Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 66

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Commission Investigation 3

The fact that I am able to identify the demon race means that we’re going to head out to investigate without any worries, but Aaron’s gaze is steeper in return.

There are a number of ethical issues that are common here, such as whether or not it’s a good idea to add a child to the war effort, but since I’m already a fully qualified C-class adventurer, plus the fact that this man has the power to overwhelm the lower ranked demons, the decision was made.

Of course, guys with this kind of power exist randomly, so who the hell are you, are you also a Demon Race? Aaron must have been thinking about these things in his head.

First of all, from this attitude of his, it can be clearly felt that in questioning whether I am friend or foe.

I’m sure he’s deliberately showing his attitude to the extent that I want him to hide it a bit more.

Just holding me back in this way, it should be a warning that even if I am an enemy, he can take action immediately. Considering the possibility of being enemy and taking me with him, it’s better to stay in sight for surveillance than to sneak in a place out of sight.

But please rest assured, I am a completely innocent creator god.

Not someone who misuse mana.

Well, even though he thought so, this man really couldn’t give up the power to distinguish the demons, and accepted me with an inexplicably serious expression.

Then, I came to the stronghold where the Demon Race who was the client was waiting, a large mansion located at the corner of the Noble Street.

It seems that the opponent this time has ties to the nobility and has even set up a stronghold in such a place where people of the upper class live.

“Oh, welcome, gentlemen of adventurers. I can’t believe that you’ve already completed the commission of subjugating the fire dragon. The rumoured sage, and you’re really daughter of the famous Living Legend, Lara Sathira?….. Well then, where is the items?”

The man who greeted from the mansion was an elegant businessman style man, I’m afraid that this man was the client, Adora.

Although I can’t wrinkle my face here, I can feel the influence of the miasma from this man. More precisely, because the whole house is full of miasma, it feels very uncomfortable.

There was no doubt that it was the demons.

By the way, Aaron turned out to be a sage.

No wonder he’s so powerful that the power is bottomless.

Speaking of the Sage, although not as good as the Brave in terms of combat power, it was one of the superior occupations alongside the Saint and Saintess.

Although it depended on the level of the person, but once cultivated, not to mention being mighty warrior, you will be invincible. No, it is better to say that you are unparalleled in the world.

From the perspective of magic parameter correction, it is invincible, the strongest corner of the human race which surpasses even Paladin.

Well, although I don’t remember any additional setting where one has to serve the country or assume a certain position because they are a Sage, so I don’t know Aaron’s background, but it’s strong in any case.

It’s as simple as that.

“The items you asked for is supposed to be brought in later by my friend Dadan. Is that alright with you?”

“Yeah, yeah. It doesn’t matter in that case. The rewards will be paid at that time.”

“It’s decided then.”

Aaron glanced at me and I nodded my head as if nothing had happened so that the other party wouldn’t notice the unnatural action.

This was the signal to spot the Demons that had been decided beforehand before coming here.

Incidentally, because the Celestial Beastmen would be conspicuous, I asked Momiji, who was waiting behind me, to hide her appearance.

Even though I’m not a member of the original team, it’s suspicious that I’m there, and if the Celestial Beastman’s child is also following me on the set, it will give them extra caution as to what might be going on.

After that, we were led into the house and brought to the living room, where there were many precious materials such as scales and horns of inferior dragons these demons may have collected up to now, were laid out.

There were also some demons who were dressed up as employees hired by the merchant to pick up and return the materials, and they were very busy.

It’s true that they look like ordinary people, except for the fact that they feel out of place.

It’s only natural for the merchant who manages the goods to be busy, and even if one knew from me that the ritual requires dragon materials, the one wouldn’t be able to determine that they’re a demon race.

“Hahaha, I’m sorry. This is how we do business, Please forgive me for seeing some indecent places.”

“It’s nothing. That’s how businessmen are.”

“You’re a wise man! That’s very helpful.”

Whenever someone passed by, I would nod to each and every one of them to report which one was a demon and which one was human.

At the moment of the report, Aaron’s eyes would sharpen slightly, but not so much that the stranger in front of him would notice.

Always be on the lookout for the fiends, and react in ways that we would only understand.

I also conducted an appraisal each time, but the other party really did take the appropriate countermeasures and did not find anything suspicious.

Well, if it was information that could be seen through with an appraisal, Aaron would have seen through it by some means.

And so, for a good while, we passed the time chatting as if nothing had happened, and finally Dadan delivered the prepared copycat materials to the mansion.

Work was unexpectedly quick, Dadan.

It’s only been a few days since we found the commission, and you’re already able to make a forgery with such a high degree of completion?

Incidentally, what was sent to me was the horn of the fire dragon.

It’s as good as the real one I saw on the app, and it’s perfectly made.

“Oh, this is!…… hmmm.”

“What’s wrong?”

The other party picked up the horn with a smile on his face, but his expression suddenly became gloomy as he didn’t know what he was upset about.

I guess he realized that the horn was fake.

With such a high degree of completion, it’s a shame he could see through it.

Appraisal was an ability that only alchemists had, and it was hard to imagine this demon holding the occupation of an alchemist.

After all, it was said that they had done a pre-investigation, this lineup couldn’t be that simple to get out of the bag, right?

“This is, fake…”

“Ooh, how did you know that? I don’t think there’s any evidence of that, is there?

“Mmm-hmm. I see… You want to do this? Oh my, this is a headache.”

The demon disguised as a merchant stood up and paced around the room while mouthing “huh” or “I see”.

It was probably in anticipation that what existence he was as a client had been discovered by the Sage.

But even if he wanted to resist, the result was obvious when he faced this line up alone.

And even if he called for reinforcements, it would only increase the number of bodies.

With all these things in his head, what should I do to retreat from this town temporarily in order to reduce losses, there should be that thought.

Fortunately, he doesn’t know what kind of existence I am, so I think that according to his calculations, although it will cause some damage, it’s not a fatal blow.

“Well, I see. Just admit it……. So, to what extent do you understand?”

“How far do you think it goes? Thinking with your own head……. But remember. My friend who was lost in this town is no longer in this world. I don’t care what you guys do, you’re going to pay for it.”

With that, Aaron took out the grimoire without hesitation.

It seems that he has already sorted out the information from his interactions with me and figured out which the demons race are.

That’s why he moved into a decisive battle stance like this.

Now, it’s time for the achievement to be accomplished.

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