Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 74

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An Encounter with the World Tree 1

Three weeks had passed since we stayed in the temple of the God of Creation and constantly trying to level up.

On the first day, I used the replay mode to summon strong enemies such as Bella and Dadan.

However, they were completely unbeatable.

By the seventh day, probably because I was slowly getting used to it, the one-on-one fight don’t go down as quickly as I used to.

Since my goal was to level up, not crush the enemies in replay mode, I immediately increased my loadout and additionally summoned Wyvern and Demon.

It’s tough to get used to being in a two-on-one situation. But thanks to not dying, I can use all sorts of reckless strategies and tactics. By the end of the day, I had grown to a point where I was able to fight to a certain extent even if I was fighting two against one.

If I were to fight with Bella in my current state, I would probably win by a small margin.

It’s not simply that my level has risen, but more importantly, I’ve acquired the Paladin’s skill, [Holy Shield].

Like the [Holy Sword Invocation], it is a skill that uses magic power to materialize a shield of light, so it can be used anytime I want to defend myself, in addition, it floats in the air, so it doesn’t interfere with my movements.

Since I make full use of the two invocation skills, the consumption of magical power has become more intense than before, but I have [Stealing Magic] so I can still afford to fight.

Since the Holy Shield can withstand the arrow bouncing attacks that Bella is good at, it’s compatible with opponents who attack from long range, and I think that’s the main reason why I have a higher chance of winning a battle against her.

It’s useless against opponents such as Dadan, who is simply wielding a sledgehammer, or Sage Argus, whose whose abilities are too far apart to begin with.

Countermeasures are needed in this area, I guess.

Well, the daily practice felt like it came to an end.

Incidentally, Momiji started crying and complaining about her pain on the way, so using a secret trick – offering her snacks and chocolates – she immediately regained her vigor.

It’s still only two tails, but I don’t think the day is far off when it will become three tails.

Incidentally, the Soul Reaver’s level will soon be 20 too ……

When Soul Reaver and the Alchemist each at level 20 or above is, the composite occupation “Akuma” will born.

Although it’s still unknown what kind of power this composite occupation has, considering the Paladin’s performance, it should be quite strong.

I hope so.

On a side note, due to the Soul Reaver’s leveling up, a third skill『Magic Cognition』was added.

This is a skill that is subtle in use just like『Stealing Magic』 and『Magic Transfer』, and it is a pure perception ability.

I think this is probably the end of the skills of a Soul Reaver as a basic occupation, but what exactly the point of these three skills?

I can use it effectively because I have multiple occupational correction, but they’re just landmines for the ordinary person….

After all, an ordinary person can only get one correction per person.

Well, the current situation is roughly like this.

“It’s about time to go out.”


“Yeah, I’ve kept you waiting.”

Ending the introspection of what had happened so far, and with my battle chest was enriched, I’m leaving the temple after completing my training for the time being.

Outside was still a dense forest, and the town where the demons had been secretly operating could be seen in the distance.

The same view as usual.

…… If only there wasn’t a translucent human figure in front of me.

As soon as that guy saw me, he bowed like he was happy and left.

What was that all about?

It’s not hostile, it’s more like friendly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just now, there’s a translucent person in front of us, right?”

“Huh? Hasn’t he been around since we came to this world?”


It’s the first time I’ve seen it.

I wonder if that means that.

The only reason I can think of is that the ability to see things that I haven’t seen until now, is related to the ability of [Magic Cognition]?

The fact that Momiji, a youkai with excellent perceptive abilities, is able to see it and I didn’t notice it for a long time is probably that’s how it was.

But what exactly is the existence that I finally saw only through the acquisition of magical cognition?

“Could it be….. a spirit?”

“I don’t really understand what it means to be called a spirit. Is that some kind of youkai?”

“No, there are no youkai in this world.”

It’s highly probable that it’s spirits, right.

In fact, I’ve met the great spirits that follow the World Tree through the power of the app, so there’s no mistaking it.

What’s concerning here is that since he has been following me, but left so easily, what do he want to do?

Then the figure that had just flown away, or in more detail, the green figure tangled in the wind, was back.

And with several fellows in tow.

The green figures that had gathered in a scattered fashion lined up in front of me, hanging their heads in the center of a slightly larger individual.

What’s going on…

“Father, I’m grateful that you’ve turned your attention to the short Wind Spirit after three weeks.”

“Hmph ……”

Calling me Father, that is, presumably, referring to the Father who created them.

So, what do you want from me?

When I didn’t say a word for a while, the green humanoid with its head hanging still was silent as if waiting for me to say something.

….It’s going to be dark if I leave it like this.

Anyway, let’s say something first.

“Ah, you all… Just be natural, be natural…”

“Yes, sir! Boys, it’s an order from your father. Be natural now…”

When the slightly larger individual, who is probably the leader of the group, said that, the others around him began to fly scattered and dance in the air.

Somehow, instead of straightening their posture from the state of hanging their head and began to adopt the salute mode, they just start flying in the air.

Well, if it continue, it will be an infinite loop.

It seems that the other party has realized that I am the god who created this world.

It’s true that this body is the alter ego of the creator god in the setting, and it’s not surprising that the Dragon God, the World Tree and their attendants, who are strongly influenced by the blessing, are able to recognize me.

But the problem is, being feared by these so-called wind spirits give me a difficult task.

No, well, since I am a god, if I am recognized, I will be feared by all kinds of creature.

But from my point of view, if you suddenly see a spirit, and other party has already been educated as an obedient servant, so what do you think?

Although it is not troublesome, I am confused.

However, I don’t want to lose dignity and be disappointed by these spirits, so I tried to hide it a bit.

“Then, what is it that you want? You’re following me for a reason, right? Let me hear you say it.”

“Yes, Father! In the name of Great Spirit of The Wind, Sylphid-sama, and The Goddess of Spirit, The World Tree, I want to make a report about the Demon King. Currently The Goddess of Spirit has completed the work related to Demon King on this continent, if you don’t mind, she would like to meet with Father soon.”

So that was it.

I don’t quite understand it, but it seems that she’s done the finishing touches on the Demon King of this continent.

She also wants to meet with me to discuss the details of her work. ……

What can I say?

I don’t know, even if you ask me that ……

To be honest, I feel that she don’t have to be so formal, she can just come and see me if she want.

I mean, what’s the point of doing her job?

I’m sure the demon king of this continent is probably the mastermind behind the seduction of the merchant, but I don’t want to hear how she finished him.

After all, they obviously think I’m the superior being, so what if they bring me the corpse of the Demon King, who has been turned into minced meat as an offering?

It’s a bit scary, but I also don’t want to upset her, so I’ll agree to it.

“I see. Bring her to me.”

“I understand! Then excuse me!”

After that, the wind spirits immediately flew to a distance that was impossible to see.

That’s fast.

By the way, do I have to wait here?

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