Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 57

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Adventure in a multiracial town 3

For the purpose of conducting my test, we were taken to the training grounds and such that the guild was equipped with.

The witnesses were the wolf beastman receptionist lady who proposed it, and another guild employee who acted as an examiner who appeared after hearing the receptionist lady’s words.

And of course, there’s also Momiji who accompanied me, and a few beastmean adventurers who came with us somehow.

Perhaps the beastman adventurers came to chase Momiji, the Celestial Beastman, and wanted to assess her brother.

Since it wasn’t actually test for Momiji the Celestial Species, so other than beastman adventurers who cared about Momiji didn’t seem to be arrived.

The staff who served as the test taker was obviously a strong man who had fought many battles, had a body like a melee type, was an beastman with a mane like a lion, and was good at fighting with great sword according to the appraisal.

When it comes to the king of all beasts on earth, it’s a lion, and obviously he has a more decisive style than Momiji.

It’s not surprising that I would think that he should just be the king or something like that already.

“Then let’s begin, brother’s Celestial-sama, no, the brave young man who protects Celestial-sama from malice of the world!”

“Ah, um. Okay.”

The lion beastman was the only one who is excited.

His eyes were flickering with a burning intensity of will and emotion, and while it was obviously a test, it was a gaze that almost shot me to death.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if I didn’t have to show mercy if the opponent went all out.

Then, when I set up my posture, the receptionist, who has been acting as a referee, gives the signal for the match.

“Well then, both sides seem to be ready, we will now begin the mock battle between a former B class adventurer, a current adventurer guild employee, and a C class adventurer, the elder brother of Celestial-sama. Of course it is forbidden to kill each other, and one must also try to avoid causing more than necessary injuries to the other side…. Any questions? Okay, let’s get started.”

Probably the statement “Try to avoid causing more than necessary injuries to the other side” was said to the staff working as an examiner.

Maybe it’s because I mistakenly considered being family member of Celestial Beastman, Momiji, and if I get seriously injured, his head will probably cut off, or something like that.

“Then, get ready boy !!!…… Roaaaaaar!”


I’m afraid this kind of roar is the warrior’s occupational skill “provocation”.

By emitting a magical scream, it is an excellent skill to make unconsciously monsters turn their attention to the user.

It’s just that this time the opponent is a human with will, so there is no effect at all.

Nonetheless, I’m afraid that this skill was chosen to prevent me from using magic.

Since the sound waves attached to the magic power will spread in all directions, if you use provocative skills with all your strength, it will have a good containment effect on the magician who refines the magic power and performs magic in the body.

And of course, the reason I was thought of as a magician-type occupation was because I didn’t have a weapon in my hand.

If you don’t have a weapon, you can only fight in two ways: fighting with bare hands or magic.

In other words, he saw through this in an instant, and that’s why he decided to crush the line of being a magician first.

It is worthy of being a former B-level adventurer with rich combat experience. His tactics and strategies have considerable reference value, so I plan to review it later in the replay mode.

It will definitely accumulate quality experience.

“However, this time you chose the wrong opponent. I am neither a fighter nor a magician. The Holy Sword Invocation!!”


The Holy Sword of Light, or rather Light Beam SAbelr, appear and assault the adventurer of the warrior occupation.

I don’t know the exact value of the B-class adventurer’s rank, and even if I identify it, I can’t know that aspect of the information yet.

However, I do know that my current close range combat abilities aren’t just C rank.

I fire a series of light bullets skill as a check and slash at him with my holy sword while limiting his movements.

So the huge sword in his hand collided with my holy sword, sparks splashed everywhere.

If it was just steel-grade strength, the blade should have been slowly chipped away, but despite the sparks, my opponent’s blade is still intact.

Probably that greatsword was a high-grade weapon made from biomaterials of wyvern or monsters of that level.

“How could that be, boy …… That shining sword is-!

“Good vision. My occupation is Paladin!”

As expected of a famous ultra-elite occupation in neighbouring country, so the high-ranking adventurers in this country seem to know the basic skills of the Paladin.

Incidentally, my Paladin level is now 3. As expected, it is a composite occupation that is higher than the basic occupation, and it is very slow to level up compared to the Soul Reaver that grew at the same time.

Therefore, I haven’t learned the additional skills of the Paladin yet, but I will learn it someday.

“Guuuuuuhhh! Your sword, so, so heavy! Is that your determination to protect Celestial-sama?”

Hey, don’t say anything nonsense.

Although I have every intention of protecting the cowardly youkai Momiji …… that will cause problems if left unchecked.

But if you’re asking me if I’m prepared to be so f*cking serious as to put weight on my sword, that’s not quite right either.

Please don’t misunderstand, as this weight is only a occupational correction.

“Good job, mister. Just one more push… There, there, there…Let’s do it…! !

From the outfield came Momoji’s playful voice of support.

I’m also enthusiastic, but I’m swallowing the fact that I was originally fighting because of this youkai.

Well, even if you don’t tell me, I’ll push back.

I set up his greatsword, whose size difference clearly exceeded mine, and like a glide, I let the blade of the holy sword pass by smoothly, cutting a sharp wound on his right wrist.

“Gooooo! Wonderful!”

“I am honored to receive it as a compliment.”

No, I’m truly honored.

As a warrior with rich combat experience, the praise he gave can become my confidence. The most important thing is that I can get a victory from an opponent with more combat experience. I can only say that with joy.

But lion beastman isn’t only good at countering, he’s also good at fighting battles, and I was kicked and pulled away in a flash.

…. That’s quite a bit of damage, but fortunately our distance wasn’t closed, so let’s recover.

“Pain, pain, let’s fly away~”

“As expected of a Paladin, is a recovery spell one of your hand cards? ……”

I thought that Lion-san would come after me, but he somehow stopped moving and thought for a moment.

What on earth was going on.

“Hmph…….I surrendered. There’s no point in continuing this contest. Don’t you think so?”

“Well, that seems to be the case. It’s true that the guild certificate is recorded as a C-rank adventurer, but that wasn’t an overestimate or anything, but rather an underestimate.”

What? What’s going on?

“Yeah. The boy doesn’t seem to know, but let me say something as a warrior who is famous here. I’ve completely lost. Since there is a rule that you can’t kill, there is no way for me to defeat a boy who can’t be defeated with a single blow. After all, you could recover. And even if I want to suppress, I have already lost a move in sword skills. I have no chance of winning.”

It seems to be such a thing.

I thought it was too easy to retreat, but if it’s accepted, it’s good, right?

I don’t know how it would have turned out if the condition of permission to kill had been granted, but now I know that my current power will work against a B-ranked fighter.

By the way, I cast a recovery magic on the injured Lion-san, and the test is over for now.

“Why, it’s so boring~. I originally wanted to cheer you on more.”

“Hahaha, I’m sorry, Celestial-sama. But if you let me to say, your elder brother’s power is so high. I can’t imagine how much research and hard work he has accumulated so far.”

The Lion-san’s words drew praise and applause from the visiting beastmen from the surrounding area.

Well, it’s fine if they can accept it.

But then again, we have been noticeable since the first day.

Although it’s fine as long as we don’t get involved in trouble.

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