Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 8

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Evolving Creatures part 4

The next day I woke up to a pleasant morning sunshine.

Apparently I had fallen asleep before I knew it.

After all, I’d been trying so hard to get home early the last two days…well, I guess I was just tired.

I forgot to set the alarm clock. Fortunately, today was a holiday, so there’s no need to panic.

“Okay. I’m sure that yesterday, an event occurred during the battle against a whale and a hero was born, but what happened to the world after that…….”

When I look at my smartphone, I see that there were small villages with hand-made buildings.

And it was not just one or two, civilizations were developing all over the world.

It was an amazing achievement. But it was developed too fast.

I became suspicious and checked the log.

It seemed that the humans that evolved that day, Dharma, the Human Hero, and Lara, the High Elf, continued to hunt whales after that. And contributed to the advancement of mankind.

In order to protect the powerless, the duo gathered the humans who lived in the surrounding caves, demonstrating that there was no longer any need to fear foreign enemies. And the fact that they could make life more abundant bit by bit was the reason for the rapid development.

The abundance gave time and opportunity for the emergence of wisdom, and human beings who had gained wisdom had invented tools and used them as weapons to make life more abundant.

By the time, Dharma, the Human Hero, seemed to have died due his life span. Fortunately, Lara, who had evolved into a High Elf, had not yet reached her limit. Now, as the guardian of humans, she had become a kind of Symbol.

It was also written in the log that, perhaps because of this, there had been a number of people who had evolved into the superior race without permission when I was looking away. The human species, in various places, developed civilizations.

Of course, it didn’t seem to evolve in an instant like the miracles I’d artificially created, but instead evolving in the form of mutations over a long period of time.

“Wow~ It’s amazing. It can’t be called a primitive age anymore.”

There were no solid cloth products yet, but there were clothes and protective gear made of animal skins and other materials, and metal weapons made from bronze.

It was already a great civilization.

In the forest, the long-lived High Elf “Lara Shatira” organized the elves’ villages. There were High Dwarves on the rocky hills, the Celestial Beastmen on the grasslands, and the new Heroes of the human race control multiple settlements on the plains to establish a small but similar state-like existence.

Other human species that didn’t appear to have higher races had also created their own shelters and shaped civilizations.

The scale was huge.

But strangely enough, the usual ‘Event Completed!’ message was not logged.

The first time a character in humanity prayed to God for a protection should had been the beginning of the event, but… why?

When will the event be completed?

Because I can’t skip it for now, I decided to wait for progress while eating breakfast.

I decided to visit villages that were scattered in various places.

“Eh~, I didn’t know before, so do you guys already have a culture of building graves?”

Ah, was the tomb in this elven village the tomb of the Hero Dharma? It was decorated with the jawbone of the whale, and Lara was there. Crying and praying in front of the tomb.

Maybe she was praying to God for Dharma.

Even though that God was me.

Sorry, Lara, I can’t interfere with dead characters.

I was sorry for being a helpless creator god.

After all, the God of Creation was just a player.

And so, as I looked out over the path of civilization while drowning in sadness, a message finally appeared on the screen.

[Event is in progress! The world is updated and new features are released! With the update, serious error have occurred in the world!!!!]

“ERROR? What the hell is that?”

It seemed that something went wrong, but the planet was still running normally.

Ah, could this error be the continuation of the event?

Interesting management, I’d never seen an event like this before.

Then I’ll go along with that all the way, and I’ll have all the fun I can have today and tomorrow!

I immediately ignored the message [Error occurred] on my smartphone screen, and checked the log to grasp the event content.

After all, we must first understand how the world had been renewed.

When looking at the logs, I found an interesting message.

[World Update Content]

A new feature, Story Mode, is now available.

In Story Mode, you, the creator of the world, can create your own character and travel freely through the world.

“Oh! That’s it! I’ve been waiting for a feature like this!”

It was really romantic to travel on the planet you created!

This game was really beyond my expectation, it was really fun.

Then I continued to read the log and found the content that caused the error this time.

[Error Report]

One of the primodial dragons has revolted against the Dragon God for the miracle of the Creator God, Mana.

With the rebellion of the primordial dragon, a few higher ancient dragons and higher life forms followed him.

“So, it’s you? The one can’t accept that only the Dragon God has been upgraded, and you’d like to get some benefits too? The world of the Dragon is also very hard~”

I continued to read the error report, while something irrelevant emerged in my mind.

[Error Report]

The battle between the Dragon God and the primodial dragon is intensifying.

The primodial dragon forced into desperation held a prayer ceremony with followers in order to seek the deification brought by Mana.

The ritual is a success!

The primodial dragon evolved and was reborn as a Demon God!

“Hahaha! The Demon God was born! This is really interesting!”

It seemed that the Demon God was born in opposition to the Dragon God.

So it was true where there was light, there was also darkness?

The world was a hard place….

However, it was a well-written script.

The information left in the log ha6s been updated.

[Error report]

The Dragon God and the Demon God fought each other and both were badly wounded.

The Demon God escaped with his followers to another continent.

Due to the power of the Demon God, parts of the continent have been eroded by their families, the Demon King and his demons!

Due to the misuse of mana, the miasma is flooding out!

The Dragon God is asking the Creator God for help.

”Hoho, it looks like the battle is settled for now. It seems that they have escaped to one of the smaller continents, so I guess this is the provisional demon continent? I mean, you’re so strong, Dragon God, you turned away the demon god and their followers all by yourself.”

Dragon God was really a ruthless character~ It wasn’t wrong that he was touted as the strongest in the [Life Evolution] commentary.

Having said that, the opponent was the demon of the pre-primodial dragon that had evolved into a god, and it cannot be dealt with by the primodial dragon before evolution.

It seemed that even the Dragon God didn’t have the strength to chase after them, so let’s help them out here.

However, I had no direct means of interfering with them other than [Life Evolution] and [Mana].

For now, I would just take a quick look at the list of [Life Evolution], but there was no particular place to evolve that would be an effective hit against a Demon God. There was none.

The most powerful dragon god in this world was already in his final form, so he couldn’t evolve, so let’s give up relying on this function for relief for now.

To begin with, the opponent was armed with a new ability called miasma.

I didn’t think he can win just being strong.

So as the next best measure, I checked the function of the [Mana].

And there, the [Create Miracle] item which had been immobile so far, flashed in white.

Obviously, now was the time to use this feature.

I taped the item without hesitation.

[Event is in progress! By the miracle of the Creator God, a new power has been spawned in the world!  The top jobs of the human species are now added to the list of jobs, including the brave, saint, swordsman, and sage, and many more!]

It was finally here, occupational heroes!

When it comes to fantasy, this is what I’m talking about.

Other jobs were also logged, but there were too many to keep track of.

I always wondered how much capacity this game had.

Okay, I’d done what I have to do, now it was time for story mode. Anyway, let’s leave the world alone for a while, and I’ll try to make a character.

My thoughts shifted to [Story Mode] as my heart was filled with anticipation.

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