Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 9

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Story Mode part 1

Turning my attention to the story mode as a new feature, I immediately decided to try my hand at character creation.

“Let’s see? First of all, do I have to choose an occupation? Of course the initial level is 1, oh…….”

If you thought about it, it was not surprising, even if the player was a creator god in the setting or not, the story mode seemed to start at level 1.

Well, after all, if God of Creation started at level 999, the balance of the game would collapse.

That was true.

There would be no story to speak of, just a bunch of shit.

By the way, the upper level occupations such as braves were not included in the occupations that can be selected, and even if I try to select one, I got an [Error! We already have an individual in our possession!] So perhaps this higher level occupation of brave and saint were rare occupation that only appeared in limited numbers in the world.

I didn’t know what happens when a character who held the brave occupation in this world died, but I was guessing that the brave occupation would transfer to another character after a while.

I had a feeling that was the case.

In other words, I could choose the general occupation of [Swordsman], [Wizard], and so on in the initial state, and that was all.

However, I didn’t know if it was a service of the management, but it said in the explanation of the character creation screen, “Your character, as an alter ego of the creator god, can have up to three occupations”, so I guessed it must be quite preferential.

Apparently, that part of the game allowed you to maintain an advantage as a creator god, rather than just a random ordinary person.

However, as I’d said before, I was level 1 at the beginning.

Even if you had a lot of occupations, if you were on top of it from the beginning, it would be game over soon enough.

After simulating the best combination in my brain many times, I decided to have a well-balanced combination of melee jobs, long range jobs and convenient jobs.

The message said that you can change occupations freely by paying “Mana”, but if you did, you would have to re-develop from level 1, so it was best to avoid professions that were difficult to use from the beginning.

I wanted to change to a specialized occupation after I was familiar with it, because I could choose a rare occupation that combines multiple occupations.

So, first of all, on melee occupation, I decided to play as a warrior.

The reason was the stability of the ability parameters indicated in the job selection screen.

Warriors were devastating in their magical abilities, but other physical aspects had a higher average value overall than melee jobs such as swordsmen and gladiators.

Perhaps because warriors didn’t specialize in a particular fighting technique, they didn’t have an advantage over swordsmen and others who specialize in sword handling, and instead their physical abilities were set higher than others.

The next one I chose was the Priest.

It was good idea to be able to use magic to attack from a distance, although it was not very powerful.

It seemed that they couldn’t handle a variety of attack magic like wizards do, but the commentary said that if they grow, they can learn light attribute attack magic.

There waa no loss in cultivating it, I guessed.

Finally, the third one I chose is Alchemist.

In addition to the parameter that you could create items by consuming magic power as long as there were enough materials, the alchemist had “Appraisal” as a basic skill.

I thought that knowledge of an opponent’s level and level of danger was essential in an adventure.

Therefore, I chose these three types of jobs.

I checked the character I’d created and tapped OK.

This time, the item of setting age appeared.

“Eh? Let’s see. So you can choose between 5 and 50 years old? Changing the age after character creation requires a miracle brought by [Mana]…”

Anything was possible for the miracle of the Creator God.

Not only the occupation, but also the age setting was free.

Well, since it was an alter ego created by the god of the world’s creation, it wouldn’t be surprising if it could do that.

For now, I decided to test things out, and since there didn’t seem to be any disadvantages other than consuming a small amount of [Mana], I decided to start at age 10, thinking I could change it if I got bored.

The young adventurer was born.

I set the age and continued.

It seemed this was the last item to be confirmed, and a new text appeared in the message.

[Event complete! Congratulations, your character has been created. You have released and manipulated all basic functions. The tutorial event is over. From now on, the passage of time will become slower. Enjoy the story mode]

Oh, the event was finally over.

Looked like it was all tutorial so far.

And although the game said the passage of time would be slower, the skip function was still there, so you could accelerate the time whenever you want to.

It was just that if you used too much time acceleration and experienced the next event without leveling up your character, there was only a hunch that you would encounter obstacles, so let’s prioritize leveling up first.

I return from the character creation screen to the general planetary screen, looking down on the world.

Before time slowed down, I spent hours and hours worrying about the character creation process, so I went back for a moment, thinking that the situation in the world had changed, but it seemed that my planet had finally created a great nation and civilization, probably because I had left it alone for too long.

Although the technological gap between the nations and the civilization was still not stable, the world view was roughly the same as it was around the Middle Ages.

The log stated that the Demon Continent aspect was still as robust as ever, it said that brave men and women have appeared several times to fight against the demon king and demons.

This world seemed to be worth a tour.

As I happily looked out over the world I had created, I thought, “Then let’s go on an adventure right now,” and chose [Story Mode].

But the moment I chose it, my consciousness drifted away-.

–As soon as I regained my consciousness, I found myself lying on a strange forest with my smartphone in my hand.

“No, I don’t understand.”

Someone please explain the situation to me.

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