Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 82

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Acquisition 4

The third day after the negotiation, two days after returning from another world.

I finally got to work at the company where I had a long break.

Then I got through the automatic doors and headed to the reception counter.

When the two receptionists saw me approaching at a natural pace, one of them looked at me suspiciously, while the other bowed her head deeply.

Hmmm, it looks like my face is already a little known.

“I’m going to the president’s office.”

“I’m sorry, you can’t.”

Then, of course, I was stopped.
It was the receptionist who had a suspicious look on her face. She must be new here.

It can’t be helped if a newcomer doesn’t get enough education, but …… Well, it was only the second day after all, so it couldn’t be helped.

So the other one, who bowed deeply, frantically revised the newcomer receptionist’s words.

“You can pass, sir! I’m sorry, Chairman, I haven’t been able to educate my subordinate well yet…”

“No, it’s okay. This company is also going through a period of instability due to departmental transfers, right? It can’t be helped after all.”

I put on a big man’s smile and forgive each other and stride away from the reception.

….Yes, I think you already know, no need to hide, the company’s acquisition is over.

After negotiating with the Togami family, they looked around for all the helpers and outlets on the day of the discussion and started to act.

It took a number of talented people and money to move in, and the power held by the Togami family and its successive power brokers was flowing back and forth, and the next day, the company replaced me as chairman.

What speed and ability to get things done.

Regardless of how much I was valued in the matter regarding Kuroko-san, would they normally do this for an mere uncle?

The power to be able to do that is scary, but more importantly the thought of carrying an equal amount of expectation gives me a stomach ache.

That being said, that family is now completely friendly to me, and as long as I live up to their expectations, I will be extremely at ease.

But now that I’ve become a ghost employee as chairman and advisor, I think it’s worth it, regardless the stomachache that I got.

After all, the feeling of being freed as a corporate sl*ve was extraordinary.

I was so happy that I had to tense up to avoid making any unnecessary mistakes.

I walked lightly around the company with that feeling in my step, and managed to reach the president’s office by a long way.

“Excuse me.”

“AH! Senpai! What’s with the sudden transformation into the Chairman when you’ve never shown up! By the way, it’s impossible for me to take care of the former president and the others when the department is transferred! While it’s fun to get ahead, but it’s too crazy!”

“Wait a minute, Miyagawa. You can’t speak to me all at once.”

When I arrived at the president’s office, Miyagawa, my former subordinate who was recommended by me to be the new section chief, was busy working there.

He had risen through the ranks by listening to my reckless requests to be a section chief of the section that would take care of the former president, a position that no one would want to take on during these personnel changes.

After all, it was also true that I had no one else I could rely on over here, so I had to rely on Miyagawa.

Although I can’t say that it was compensation, he accepted it just because I asked him to, so as a return gift from him, I gave him quite a favorable treatment in terms of salary.

It’s ten times my original monthly salary.

I think I have done my duty to impose troublesome work on someone else. He said: “Oh, it’s okay. They are originally people who have climbed to a high-level position, so as long as they are motivated, they are also very capable. I have no complaints about my salary or the content of my work, except for the things that are hard to tell from my position. In that sense, I feel that I have been blessed by my senpai.”

Saying that with a smile on his face, Miyagawa seemed to have accepted this arrangement.

The most important thing for him must have been the fact that he had ten times more money to put into the game.

“Sorry for giving you trouble. But don’t tell me you want to return after all of this.”

“Although it’s true. I can’t go back to my old life now that I’ve received so much preferential treatment. …… But what’s wrong with you, Senpai? You’re buying a company in order to carry out such a large-scale reform. Mainly, I want to know where the money is coming from.”

Although he looked at me with suspicion, it was something I couldn’t answer.

After all, I can’t talk about otherworldly things to ordinary people.

At that moment, a woman who seemed to be president’s secretary and had been silently watching the conversation spoke to us.

…… I think I have seen this secretary before.

Ugh…… I remember, she was with Kuroko-san, Saio …… Saionji-san?

“I, Saionji Mikado will explain that matter to you. That being said, I am only in charge of recommending a secretary and carefully selecting people who are qualified to be the president, but the source of funding is still a matter of speculation.”

Oh, right, right, it’s Saionji-san.
But she’s in high school, right?

I thought she was a secretary for a second, but she said she was only in charge of recommendations and stuff, so she’s not an employee.

But at her age she can already do that.

Is this the so-called super elite?

When I was the same age as her, I remember playing role-playing games like “Dragon Slaying” as hard as I could.

“First of all, regarding the acquisition of this company, it involves a clan called the Togami family, who wield great power in Japan and beyond. Although I don’t know who this man is, presumably someone from that family has helped with the monetary aspect. The amount of money was clearly beyond the scale of what an ordinary person could provide.”

I did seek help, but the funds were raised by me.

Even this lady didn’t know about it, so the family sold the treasures quite smoothly.
It’s so nice can rely on them.

“Then there’s the second thing. Regarding the department transfer, it was one of the jobs I received from that family. Even though I’m not an employee, but with the acquisition of the company, I’m responsible for providing talented people from within the organization and eliminating corruption within the company. Lastly, I will make reformation in sense of aspect the existing talents suitable for the job… I mean.”

I mean?

“I mean, who’s exactly this man, anyway? Really no idea where the money came from, the unpredictable actions of mystery, and the sudden appearance of him! I have no idea what’s going on! I don’t know what it means! By the way I did you a favor, but not because you asked for it, but because Kuroko asked me! You can thank me for that!”

Even if you suddenly point your finger and say also …….

But then, ah, are these great talents being offered from this Saionji Ojou-sama’s organization?

It must be a different kind of behind-the-scenes organization than the Onmyouji Division.

I just don’t know it.

It would be nice to end the ongoing Ojou-sama ramblings, as my former subordinate Miyagawa was in an open-mouthed trance.

I’m grateful, but frankly speaking, I don’t know anything about the behind-the-scenes organization.

And I came to the president’s office because I wanted to convey the plan I’m considering now.

In this way, I took the words as wind and turned to the topic at hand.

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