Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 86

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Conference Against Demon King 1

There were some surprising reactions to the invitation at the gate, but somehow we managed to get to the coastal town.

The town was what’s known as a port city, filled with merchant and trade ships traveling to and from other continents, crowded with people of all races.

The town itself was quite large, and just by checking the app’s map, it could probably hold tens of thousands of people living from the breakwater to where the walls were.

The civilization development level is pretty metropolitan when it comes to towns of tens of thousands of people in this other world of the medieval era.

This alone could show how the country valued this place as a center of trade across the sea.

Incidentally, right in the middle of a city that wide there was an area similar to a noble street for the upper class to live in, one step further out was the commercial area for the wealthy class, and then the larger area for the commoners’ trade area surrounded the outermost level.

The Magic Countermeasures Department of Sage Argus that I was invited to is located in this trade area, and although there’s a branch or something like that in both the commercial district and the noble street, but the map I received shows not the branch, but rather the place that seems to be the base is marked on the map.

Perhaps this is where they are usually located.

Anyway, when I went to the local area with the invitation, I found a small, simple but metallic wall there, standing an laboratory like building that was rare in the medieval era that was neither made of wood nor stone.

It is heterogeneous in appearance.

The location was probably here.

Upon closer inspection, it looks like there is a place where a reception desk is set up on the wall, so it’s probably the place where the invitation will be handed over.

I didn’t hesitate to go straight ahead.

“Excuse me, I’m the one who accepted the invitation from Sage Argus-san.”

“Ah, hello. Do you have anything to prove?”

“I think it’s probably this.”

I show the woman at the reception what I got from Argus.

Even though Momiji and I looked like children, the receptionist didn’t seem to underestimate us or have a shaken atmosphere.

It seems she was well-trained and excellent…. or maybe, has she been contacted before? Well, that’s probably the latter.

After all, that’s shrewd Sage who invited someone else to his base, so how could he not have given any notice?

If the person he invited was a great one of power and influence, it would be fine, but if he was inviting a child, it would be easy to imagine what kind of problems might arise.

“I have already received instructions from Sage Argus-sama, so please let me take you to Anti-Magic Research Room at the Magic Countermeasures Headquarters.”

“Thank you very much.”

When we are ushered inside the lab, we find it adorned with strange specimens of demon flaying, and several times we encounter a group of researchers who look like they are magicians conducting repeated enigmatic experiments.

“Wow, what the hell is this awful place.”

Momiji also seemed slightly intimidated by the strange atmosphere of this space and hid behind me in order to avoid the attention of the people here.

Frankly speaking, I wanted to hide as well.

“Argus-sama, I bring that Kenji-dono you previously mentioned.”

“… All right, let him in, you can back to your work.”

“Okay, I’ll take my leave then.”

After being shown the many mysterious facilities, we were taken to a place that resembled a bookstore.

It seemed that this was the basic base of the Sage, and every book stacked on the shelves was beautifully bound and could be seen to be very valuable.

The bookshelves themselves were also very large, their height was about 5 meters each, plus the same space for the outer installation extended all the way to the 3rd floor.

There are ladders hanging everywhere, but could this man put all this knowledge into his head?

No, it won’t happen, right?

It was possible that he only understood the outline, but still that was really cool.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Kenji. You surprisingly came early. I thought if you don’t come right away, it’ll take a year at least.”

“Oh, well, I have a lot of special circumstances after all.”

It takes about two months to acquire the company in Japan after training alone, so it really does not match his expectations.

There’s no way I could telling this, but it seems that even the Sage could not reveal my identity.

“Forget it, let’s sit down first. After all, that beastman kid is obviously tired of the heterogeneity of this research institute.”

“Woah, the space is finally decent. I don’t understand what’re those guys doing at all.”

Momiji sits down on a nearby couch with a sense of relief, as if she can just barely understand this place, which is a vast space but only has a bookcase.

Well, I couldn’t understand it either, so I admit it.

“I have the same opinion on that matter. Those guys seem to have started the dragon material experiment mentioned by Kenji for the purpose of studying the demons, but to be honest, there is no hope of success. I don’t think they would have gotten any results if they had just conducted the experiments randomly. Research is always accompanied by experimentation and verification, but those stupid guys neglect planning and theoretical construction of goals.”

No, I don’t think Momiji thought about it that far.

But the reason why those guys conducted the random experiment was because I told them that the dragon can be used for rituals ……

It looks like I caused quite an impact in an unknown place.

“That’s our situation now. As far as I am concerned, I called you to pay you the debt. But if you have any suggestions, I will listen to you. If not, I’ll just go ahead with my plan.”

“Oh, well, I’ve got something to ask you, Argus.”

Although there was interest in the plan the man had in mind, in order to solve the Demon King who would be operating in secret a hundred years from now, information must first be gathered.

Then, regardless of the outcome, it would once again draw on the power of this Sage, Argus.

After all, the opponent was the Demon King.

We were dealing with a true monster that was even more powerful than the top class occupations.

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