’t know why until I was told by the Demon Countermeasures Department that the culprit was a superior demon, but it makes sense now that I’ve heard it said.”

It is said that there is an enigmatic figure who can’t be caught the traces, who is working in the dark.

It was said that as the swindled noblemen gained power, the presence of the person who was the cause of the swindling became more difficult to detect.

It was said that even the church was involved in the supremacist government of the country and that the king’s power alone could not control it.

In addition to that, I heard about many national problems, and it does sound like a difficult situation for the king alone to solve.

If the power of the king is 100, and the power of all the nobles, including the top nobles such as dukes and marquises, is only 5 or 10, then the situation can be solved as soon as possible.

However, in this country, power was not overwhelmingly tilted in favor of the king, and the king’s power was only 60 to 70 compared to that of all the other nobles, and if you add in the fact that even the church is starting to act, you can’t maintain the balance of power.

Rather, the fact that he was able to maintain the king’s authority under such circumstances makes one want to praise him for his skill.

“I’m aware of your anguish Wise King, but there is no flaw in the plan. We have a surefire way to find the demons.”

“Oh, that’s a relief. If the Sage Argus had been made such statement, then I will be more than happy to help you out this time…. Okay. For the time being, you are in a temporary state of adoption as Knights of the Guards and are free to move about the castle.”

The negotiations seemed to be going well, mainly because the freedom of movement was recognized in my approach to finding the demons.

I can’t say that I can’t find it now.

It’s only a few, but I’m already feeling a bit of a sense of corruption.

If I just walk around the castle for a while, I can always find one or two demons disguised as humans.

“.…. Please Sir Sage, Sir Sword Saint. Please expel the sickness in this country. It doesn’t matter how much damage you cause, just use your power.”

“Leave it to us.”

“Yes, leave it to us.”

With that, the secret talks ended, and the meeting was adjourned for the day.

Although the king has not yet announced our affair to the nobles, it seems that we can start acting today.

It is said that the King is responsible for everything. In that case, it would be all the more important not to fail.

That afternoon, even though we had the king’s assurance, we couldn’t suddenly start the battle, so after confirming the location of the demon that looked like the Demon King, and then we communicated the location to the whole team and set the duel for late at night, when people are asleep.

The location itself was immediately known. It seems that the person disguised as a male civil official in this castle is the true form of the Demon King, and there is a clear sense of dissonance that cannot be matched by the previous demons.

Considering the power of the opponent, I was able to locate the location by feel, but the report was accepted without hesitation.

Although it might be considered overly trusting, I had proved my ability by teaming up with Argus, and my trust was not completely unfounded. Therefore, it was decided to abstain from unnatural actions until late at night, and today was spent in the offered room.

Since we’re not officially hired, it is not a dormitory, and we will be treated as guests on the first day of our invitation, under the care of the king.

Since the action cannot be detected, we are honestly grateful.

Some time after that, while we were checking each other’s equipment and confirming the contents of the battle, a visitor suddenly came into the room.
Incidentally, I was relaxing with Momiji in the room I was assigned to.

There are a total of three rooms, including a pair of Sage and Sword Saint, and the attendants’ room.

“Excuse me. I’m sorry to bother you… Boy.”

“Oh, King? What are you doing at this hour? The battle plan is about to begin.”

The king appeared with a few knights.

But it’s strange that he would visit a child who was just bring here, instead of going to Argus. What’s the matter?

Then the king asked the knights who were with him to stay outside and entered my room alone.

What? Even the knights guarding the king had to leave the room, so it seemed to be no small matter.

And, as soon as he entered the room, he suddenly knees in front of me.

What’s going on?

“Boy….. No, O God of Mankind. Thank you very much for your concern for our country and coming with Sage Argus to save this foolish king.”


The king on his knees said that I was the god of mankind and began to belittle himself as the foolish king.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean at all. Where did I caught?

With my thoughts in mind, the king continues his words in the same position.

“Whether it’s because the demons are taking advantage of the situation or because the country is trying to forcibly suppress some people, I know it’s because of my naivety and stupidity. I know if this is a problem that can be solved by human beings, it is also true that we have to blaze our own trail. … … But.”

But what?

I didn’t understand what he meant, so I tried to appraise it.

[Wise King]

Possesses the power of an occupation “scholar” and is the wise king of the human race.

Possesses the ability to judge the gods and those who associated with them by identifying of the light of mana.

However, on the contrary, the accuracy is reduced for those who are connected to demons.

He is quite weak.

I see, I get the general idea.

I guess he was able to recognize me as God through the basic skills of a scholar’s occupation.

Then, the king should have noticed what kind of god I was from the beginning.

Even so, did he ignore this matter to talk about it, because he thought there would be some problem and kept silent?

…probably so, and the appraisal also said that he was a wise king.

This is a first-class concern.

“However, your appearance has shown that the situation is irreversible by the hands of humans like us. Therefore, as a human being, I ask you with all boldness of mind to save this country, no, the future of the continent. …… If there is a need to apologize to those who died because of the country’s foolishness, please be sure to ask for forgiveness with the life of this foolish king. At least as the last pride, please let me fulfill the king’s mission.”

The voice of the king who said so was trembling.

No, that’s too heavy.

Rather than saying such things, I would like you to learn from the Momiji who rolls around on the sofa while saying “Aha~~” and “ehehehehe”.

This youkai has too much nerve, I guess.

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