Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 77

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Characters Introduction

[Kenji Saito: Protagonist]

An employee in his thirties who works for a general company.

Recently, he has been trying to acquire company using the money he has gain on traveling from other worlds.

His main goal is to free himself from being a company employee.

Although he takes on the task of exterminating youkai, he does not want to fight powerful enemies. Except for leveling up in the other world, where he basically immortal.

[Togami Kuroko: Heroine 1]

She is the eldest daughter of the Onmyoji clan’s mainstream, who is in love with Saito.

She has a good relationship with Genzo, who is a grandfather and granddaughter, despite his strictness.

She often disagrees with her father, Saiga, mainly over Saito’s case.

It was decided that she would be used as a sacrifice for Nine-Tails, and she accepted it, but she gradually came to hope in Saito’s presence and wanted to live.

Her best friend is Saionji Mikado.

[Mizzet Galhart: Heroine 2]

The eldest daughter of the Earl family, who has always had a strong trust and admiration for Saito and has always been her goal.

Her family treats Saito as a dead person, but she is convinced that he is still alive.

She has been working hard to one day stand next to him and not be a burden on him again.

Now at the age of 13, she has already become a Paladin in her country.

She is currently tracking Saito.

[Momiji: Heroine 3]

She is the daughter and youngest child of “Tamamo Gozen”, the great nine-tailed youkai.

She feels indebted to Saito for saving her life, and is usually a stray youkai who moves around freely, but if he asks her to do something she doesn’t like, she reluctantly goes along with it.

She has a strong trauma to Onmyouji, but she misses people from Earth who are good to her.

Basically, she has the goodness to return other people’s favors with about three times as much favor.

Currently, she is two-tailed.

[Togami Genzo]

He is one of the strongest members of the Onmyouji clan in Japan.

His strength does not come from simple physical ability or destructive power, but rather from a wide variety of talents that allow him to do almost anything a human can master, and his greatest strength is his extensive life experience.

He wants his granddaughter, Kuroko, to be happy, so he keeps looking for a way to somehow avoid the sacrifice.

[Togami Saiga]

He is the head of the Togami family, the main branch of the Onmyouji clan.

He has more love for Kuroko than anyone else, but he tries to make reckless requests in order to find out who the mysterious Saito is.

He is aware of Kuroko’s love affair, and if he can overcome her ordeal, he is willing to kick the idea of sacrificing his daughter, even if it means turning the government against him by sacrificing her to the Nine Tails.

Originally, he is a human from outside the Onmyouji clan and a son-in-law.


His parents died when he was a child, and since then he has led a rough life as a simple quarreler.

However, his talent was discovered by Togami Genzo, and he was judged to have the potential to become an Onmyouji.

He is fond of Kuroko and is slightly wary of Saito.

He is quick to rebel, but does not have any desire to do anything about Saito himself.

[Saionji Mikado]

Best friend and childhood friend of Kuroko.

A member of a secret society under the jurisdiction of the government and possesses psychic powers.

When she was little, she used to visit the Togami family’s mansion.

When she grew up and found out that her best friend Kuroko was a sacrifice to the Great Youkai, she was once rebelled.

The fact that she couldn’t do anything on her own in the end made her think that she shouldn’t resist ostensibly for the time being, and she’s treat Kuroko with her sacrificial attitude as well.

However, she hasn’t given up.

[Nine Tails: Tamamo Gozen]

A great youkai that was feared in the past.

Although she was a land god and was charged with protecting humans, she was betrayed and disappointed by humans, and as a result, she transformed herself into a great youkai.

It is said that she was once sealed away, but it is not clear if this was truly due to human abilities.

Perhaps she saw the desperation and unity of humans and their self-sacrificing spirit of sacrifice and backed off.

[Argus Lockhart, the Sage]


Anyway, he’s obsessed with results, but the quality is poor because he’s actually getting results.

But it doesn’t mean he’s a bad person, he just doesn’t like wasteful things.

You could say he’s an efficiency kitchen.

He has decided that he can’t handle Saito and is currently trying to form a cooperative relationship as an equal.

[Lara Sathira]

A high elf woman who evolved by a miracle of the creator god in primitive times.

She has left behind so many anecdotes that they are called living legends.

[Bella Sathira]

She is the daughter of Lara Sathira, who is also acquainted with Argus.

She is still young for an elf, but still has already lived for 500 years.

She is currently returning home to her mother to report about Saito.

[Dharma Larkaya]

A true hero who died with his life span, but was the first human being to wish for a miracle and make a breakthrough for his race.


He is the most famous blacksmith in the Dwarven country.

He often wanders to find materials that are worthy of his skills, and for this reason, he has a strong arm.

He can deal with demons even if it’s just one or two.

【Dragon God】
All specs are extraordinary gods.

The strongest.

He is a great admirer of his father, but because of this, his opinion of Saito is so high that he is quick to read too much into his actions.

[World Tree]

She is weaker than the Dragon God.

She is mainly responsible for the role of natural harmony, but she can also have a human touch to her father.

The World Tree with a human touch makes her head a bit loose.

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