Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 72

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Temple of Creator God 5

The fact I was instantly killed 10,000 years in the future has me thinking a bit.

It’s just that the equipment I have now is too weak.

If I had been crushed to pieces by that huge body, it wouldn’t have made much difference even if I had been fully equipped, but recognizing a super-spec monster like that made me understand how poorly equipped I am.

As for leveling up, I will continue to do so from now on. Fortunately, I have a large amount of lower-level dragon materials that I collected from the demon base, so I can strengthen my equipment as soon as possible.

Even if the equipment is ready, I’m going to refrain from flying back to 10,000 years later for a while, but at any rate, there is no harm in becoming stronger.

Also, the Mini Kuroko was stored in the dimensional storage, so it didn’t activate its effect at the time of death.

If the effect was activated even if it was stored inside the dimensional storage, it would be a waste of valuable substitute item, so that’s good.

I immediately consulted with Nameless Angel to see if I could make equipment from the dragon material.

[God of Creation]

Regarding dragon materials stored in the dimension, is there any equipment that can be processed at my current alchemist level?

[Angel: NoName]

There is a lot of material, but it can all be processed at the current level.

It seems that it will work.

Even though it’s a lower level, it’s still a dragon material, so it was originally thought to be a barely workable material, but perhaps because the level of the temple has been raised, it was smoothly accommodated.

Even though I’ve risen to B rank, I’m not a particularly famous adventurer, so I hope to avoid overly luxurious equipment that stands out in a bad sense, but let’s leave weapons aside, I should at least make defensive gear.

As for weapons, I have 『Holy Sword Invocation』 and 『Stealing Magic』 infinite linkups, so there’s no need to make them at the moment.

I don’t even need a spare weapon.

Then I operated the computer and firstly, I ground a large amount of dragon scales into a powder.

By combining the powdered material with the skin material of other demons, I was able to increase the strength at once.

If I checked in the [Details] section, I found that not only the defense but also the magic endurance was increased a lot.

Incidentally, this series of processes is something that can be done all by oneself if one practices alchemy to the extreme, but unfortunately, in the case of me, who is in the intermediate level on the alchemist, I only reach the level where I can create with the help of the creation mode pattern.

If it didn’t come with the “God of Creation’s blessing” every time I created something, I would have been able to live without worrying about money just by selling this processed product.

This is the quality that I can make.

After that, I made two pieces of protective gear by making a cloak with a hood from the reinforced leather, and I shared it with Momiji.

“It’s not bad.”

“You’re making weird things again. Is this a protective gear?”

“Yeah, it’s well made, isn’t it?”


I don’t know what she was strange about, but she turned her cloak upside down again and tugged occasionally to make sure it was okay.

What’s wrong?

“It might even be able to withstand Mother’s attacks. It’s very well made.”

“Eh, can it protect yourself from Nine-Tails attack? That’s amazing. Your mother is a land god, right?”

“I know the power of mother-sama best. This is what I said. It’s couln’t be wrong…”

Well, it should be true that Momiji of her biological daughter said so.

But if it works for Nine-Tails, that means I have created a powerful equipment.

No matter how powerful the defense equipment is, if your level is low, you will be killed instantly no matter what, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve become stronger anyway.

Well, it was worth the effort I put in while manipulating the parameters on the computer.

My shoulders got stiff when I was operating those things all the time.

Now that I’m satisfied with the results, I’m going to end the creation mode and work out to test the performance of this protective gear.

This time, my goal mainly of the demons I encountered in town last time, including Sage Argus, Bella Sathira and Dadan as Chalenge Mode.

I think it’s impossible to take on an Argus-class opponent with my current level, but I won’t lose anything as training.

After calling up the demon race in replay mode as a quick check, I decided to have a duel in the courtyard.

Then speaking of the result …….

“Well, if it’s a one-on-one duel, it’s more than enough even if the opponent is a demon. It’s true that the poor performance of defense equipment has a big impact.”

I also tried fighting the wyvern to see if it would work, and the result was the same.

Combat was much easier than before.

Most importantly, thanks to this defense equipment was able to resist the claws and fangs and tail’s poison needle attack, the benefits were great.

This will come in handy.

“Okay, let’s train together, Momiji. Let’s level up!”

“Huh? I don’t want it.”

Don’t give me a quick answer….

“No, no. If you want to continue to live and eat onigiri, you’ll have to be strong..”

“Huuuu……I guess I’ll just have to do it for the sake of my onigiri…..”

And so, Momiji, recognizing her weakness, reluctantly, albeit reluctantly, nodded her head and joined me in replay mode.

On a lighter note, I fought Sage Argus and was killed in less than a minute.

As it turns out to fight the high-ranking occupation, my training wasn’t enough.

I had a good match against Bella and Dadan up to the halfway point, so I decided to re-train against both of them from now on.

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