Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 90

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Story of Urgent Sage

It has been more than half a year since an alliance with powerful organizations and humans began to be established against the demons at the suggestion of a hero.

The plan against the state’s oppression has been carried out in secret, and the research institute, now called the Magic Countermeasures Department, is gradually becoming powerful enough to resist the state’s oppression.

The Adventurer’s Guild has remained neutral on the surface, and although they have not done anything conspicuous, they are helping them by introducing excellent people to the research organization in order to help them in their activities behind the scenes.

And among the people who had gathered were people who, like Argus who had the Sage occupation, were immediate battle powers such as the Sword Saint who was the upper ranked occupation and other composite occupations, were battle powers that could be readily fought to the level of a decisive battle if they caught the enemy’s tail now.

Therefore, the only thing left to do is to wait for the rags to come out, but that crucial opportunity doesn’t seem to be coming up.

Although the plan had borne fruit by strengthening the unity and protection of the subhumans, the young Argus began to grow anxious about not being able to see the future of the battle.

“Don’t be so anxious, Argus. It’s still in the preparatory stage, isn’t it?”

“Kensei?……. No, I understand that too. It’s just that when I think about the fact that we’re moving this far and there’s no interference from the country at all, I’m not comfortable with it.”

In the past six months, they had been working together a lot, and while he understood the words of Kensei, who was already a comrade in arms, he felt uneasy about the outcome being too smooth.

After all, they were a demon race that had been taking advantage of human side and doing whatever they wanted. It was impossible for them not to notice that a resistance group had been formed.

Maybe there is an inside story that makes people unable to interpret it so deeply.

This ominous premonition has come true, the troubled Argus received an urgent notice

“Argus, something big has happened! Nassery, who was out investigating, was arrested as a warning to the resisting subhuman forces!”

“What did you say!”

The companion who returned from the investigation gasped and expressed panic, conveying what was going on.

Although everyone present felt that the expected event had finally happened, only Argus could not conceal his inner turmoil.

According to later reports, it seems that Nassery was captured by one of the superior aristocrats who flaunted the excesses of human supremacy.

Although he knew that one day the other side would get in touch with the organization by capturing and killing people as an example, he never thought that he would actually target Nassery, something that shocked Argus greatly.

He lost his cool and ran out, ignoring the stopping around him, using magic to run all the way to the place where Nassery was said to have been captured. The others who were present at the time tried to stop her, but failed.

Because the serious movement speed of a Sage using magic was not comparable to that of a human, it was precisely the hyper-acceleration that was only allowed by the higher ranks.

It would be impossible to catch him if it wasn’t on the same level of strength.

Yes, like the Sword Saint who is running at the same time.

“Hey. Now, the enemy has also taken a rather bold action. They’re after the Sage’s beloved… There’s a limit to how far they can go.”

“…… Now is not the time for jokes, Kensei, come give me a hand.”

“Leave it to me.”

The two of them moved towards their destination at a speed that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, running the distance in just a few hours that would probably take a full day for a normal trip.

And there was no sign of fatigue, showing just how immeasurable the existence of the superior occupation was.

Then as soon as they arrived at the destination nobleman’s mansion, they immediately preemptively barged in from the front.

If they want to make an example for everyone, they might be saving her life life until the execution, but that is only wishful thinking if that is the intention.

If they wanted to do it, all they had to do was leave her head behind and display the body in the square, and that would be enough to serve as propaganda.

Because of this, the rescue is a contest against time, and there is no room for delay.

In front of the overwhelming power of the sages and sword masters who broke into the trouble, the bodyguards and knights trained by the nobles were kicked apart without any means.

The bodyguards and knights trained by the nobles had no choice but to be kicked apart in front of the overwhelming power of the Sage and Sword Saint who had ganged up to beat them.

Although they were still young, both of them were upper ranking occupations that possessed a occupational complement beyond the composite occupation, and the exercise they had gone through without being saggy, enough to take on hundreds or so noble privateers fell behind.

In terms of combat, the outcome was clear.

“Hey, hey! The Sage and the Sword Saint will pass! If you run away now, I won’t kill you. But if you want to die, come here!”

“Hey, try not to kill anyone. Although we have dispute with country anyway, but depending on the agreement later, her life might could be saved. ”

“I know even if you don’t tell me.”

The two of them galloped around and began to search the mansion as large as a castle without missing a beat.

First, they looked for the cell, but they were wrong.

The arresting nobleman seemed to have some kind of intention to put her in his hands.

But then things would be easier.

After all, it was always impossible to keep a corpse at hand, and the chances of her survival would increase drastically if it wasn’t in the cell.

The two are targeted the private room where the noble resided and took the mansion in an instant.

Then, they finally saw the figure.


“A. ………rgus.”

Apparently, they managed to get there in time.

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