Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 69

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Story of The Great Youkai Nine-Tails

People are ugly.

Fear, jealousy, hatred, and disgust towards others and then want to marginalize them.

Once the triggers are made, this negative cycle knows no bounds.

Because of this, sometimes demons like me are born, and even powerful land gods stoop to evil, plunging the world into chaos with all their destructive power.

The power of the original me as The Land God is beyond the human level.

Originally, such a seal could be put out whenever I wanted to, and in the first place, if the man hadn’t stood up to protect the miko who had become a living sacrifice, I wouldn’t have been sealed up like this.

I remember the great battle between man and the ayakashi that took place in the prosperous capital of Miyako, during the Heian period.

The battle was between the powerless people who had created the secret arts to fight against the youkai, the small groups of people who fought with the way of onmyodou, and the evil spirits who fed on the evil hearts of the people as food.

Both sides kill each other, and the stage was set for the final battle as a last resort to seal me with countless bloodshed.

Dozens of Onmyouji masters passed away as developed the enchantment technique, and a man who desperately delayed time, and at the cost of the life of the miko, finally successfully sealed the nine-tailed monster “Tamazo Gozen”.

The man was still fighting to save the life of the miko until the end, fighting at all costs to create miracles.

In the face of a power differential that could not be filled, he successfully fought me for the sake of one human woman.

Something extraordinary.

This is the power of love, as the saying goes

It’s a nostalgic but faint memory.

“But that’s about the time. I don’t think there’s such a beautiful human heart in this world as there was back then.”

The resentment of the people even reached inside the seal.

Along with that, the overflowing demonic power, the negative power boiling up from the depths of my body.

The source of the evil power is pouring in endlessly, as if it is trying to cover up even me, originally a land god.

I had pulled back last time for love’s sake, but this time it wouldn’t be as easy as it had been then.

This body has built up negative energy beyond that last day.

Figuring out how to fix this will be no easy task.

Okay, will the next hero I meet be good or evil?

Human unity, desire for the future, love, courage, self-sacrifice.

If only these could be channeled in the coming times of chaos.

If they want to use their inherent goodness to fight against me, then I will give them another chance.

But if they have not learned anything from that time, and they offer up a miko as a human pillar again, then I will give them the guidance this time.

O Onmyouji masters, the tears shed by a man in the Heian period a thousand years ago to save the miko who sacrificed herself to protect you, don’t you forget it.

Fortunately, none of my daughters died, even though they have been sealed.

Although everyone is not as good as me, Eight-Tails, who is the eldest daughter, can easily beat the mere Onmyouji …… Huh, what is this reaction?

“…… Weird. One person has missing.”

One-Tailed, the youngest daughter named Momiji, her reaction has disappeared.

Did that kid escape the seal and get killed by a human?

No, that would be too strange.

It’s true that the kid has infinitely lower combat skills, but she’s better at this aspect of survival than any of her sisters.

Running away, hiding, gathering information, and reading people’s minds.

Although the sisters above considered her a coward and looked down on her, it was the best power if considered with survival in mind.

It was impossible for such a prudent kid to lose her life and her reactions disappear in such a short time.

“So, did that kid concoct a jutsu that can escape from her family’s perception by her own power?”

Really, as a kid specializing in the ability to conceal, her talent was extraordinary, even surpassing my detection ability as a land god.

Compared to the other sisters, some parts are slightly rash and all sorts of useless, but that’s what makes that kid cute.

I’ll forgive her for trying so hard this time.

In any case, the seal will be broken soon and I will appear again in the human world.

I can’t rest easy thinking of my youngest daughter who doesn’t have the fighting ability out there.

Until I’m sealed again and and reaffirms the love of mankind, let her live her life freely.

But it’s cute to see it this way.

When I was still a land god, I gave birth to daughters in imitation of humans in order to find out how love exists, but I never imagined that I would still be influenced by such feelings even as a demon.

But I never thought that I would be swayed by this feeling even in my demon body.

Human love is indeed a strange and wonderful feeling.

I hope this thought has taken root in the world today, and I can’t help but think so.

If, although only hypothetical, there is a human being willing to accept her and walk side by side with her, then I’ll treat that person not as a demon, but as a land god and a parent.

Well, but this possibility is not even one in ten thousand. However, it is also fun to swell the dream with hope. Because whether it is good or bad, it is the youkai that will be strongly influenced by the human heart.

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