Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 59

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Suspicious Commission 1

I was successfully approved by the examiner, the Adventurer’s Guild staff, and the beastmen who were observing my battle were also approved of me.

How can I put it, beastman seem to be kind of a meritocracy based on individual strength.

The human race doesn’t necessarily to have individual strength to become a king or noble, but according to the beastmen value system, the strongest is the king, and the one who has the right to be so.

In contrast, they seem to have a stonger sense of justice than a human race, such strong king must protect his people, in short, they seem to have their own worldview and values anyway.

“Well then, this is the guild card of Celestial-sama, an F-rank adventurer.”

“Well, thanks. Everyone, take a look. I’m an adventurer now.”

Saying that, Momiji showed off her newly made guild card, and in order to let the adventurers see it more clearly, she bounced around.

Momiji seemed happy to be recognized by the humans and have a place to settle down, and the fox tail that had turned into two was fluttering and waving in a display of joy.

Although the reactions were varied, but she was often congratulated mainly by beastmen.

Occasionally, there were human adventurers who looked uninterested, or elven adventurers who were just annoyed at the sight of Momiji running around.

Well, while it’s true that Celestial Beastmen are rare, the recognition of people outside of the same race is probably just beastmen children with more talent and future than the average person.

“Well, since you’ve got your ID card, let’s get started on some commissions.”

“Huh? Commission?”

“That’s right, an adventurer is a jack of all trades. The only way to become a master is to accept a request and fulfill it.”

Since it seems that Momiji still doesn’t understand the status she got, so I’ll put that aside for now, thinking it’s fine to teach her slowly another time.

Although I have plenty of money, it’s time for me to check the guild’s bulletin board to see if there are any noteworthy requests posted in order to level up, which was the original goal, and tracking the elf demon, which was recently added to the goal.

As an intermediate adventurer with C rank, I can accept many commissions. As long as the commissions are not dangerous, such as hunting down the giant whales flying in the sky or hunting down the middle-class fire dragon for their materials, I can accept most of them.

Incidentally, the giant whale flying in the sky is probably the same kind of whale that ate the human species when I created the world.

As I recall, although many of them were expelled by the human race “Dharma Larkaya”, who became heroes in the primordial era, and “Lara Sathira”, a high elf, it seems that a considerable number of them still survive on this planet.

There are survivors, but they don’t have to be forcibly exterminated just yet.

I admit that I’m biased towards the human race because I’m a human, but the whales didn’t attack the human race with malice.

They just attacked because there was food there and they wanted to fill their stomachs.

I don’t think wild animals are good or bad.

But killing fire dragons is a bit of a problem too.

As the oracle of the Creator God, I think dragons are basically neutral, so I don’t want to attack them just to satisfy my own desires.

The dragons materials are certainly useful, but if those guys seriously displeased, humanity would be destroyed in an instant.

After all, you’re making enemies with the strongest dragon god, there’s no way to stop them, even if a brave man is there.

Basically, any stupid human species that tries to killing him will be beaten back in an instant, only to draw its last breath and return to the earth.

However, I was a bit concerned about the stupid client who went out of his way to pick a fight with the most powerful species, the dragon, so I decided to take a closer look at the request.

[Defeating the Fire Dragon]

The fire dragon’s parts are needed for a certain ritual.

I’ll need mainly the eyes, horns, and heart, but if possible, it would be better to have the whole body.

To complete the commission, any of the eyes, horns, or heart are considered achievement.

The reward for the achievement was 500 platinum coins. If you have more materials than that, I’ll buy them back for you separately, depending on their quality. I’ll send someone from my organization if it’s needed to fulfill your request.

Client: Adora

… … So suspicious.

Too suspicious.

Although there was only one of them, the 500 platinum coins as payment for facing the fire dragon, a super strong enemy, was indeed reasonable.

A single platinum coin is worth about 1 million yen, and 500 of them is equivalent to 500 million yen.

The reward for completion alone was so much, it was unimaginable how much money could be made if the materials were sold for another use.

Of course, for the people of this world, just by defeating the fire dragon once, they would be able to live in peace for the rest of their lives, a large sum of money.

However, the fact that they would pay such a large sum of money to use it for some kind of ritual is just suspicious.

More to the point, I’m also concerned about the organization’s personnel.

What I am thinking of is the existence of a primordial dragon that became a demon god due to the misuse of mana.

Even though this material is not a primordial dragon, but a regular dragon, I can’t help but feel that there is a similarity in the ritual of using dragon materials.

The dragon race is such a special existence.

I remember that the demon that I saw in Galhart’s domain was also demonized through a ritual or by the hands of other demons.

Although it only felt suspicious and there was no solid evidence, precisely because I am in a position of a creator god, having information that ordinary people could not possibly know, so there’s a slight sense of discomfort that catches me.

That being said, the C-ranked me couldn’t accept this commission right now, so I decided to observe the people who wanted to accept this commission and see how it goes.

I’m not sure whether or not to they accept the request, but there are already groups of adventurers hanging out beside the request, fortunately it was just posted.

I’ll set my sights on them for now and eavesdrop on their conversations and pretend as if nothing happened.

It’s just that in this noisy adventurer’s guild, it’s difficult to eavesdrop from a distance without being noticed by the other party.

I’ll ask Momiji, who has excellent sensing abilities, to help me out.

“Momiji, can you overhear those adventurers’ conversations? Of course, don’t let them find out.”

“Hmm, there’s a room for that.”

“Then tell me what they’re talking about.”

“I understand.”

After accepting my request, Momiji turned aside to try to avoid meeting the adventurers’ eyes, looking as if nothing had happened, with only her ears twitching slightly.

Well, not bad for a cowardly youkai who only survived by spying in the past, it’s a professional approach.

So, how will it go, let’s see.

Of course, the reason for tracking the client, who seems to be a demon race, is none other than because I want to achieve an achievement in order to raise the level of the temple.

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