Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 67

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Commission Investigation 4

As Aaron took the battle stance, Bella, who had silently observing the development, also set up her weapon.

However, the trick of recognizing demons from my nod cannot be be done by Bella, so for now she pointed arrow to the merchant-style demon.

However, even in such a situation, the man doesn’t show any signs of losing his composure for some reason.

Does he have some kind of trump card?

“Earthwall, Enchant Magic Boost……. Now there’s no escape for you all anymore.”

“Oh my gosh, what a troublesome…… Well, it’s a real troublesome.”

It seems that Aaron took full advantage of the Sage’s excellent magical ability and directly strengthened the walls after erecting earthen walls around the house.

That way, the escape route is completely blocked ……

“It’s very difficult to say, but you look calm. Do you think you can escape from me?”

“Well, well, this is a kind of fun. But there is no need to do anything like that. I just have to kill all of you. It’s because all of you, it’s hard to do business in this town anymore.”


Well, I don’t know what’s going on, but things are starting to get weird.

He seems to have the calmness to face the two as if he’s sure he’ll win.

Is he not an ordinary demon?

Indeed, compared with others, the intensity of the sense of violation is slightly different, I thought it was just an illusion.

If these two were to lose here, it would be impossible to fight against them on my own now.

It would be bad if I didn’t raise my level a little.

When I pondered that, the guy smiled as if he was enjoying the reveal.

“Do you know, Sage, the dragon is a ritual material for demonization. It was really fun and exciting when I was taught this. Before I became a demon, I had to work hard as a merchant, every day I bow down to the commoners, not mention to the nobles, to sell the goods. Thinking back now, this boring past is really a stain.”

“But”, the man continued.

“When I became a demon, the world changed in an instant, and all kinds of people began to fawn with me in search of this power. The guild of assassins doing dirty business, nobles who want to undermine someone else, and even commoners who want to get their hands on power. They began to follow me, regardless of their status and race! This omnipotence, this overwhelming excitement! Oh, great!”

“So what. You think I’m going to run away scared because you have that backing?”

Indeed, as Aaron had said, I wouldn’t be swayed by such personal circumstances.

The Sage’s power can reap that level of that backing, and in terms of the size of backing, Bella, who has the mother of a living legend high elf, is more on top of it.

And to begin with, I don’t care if I lose my head or my heart is crushed, my character will repair itself after logging out.

I can feel the fear of Momiji behind me… But well, if I let that girl hide in the temple of the God of Creation, she’ll be fine.

In other words, it doesn’t explain why this man is so calm.

“You still don’t get it, Sage… I said dragon is a ritual material for demonization. Do you think I’m going to end up just showing off the material I’ve been gathering in such an imposing manner and giving it to others? You people are so naive! The true use of this material is, you know, like this!”


From the demon that shouted like this, miasma suddenly spewed out and began to swirl the surrounding dragon materials into it.

Then, the miasma that absorbed these materials expanded and became a huge amount.

Oh, so that’s how it is~

It’s that what it is. In order to produce miasma that was even larger than usual and to increase its power, the material above the limit of its possession was used as a ritual sacrifice.

The disappearance of humans from various races was probably due to the study of this doping ritual.

Geez, what an easy to understand old man.

Such a stenciled little character rather makes me feel close to him.

If this guy hadn’t committed a crime, I’d love to find a place to talk about painful life and drink a glass of wine together.

But this time he was really at fault.

I don’t want to hide anything, because I have a function called “Dimensional Storage” which is only given to the God of Creation….

It’s a deadly and pitiful function.

“Demon King! Demon King!! It is now, now bring me closer to you and watch me slay this foolish sage and his companions who resist you!!!”

Is it, that the demon has instigated you to go astray, comrade?

I’m also well aware the pain of reality to keep bowing down to the other people, but human experimentation has gone too far.

Personally, while I don’t hate you, I can’t help if you’ve overdone it.

I’ll leave the punishment to the people of this world who lost their friends and acquaintances, Aaron and Bella.

“So, take it in…”

“…… What!?”

When I picked up my smartphone and said something, the materials of the long surrounded by the miasma disappeared instantly and entered my dimensional storage.

This is a complete checkmate.

“How!!! How is it possible!!!?”

“Good job, Kenji!”

Although the miasma has somewhat penetrated a part of it, there are materials that have turned into power, well, it’s generally sealed.

Of course, after listening to all kinds of information, the demon, who were no longer useful, were shot by Aaron and Bella with barrage of magic and arrows.

Spiked ice lances, lightning, blades of the wind, and the rain of arrows that rained down on him.

In the blink of an eye, the demonic man was beaten to a pulp, leaving no original corpse behind.

How pitiful.

“Good, well done, let’s deal with the rest of them.”

“Okay, got it. I can’t tell the difference between the regular staff and the demons, so please show me around.”

With that, the two of them run out and begin the exorcism process inside the mansion.

I’m very concerned about the existence of the Demon King who deceived the former merchant man, but he’s not around here anymore, I guess.

It’s no good staying in this town all the time.

Is this solving the case for now?

The demon I saw in Count Garhart’s territory seems to have quit as a human being because of this merchant demon’s handlers, and the reason he wanted to raise the stampede was probably revenge against those who despised him, or a show of power or something like that.

According to the man who had become a mincemeat, he seemed to be actively helping these kind of people.

“It’s over.”

“…. Has it ended”

“Oh, maybe the remnants of this town will be cleaned up soon.”

It would be a different story if it was just me, but this time the outside power is out of spec.

In order to solve it alone one day, I want to train through replay mode, but this is also a topic for the future.

“What? I was surprised for nothing. When that guy got serious, I was afraid to run away.”

“Well, if you think your life is in danger, you can run away first. You’re not good enough to fight right now.”

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m good at fighting.”

We were saying things like that and laughing as we listened to the sounds of destruction ringing through the mansion.

At that moment, the smartphone suddenly started shaking..

Ugh, what is it?

[By completing the specific action “Destroy the Demon’s Lair” in Story Mode, you have obtained the achievement. In addition, by obtaining the achievement, the existing function “Creator God’s Temple: Level 2” is liberated.]

Oh, finally, the achievement has been achieved.

In other words, the hunting party is over, which is surprisingly fast.

Let’s take a look at the LV 2 features.

[Temple of Creator God: Level 2]

The room of the God of Creation that exists in a different dimension.

It is now as large as a house with a courtyard.

You can enjoy the new time machine function in the room.

Well, it looks like I can use the time machine.

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