Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 93

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To other continent 2

It’s been a while since we boarded the ship, almost a fortnight ago.

We should soon be arriving at our destination, the great country on the neighbouring continent.

During this long journey on the ship, there have been many meetings day and night, mainly to review the strategy for defeating the Demon King, with agents working as operatives to facilitate our movement over there, as well as the actual operations team who would actually carry out the raid.

The result and clear main operational element was that the agents would first work on disguising the entry and formalities of the entire team, led by Sage Argus.

This seems to have been laid out so as not to give the impression that the Magic Countermeasures Headquarters had acted.

Then, the actual operations team that entered the capital city would disguise themselves as high-ranking adventurers, and obtained permission to enter the capital city from the magic countermeasures branch that had been prepared in the opposite town to get invitation.

The arrangement may be a scenario in which high-ranking adventurers in other countries want to seek official posts from the country.

Moreover, regarding this method of obtaining an invitation to enter the city, it seems that it is already at the stage where it is ready to be used at any time, and because of the distance across the continent, a reprieve of about 1 year was granted from the great country.

That is to say, exactly the right time in terms of when Argus invited me to the headquarters. It is clear from this that the man intended to include me in the battle plan from the start.

I don’t know when he started making plans, but what would have happened if I hadn’t visited?

The man must have tried every means possible to establish a partnership, but he must have had too many layouts in various situations.

Then came the final procedure, entering the capital city and using my demon sensing abilities to find the Demon King and start the battle.

If I couldn’t find the Demon King, the plan would fail, but Argus didn’t seem to have any worries about it, confident in the accuracy of my abilities.

Well, it’s true that the sense of superiority I feel as a creator god has never failed so far, so I’m very confident, but it’s a good thing Argus was able to trust others in this important situation.

If it were me, I would hesitate in fear.

So here’s how it went this time.

Apart from this ship, the other agents and combatants are also spreading out and heading towards the neighbouring continent, but the outline is the same.

I’m told that on other ship there is an upper occupation for a close-combat specialisation known as the Sword Saint, but the details are not yet clear.
I think we will be meeting soon, so I would like to find out what kind of character he is at that time.

“Ugh… I can’t take it anymore…. This ship is about to kill me….”

“Hang in because we’re almost there, Momiji!”

“No way… no way… bleagh!!!!”

The youkai had a severe seasick.

Then I was on deck, stroking the back of Momiji vomiting towards the sea, and within a few hours I could see the continent of my destination.

At last, it seemed.

As soon as the crew arrived, they lied as if nothing had happened, claiming the identities of Argus and the others, and entered with fake union cards. Incidentally, there was no such card for me, but I was already anonymous, so there was no need to disguise myself.

“So Kenji, …… Then it’s time to call Momiji. From now on, everyone, including you, will go to the capital, but first, let’s introduce ourselves as a subjugating force. From now on, these members will have to act as one with you, and will be invited to the royal capital.”

So said Argus, the leader of the executive force, followed by the mysterious man with six swords at his waist, and the attendants who told me all sorts of things before the boat ride.

There were five of them in total, which means that with me and Momiji there were seven.

Although it looks like quite a big party, basically Momiji doesn’t count as a combatant and is in charge of the luggage carrier, so the actual number of invited members is 6.

As a team of adventurers, it was a full house.

Then a man carrying six swords approached me.

He stroked his chin and always felt like he was judging.

“…… Are you the child Argus was talking about? Indeed, a little too young. But if you played a role in solving the Demonology case at such a young age, surely the eccentric Sage will attract to you. It’s nice to meet you, let’s see, …… Kenji, isn’t it?”

“Nice to meet you. So, you are…..?”

The other guy seemed to know about me, but unfortunately I was meeting him for the first time at all.

Well, he was one of the strongest fighters, as you can see from the introduction of Argus, so I could probably guess.

As I stroked the back of a vomiting Momiji, the man retorted, “Well, I’m sorry,” and began to introduce himself in a comical manner.

“I am one of the strongest ranks in close-quarter combat, the Sword Saint, who was asked to help by this Sage. Please take good care of me. I heard that Kenji is a Paladin, so I thought I’d try my hand at a mock battle afterwards. That way, you will be able to get to know other side better than if you introduce yourself verbally”.

Is he really the Sword Saint?

Anyway, I had to identify it first, and the result was as deep as it had been in Argus.

Since then, after training in the temple, I think the gap has narrowed, so I would have expected the results of the appraisal to be good.

It seems that there is still a long way to go to catch up with the power of the high-ranking occupations.

If I raise my level, it will be a very competitive battle, but at any rate, a high level occupation is a high level occupation from birth.

As such, the time and labour required to work out this aspect of leveling up makes a very big difference. In other words, although I have three occupational complements, it’s not so easy to catch up.

“A mock battle?… Well, maybe in time.”

“Oh, you have my word. I’ve been hanging out with this Sage for over a decade now, and I’ve never seen him care so much about anyone. I’ve got some expectations.”

Hey, what about that Argus?

Turns out you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

“That’s enough of the gossip. Kenji, if there are any obstacles in combat because of this muscle-brain, just let me know and I’ll take care of it.”

“Haha! Don’t be shy, Sage, even in my opinion, this Kenji boy is an irregular. You’re not wrong in your judgement, are you?”

“….. Tch, what a pain of ass.”

With that said, he dismissed the conversation as if it was a hassle, and while ignoring the accompanying Sword Saint, he quickly arranged for a carriage to take us to the royal capital.

Well, it’s still the first time I’ve been to a place like the Capital City in a different world, but there seems to be no time for loitering.

If the oppression of sub-humans is so fierce, then I will also ask Momiji to hide away, so I want to quickly defeat the Demon King and solve the problem.


The litteral translation for Kensei (剣聖) is Sword Saint, so the real name is still unknown.

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