Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 7

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Evolving Creatures part 3

I created human race and elves, dwarves, beastmen and many other races of humans that were associated with.

Currently, they had evolved into a primitive civilization, with weapons and defenses made of stones and woods. Living life in a cave.

This part was fun to watch, so I didn’t skip it. I was grinning and smiling as I watched their lives.

But surprisingly, dragons had never attacked humans so far. I thought for sure that if they found one, they would use humans as food…

The humans, still underdeveloped in civilization and without much fighting power, seemed to have an unusual fear of dragons. There was no particular action from the dragon’s side, such as attacking.

While wyvern and other creatures that were too low level and out of the framework of the dragons system didn’t seem to be limited to this, it was really incredible.

It was true that I’d used [Oracle] to tell the Dragon God not to exterminate humans, but I didn’t think the characters in the game would understand that.

Was there a reason for this?

Maybe that was the rule of the game.

Well, if humans were destroyed at the beginning of their creation, they would not be able to survive. So it was a relief.

Nevertheless, there was basically no interference from the dragons in conflicts between humans and accidents in hunting, so maybe they were just saying that humans can do whatever they want.

Dragons seemed to be beings that had always been consistently neutral towards humans.

It was finally starting to feel like another world, but now I was worried about a certain creature.

And the creature was a whale.

It wasn’t just a whale, but a huge whale flying in the sky, or rather, swimming in the sky.

This whale was another big trouble, although it was not as strong as dragon and wyvern, but it had an insatiable appetite.

The whale was so voracious that it took the human beings that had been born without a care in the world as food, and it was so busy that it swallowed one person and then ate the next.

Due to the small number of whales, it hadn’t caused any serious disaster so far, but the primitive humans in this primitive era didn’t have any resistance. They can only be persecuted unilaterally.

Well, what should I do……..

“Human race has not yet reached its evolutionary form, so I can’t use the [Oracle]. And even if I did it, the game character wouldn’t do anything. It’s just a function to enjoy the atmosphere after all… ”

I was confused and frustrated, and I was trying to figure out if I could create a stronger human from the [Life Evolution] list.

It was been some time since the birth of humans, I thought it was possible for some race to have a higher-ranked species…

So I searched in the evolution list, but in the end, I couldn’t find anything noteworthy.

It was a pity.

To change the mood, I went back to the original screen, where I saw a group of humans trying to fight against a whale.

Well, I guess it was a group of elves and humans.

The two races were using ambushes and traps in order to work together to bring down the giant whale, which was an unusual thing.

Some were using bows that were the newest weapons of this era, others were using shield made of wood, which certainly took a long time to make. And then, some of them were holding spears in their hands and fight.

“No, don’t do it. You guys can’t win yet.”

Although I said so, there was no way it could be conveyed to them.

Because this was just a game.

But if they keep to be careless like that, it will only cause more victims.

Gradually, the human battle lines were collapsing and the whale were swallowing them up.

Well, it was been a good fight, but it was over now.

Most of the humans had already been eaten or seriously injured, and there were only a few who were relatively lightly injured.

It was already over, isn’t it?

Ah, the human male who protected an elven female as a last stand, bravely rushed forward.

I couldn’t bear to watch it.

Just then, a message appeared on the game screen.

[An event has occurred! The elf race “Lara Sathira” and the human race “Dharma Larkaya” are the first human species who asked protection from God! Do you want to give them mana?]


What the hell! Suddenly there was an event!

I mean, there was already a culture of communicating languages to each other, It was amazing!

And of course, my answer was yes.

Whether you want mana or whatever, go ahead and take it.

From my experience so far, the creatures that give mana had become stronger without exception.

Maybe this could be the one that brings them back from the dead.

As soon as I give permission to grant mana, just like the previous Dragon God, the light wrapped the two of them, shining brightly.

It was a very elaborate performance. It was like the awakening of the main characters.

[Under the influence of the mana, the Elf race ‘Lara Sathira’ has evolved into the High Elf race! Under the influence of Mana, the human race ‘Dharma Larkaya’ has evolved into the Hero of humans!”

Oh, it was evolved.

Although there was no change in appearance, but the fact that their race name had changed it should had become stronger accordingly.

What happened so suddenly that even the whale was scared.

Well, that’s right, from the perspective of a whale that had been a predator until now, such a phenomenon had never been experienced before.

After all, it was a miracle of God.

Then, the evolved High Elf Lara, who had no idea what to do, suddenly put her hand towards the whale and took a strange stance.

And then in the next instant…

“Wow! Is this magic! That’s awesome!”

Lara released the blade of wind from her outstretched hand, causing a large cut to the huge whale.

The whale, which had been frightened even at the moment, was already in a state of confusion, and it stopped eating humans and started to rampage.

Then, under the containment attack of Lara, the powerfully Hero Dharma, in order to give the final blow, drove the spear into the whale’s head.

It was obviously just a spear attack, but for some reason, the whale’s head exploded.

Was this also magic?

Whether it was magic or anything else, the creature could not survive as long as it lost its head.

The whale that had been struggling until the last moment went completely silent, and the surviving people around began to stir.

It was totally festive.

“Wooooah… it’s like watching an anime. And they really won!”

With that, the first fortified humans on this planet won the battle against whales and carved a new chapter in history.

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