Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 78

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The Truth after a Hundred Years

The talks with the World Tree came to a temporary end.

It was still unknown how much the items will be collected, but since it was a plan that operated with the power of spirits, so it wasn’t like it would come to nothing.

“Well, what am I going to do while Momiji is wandering the streets?”

While the next step will be to travel to the venue invited by Sage Argus, I have free time today until the return of Momiji.

It’s also a very delicate timing for training in replay mode and equipping in creation mode.

Momiji won’t be back right away, but she won’t be playing forever either.

In that case, the last remaining option would be the time machine.

Honestly, even if I was to go 10,000 years in future, it would just be instant death on the spot, so there’s no point, so even if I was to go, it would be 100 years later at best.

The question is whether the cooldown of the feature is over or not. …… It’s been a long time since then, so it’s probably fine.

Making that decision I moved from the hotel room to the temple of the God of Creation and informed the Nameless Angel of the request.

[God of Creation]

I’d like to use the time machine to go a hundred years from now. Is that okay?

[Angel: NoName]

Welcome back, O Creator.

The cooldown of the time machine is over.

You can take a ride anytime. Are you alone this time?

[Creator God]

Exactly. Is there any problem?

[Angel: NoName]

No, not a problem.

Since there’s no quota for time travel, I wish I could have let my last guest enjoy it as well.

Sorry for the nosy remarks.

Then, please enjoy the time travel to the future in 100 years.

[God of Creation]


Then a moment of darkness passed before my eyes and the time machine began to work.

Coming back to my senses, I found myself standing in a room that was a little old, but I could tell it was the same hotel that I had stayed in before I came here.

Amazing, is this place still in business even after a hundred years?

Anyway, to confirm the current situation, I jumped out of the window to see what was going on in the town. After all, if I had gone through the main entrance normally, I will become a guest who hasn’t stayed in current time.

“Hmmm~.The atmosphere hasn’t changed much from before, but there are more subhumans than before. Rather, the proportion of human race has decreased a lot.”

I don’t know what happened, but in the past, the human race accounted for about 50% of the population of this town, but now it seems that less than 10% of the population is left.

Although it was originally a zone with many subhumans, this is too extreme.

Let’s go ask someone else.

I tried to talk to a beastman that passed by.

“Ah~, excuse me, may I disturb you?*

“Hey, what’s up, kid?

“There seem to be rather few human here now, but I heard from my parents that there used to be a lot of them living here. Is that true?”

He made a “hmm-” sound and held his arms, deliberating on his words.

It didn’t feel like he was particularly disgusted with me, but he seemed a bit hesitant to tell me.

“Your parents were among the human race that were tolerant of beastmen, but it’s better not to ask about such things in this town. I don’t know what it was like a hundred years ago, but the beastmen that were suppressed in the other continent have moved here, and there are many who hate the humans.

…… The suppression of beastmen.

The so-called suppression, refers to the discrimination against subhumans by the great powers that occurred in the strife zone I was originally scheduled to visit.

I remember observing in the app that the big countries, which advocated human supremacy, fought fiercely with the resistance group centered on the subhumans who were trying to stop it, and that eventually led to strife.

Is it because of this gradual escalation of extremism that the big countries ethos spread throughout the continent, causing many people to flee to this side of the continent?

Probably right.

But what is puzzling is that they changed the common sense of the continent in just a hundred years, involving surrounding nations that had no interest in the supremacy of the human race.

Now that they have all escaped, it can be understood that the resistance group has lost, but even a large country, with its exhausted national and military power from fighting against beastmen, can also involve the second largest country and other small and medium-sized countries, and expand its power in one fell swoop. .

I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely impossible, but it smells somehow awkward.

Could this be the work of a demon race or a demon king?

However, the theory that the Demon King is secretly working within the big countries to lure the humans and beastmen into conflict, thus causing a split between the human species, is entirely plausible and completely non-contradictory.

The details can only be known by visiting that continent, but I think the speculations that can be made now are quite convincing.

As for the Demon King himself, if the damage had been extended to that extent, he would have been exorcised by the Brave or the Dragon God.

However, once the wave of oppression has spread, it is not something that can be managed by removing the cause.

In that case, is it necessary to expel it at an early stage in order to solve this problem? …….

Now I can see the future problem in an unexpected place.

Let’s start gathering information once we return to the original era, but what should we do to fight the Demon King?

There is a way to ask Dragon God directly, but he is very busy, so if Dragon God really tries to get rid of it, he might even blow up the government of big countries together with it.

If that happens, even if the subhumans are saved, the human race living in the big countries will suffer a great loss.

Well, it’s last resort for summoning the Dragon God with the oracle, …… Let’s first test if we can borrow the power of Argus.

In a trivial matter, as long as I need to use his power, that intuitive sage should be able to detect my intentions right away.

There’s still a favor owed to me, so let me toss him this time.

After all, it’s not what a Sage would want if the Demon King were to work in secret, but as a partnership, we could discuss things that would be mutually beneficial.

I thanked the beastman who had told me about this era, and then I went back to the original era.

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