Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 75

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An Encounter with the World Tree 2

Although I was told she was coming to meet, I wasn’t specifically asked to wait where I was, so I’ll head to the next city for now.

Well, even if I’m told to wait, I don’t want to wait for days in a forest like that, so I’ll just move without permission anyways.

Of course, I think the other side knows that as well, so there shouldn’t be any restriction on our movement.

Let’s just say that I’m considered a god to those spirits, so from the premise they wouldn’t tie me down, right?

I sat on the back of the Momiji that had turned into cavalry-riding mode and ran around on the road while confirming the map with the app.

It’s nice to see so much nature in this world after all, just by running around freely like this, the stress under the unconsciousness that has been piling up as a company employee dissipates and disappears.

By the way, it’s been a long time since I came to this world, how is the company doing?

I’ve been taking paid holidays, but maybe it’s time to make up my mind about work.

But from the financial point of view, there is no need to work hard anymore.

After all, the commission to exterminate youkai is profitable, I will be able to spend my old age with plenty of time while paying a pension.

That being said, it’s unreasonable to suddenly hand in a resignation from the company.

I have time, money, and power, and backing of Onmyouji clan if I can convince them.

How can I have all that but still be a company employee?


Why don’t I simply, acquire that company ……?

That way, I don’t have to worry about it, and I just have to leave the president to the right person and spend my time freely.

Just leave my position with the company and live elegantly as a ghost employee.

I can’t help but feel that I’m a bit of a novice when I try to guarantee my status by leaving my seat in the company.

At the same time, I also think that such arrogant ideas are unimaginable in the age of corporate sl*ve.

However, I have the power to do these things now, and that is the key.

Of course, I won’t be able to buy all the stocks with my current money, but I still think I can manage to resell the gold and silver treasures of this world in the other side.

The treasure generated in creation mode would definitely have the added power of the Creator God attached to it, so I don’t know what kind of trouble it would cause.

But so what if it’s a gold nugget or something that this planet already has?

… … It seems to be working.

As a last problem, I need the manpower to raise this much treasure, well, I’ll think about that later.

At least I should be able to earn a lot of money just by doing adventurer activities like this.

“Mister, I’ve already seen the town…”

“Oh, we’ve already go that far?”

Ever since she became One-Tails, the walking speed of Momiji, who had turned into riding mode, had increased to another level.

It can’t be called a shinkansen, but if it’s an instantaneous top speed, it should be similar to a vehicle traveling on a highway.

However, running at this speed can’t support 1 minute physically.

Apparently, it consumes a lot of magical power to strengthen the body, and it seems that it can not be maintained for a long time.

Usually, the speed will drop even lower to less than half the normal speed.

Well, it’s pretty fast considering that she’s carrying people.

Incidentally, we’re heading to the city on the map that I got from Sage Argus, and the town in front of me is the passing point on the way.

Since I received an invitation, it would be rude to ignore it, so I’m heading there now after the training.

I don’t know what this invitation is all about, but I’m sure it will involve something that will be beneficial to me.

After all, when I entered into a partnership with that sage in the matter of the demons, he once said, “you’re going to pay for it”.

It’s hard to imagine that he will have gratitude and revenge, this kind of superficial thought that a sage shouldn’t have.

At least I was helped in battle by the power of Argus, and it doubled as a thank you for reaching an accomplishment, and next time, if I had any requests, I was going to help him.

Therefore, as a motive, I will accept the invitation in the spirit of not wasting what I have given for free.

As a guideline for the journey, I will first accept the invitation of the Sage Argus, then cross the sea to a region where the subhumans are under severe repression, intervene in the dispute by force by raising my level, collect gold and silver by various means, cultivate my occupations as a bilocation of the Creator God, and then use the time machine to go there 100 years later.

That’s about it.

After all, there seems to be nothing I can do about that monster 10,000 years in future, so for now I’ll avoid it.

That said, civilization might have died out if something like that was running rampant.

Where that monster is and how it was born, maybe I must investigate.

Well, that’s about it, as I have to meet with the World Tree midway, the details have not been decided yet, but the approach is basically decided.

So arriving at the next town, I found it to be a more lively place than near the border of the country, and although there were many races living in general as before, the location on the continent was closer to the sea, so the kinds of goods displayed on the stalls and the shops lined up had a somewhat different atmosphere.

Upon closer inspection, perhaps due to its proximity to the sea, there seemed to be dried fish for sale.

Momiji is not a cat. It seems that she doesn’t like to eat dried fish, but because she is very interested in the scenery of the new town, she is looking around, so after deciding on the hotel, I let her move around freely.

This wild youkai usually acts freely, so no matter whether I allow it or not, she will do whatever she wants.

Well, there’s a distinction to be made, a distinction.

Since I provide three meals a day and a nap, I’m in charge of the general course of action, so it’s best if I give the instructions for free movement.

“So, we’re dismissed for now. You have to come back to the hotel before it gets dark. Because it is very troublesome to find.”


I don’t know if she’s listening, but the wild youkai answered very casually and went out at a leisurely pace.

What a casual kid.

I’m sure she’llll pick up some weird junk somewhere again today

“Well, thanks to that, I was able to prepare for the meeting. …… Are we done over there?”

“Yes! Father, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.The Spirit Goddess is coming this way and is said to be arriving soon. I’m afraid it will take less than half an hour to arrive. Also, she said he’s sorry for keeping you waiting.”

On the way here, the wind sprite that would occasionally fly in the air to contact us answered this way with his head hanging down.

Although he is an exaggerated guy, he seems to be serious in his work and there is no omission in the report.

Although it would be easier for me to keep him in his natural state if possible, but if he is this obedient, it seems that depending on the results of the negotiation, he could help me to obtain the treasure in the future.

While I was thinking about what I thought was a small plan, I waited for the World Tree to arrive for the meeting.


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