Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 58

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Setting materials

★ [Setting: about magic, mana, and miasma]

Magic power refers to the energy required to create magic.

Mana refers to the miraculous power of the creator god (player).

The miasma is the misuse of mana gave by the creator god (player).

Magic power exists in every life in the other world, and basically, the stronger the magical power is, the better the magic.

Mana is the miraculous power of the Creator God (player), and those who carry it in their bodies will gain sanctity and grow into a different kind of being among their own kind.

Also, there is a big difference between being influenced by mana and having mana in one’s body.

The state of being influenced by mana only means that in the evolutionary process, the Creator God consumed a lot of mana to create it.

However, creatures that are created by consuming a lot of mana tend to have more magical power on their bodies.

★ [Setting: about species]

The main character, Saito Kenji created five races in the other world, mainly “Dragons”, “Humans”, “Wild Animals”, “Demons”, and “Nature”.

First of all, there is a big difference between the Dragon and the Primordial Dragon.

That is the difference in the blessings provided by mana.

Primordial Dragons are blessed with mana, the miraculous power of the Creator God, while dragons do not have this blessing.

A race with the blessings of the creator god will become a different kind of creature with divine powers in their bodies, and if their blessings are strong enough, they will enter the realm of sub-gods.

The dragon race is currently divided into three types: the Dragon God, the Primordial Dragon, and the Demon God.

The rightful and final form of the mana-dwelling creature known as the primodial dragon is the Dragon God, and the ill-evolved form is the Demon God.

The High Ancient Dragon is Regular Dragon at the top of the hierarchy, with various dragonkind crowding around underneath it.

Basically, they are a branch of the Dragon God.

Regarding the human species, the most prosperous mainly are the basic form of the human species, the “human race”.

The human race looks the same as the earthlings, but they are more westernized.

They are average in terms of physical strength and magic.

They are a bit less strong and have greater magical abilities than the human race.

Dwarves have more strength and average magic than the humans.

The beastmen are more powerful and have less magic than the humans.

There are many other human species, but each race has its own strengths and weaknesses.

However, the human race, which is inferior to the base human species in every respect, tends to be more fertile in basic terms.

Demons are a branch of the demon god that were evolved from dragon race through misuse of mana.

Regarding of miasma, basically any race can be a member of the branch of a demon god.

Since miasma is basically the same as mana, those who become demons are one step stronger than before.

For otherworlders, demons are the general term for all wild animals that attack the human species.

★ [Setting: occupation]

Occupations are the miraculous powers given to human species by the creator god as a remedy against the demon god that create miasma and pollute the world.

Top level occupations have the strongest parameter corrections to their abilities, followed by composite occupations, and then the basic occupations, in that order.

Among the top level occupations, the brave ones are exceptional, having the highest parameter correction and skills of all occupations.

Also, in order to become a composite occupation, you need to have experience and knowledge of the occupations you have acquired and does not rely on your own occupational corrections.

★ [Setting: hierarchy]★

In the other world, there is a pecking order among the sub-gods, and even those who have stepped into the same divine realm have a wide range of power.

The pecking order is as follows.

Rank 1: Dragon God

Rank #2: Demon God

Rank #3: The Brave.

Rank #4: World Tree

Rank #5: Great Spirit, Primordial Dragon, Demon King

Rank 6: Top Level Occupations.

A simple difference in individual strength does not determine overall ability, but in a one-on-one fight, the rankings are usually this high.

Since the power of the creator god is unknown and fluctuates rapidly, it cannot be assumed in the pecking order.

★ [Setting: level]

A comparison of the strength of earthlings with the otherworldly human species present at the moment.

Mainly in level notation, with values corresponding to the basic occupation corrections of other worlds.

Level is an appropriate value in physical ability, and does not reflect skills or experience.

[Creator God Player: Kenji Saito]

Overall Level: 66 (of which: approximately: Paladin level 1, equivalent to level 40 of the basic occupation. Alchemist level 20. Soul Reaver level 6)

[Mizzet’s guards]

Level: 30

[Intermediate Adventurer]

Level: 20

[Mizzet (childhood)]

Level: 3

[Genzo Togami]

Level: 25

[Kuroko Togami]

Level: 10

[One Tails: Momiji]

Level: 12

[Two Tails: Momiji]

Level: 25

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