Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 73

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The Sage Speculation

Who is he?

Argus returned to his base of operations and continued to study magic, but in the process switched his consciousness and thought.

The unknown knowledge about the ritual of demonization that he didn’t even know, the blank background that no matter how much he investigates, he can only believe that he suddenly appeared five years ago, and then the power of that Paladin that didn’t match the child….

Everything is wrapped up in the unknown and a mystery.

Where did he come from, how did he acquire that power, and how did he acquire that knowledge?

Interest as a researcher boiled over, but that wasn’t what the man was thinking about right now.

Only whether the boy named Kenji-Garhart-could be useful for this.

It wasn’t about being competent or incompetent as an adventurer.

If one is to be one’s pawn or assistant, it is important to move easily in the first place.

For in the long run there is nothing more detrimental to the existence of a person who is difficult to move, and it is better that such an assistant does not yet.

For to the Sage a pawn is a doll that moves on the basis of an understanding of its character and nature, and in modern terms is a machine.

Therefore, the essence of what is sought in a pawn is not its own ability, but how it understands its own instructions to act, and this aspect of foolishness becomes important.

This is not so much because of the arrogance of the sage Argus, but because he was more concerned with results and profit than with process.

On the other hand, the situation would be different if, for example, one were to become a collaborator.

The reason is that a collaborator is not a pawn.

It is an existence that is equal to oneself, that acts independently of each other, that acts according to one’s own will, and that ultimately generates benefits.

This is how the Sage, Argus, always judges the value of things.

That’s as far as he’s really going to go. But at the same time, he also knows that things don’t always go well.

In this case, after comparing various information about Kenji Galhart, he came to the conclusion that he is a very useful collaborator.

To this man, Kenji’s unknown history meant that he didn’t have to worry about anything else, and that if he was skillfully brought together as a partner, he could do whatever he wanted without being tied down by other influential organizations or forces.

In addition, his knowledge of the demonization ritual had actually led to a huge advancement in his research, and he was still hiding something, so if he could bring out hidden information, the research would take even greater leaps, right?

Argus believed that this knowledge alone had pushed the research forward by ten years.

The mysterious perception power that had manifested in the demon’s mansion was also useful.

That power was an ultra-rare inherent ability that could only be acquired by those who were the upper echelon of races such as High Elves and High Dwarves.

Some work could be progressed with that kind of power.

The only problem is that if he force him to join, he won’t be sincere and will immediately leave him with his unrestricted, swift feet.

Argus does not want to be hostile.

In the end, the vision was to create a partnership of equals that would be mutually beneficial.

And then, when he think about it, what finally becomes important is the core of who he is.

His existence is so mysterious that from the moment of the encounter, it is completely unknown what Kenji desires and for what purpose he is acting.

Without knowing the desires and purposes of the other party, there is no way to build a mutually profitable partnership.

Even if one’s side gets the benefit, the other side may not feel the same way.

Granted, he was given the map and invitation here, but will he take the bait or not? The Sage was somewhat worried about this.

But even that was only a slight difference, and if he didn’t take the bait, then there was only one other course of action to take, so thought Argus.

With that in mind, the armed swordsman appeared beneath Argus’s seat.

The swordsman’s clothing was casual, not even wearing a single piece of armor, but he wore as many as 6 swords at his waist.

3 on the right waist and 3 on the left waist.

It was impossible to understand why he was carrying so many weapons, but it seemed to make sense to the swordsman, and it didn’t feel particularly strange to Argus who knew its origin.

“Yo, Argus, how are things going with the demons?”

“Oh, is that you, muscle-brain? I’ve taken care of that matter. One of my fellow researcher was killed by demons, but I made them pay for it, so it’s okay.”

The armed man had prior knowledge from Argus himself that the demons were causing problems, and then was explained that the targeted demons were hiding dozens of his compatriots.

It was startling to hear that he had wiped out so many people in one fell swoop as if nothing had happened.

“Aaah, as expected of Sage-sama, you’re such scary man. Clean up the demons who are good at hiding like doing it at leisure. I will leak urine considering the hostile situation. How about a mock battle with me?”

“You’re contradicting what you said you’d do, muscle brain. Go die and get rid of that stupidity.”

“OH! How ruthless!”

The swordsman who was rudely rejected sighed and slumped his shoulders with a “yare yare~”.
And after the usual farce for these two, they finally got to the point.

“So, how did you actually solve it. Even after all the research you’ve done, you still can’t decide which one is the demon. That’s the matter of Sage Argus can’t accomplish. And the problem is here. If you solve it in one go, then… isn’t it because someone beyond your imagination intervenes?”

The swordsman pursued the question with a sharp gaze.

Because of his personality, he was often called a muscle brain or something, but he was by no means an idiot.

Although many situations were based on intuition, he had also touched the core more than once or twice in such important situations.

” …… Geez, as always a guy with good intuition in weird places. Still no problem though. Even if that certain person will be a tough opponent in the future, I can still handle it now with my power. … Yeah, for now….”

“Really…In other words, we should establish a partnership before it becomes difficult, right?”

“… That’s right.”

“I see. That’s enough to hear. Excuse me.”

The swordsman said only that, and left satisfied.
And Sage Argus, who glanced at him with the corner of his eye, sighed from the bottom of his heart as well, feeling troubled.

“Stinky swordsman, you found that guy’s usefulness from my appearance. b*stard.”

It was because of that that he said that intuitive muscle brain trouble, Argus poisoned his words while burying his head in his research once again.
In spite of this, the wise man thought of ……

Maybe, he is a human existence that I cannot measure.

And if that’s the case, he might even be an existence who can save everything that I can’t save.

While thinking of such a possibility, his thoughts are also rushing to something in the past…

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