Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 55

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Adventure in a multiracial town 1

One-Tailed was equipped with a mithril dagger that was endowed with blessing of Creator God, and a light armor made of leather.

The leather materials were made from monsters that have been collected from hunting while traveling, and crocodiles that were lurking in the river.

And then, One-Tailed who was frolicking with lower class monsters all the time while while I was making the equipment….

“Uh, aren’t you getting more tails?”

“Mu? … Um, it’s increasing. Why?

“No, even if you ask me, …….”

One-Tailed became Two-Tailed somehow, and that brown fox’s tail had grown into two.

It was true that she ate, slept and played well, but the growth rate was too fast anyway, right?

I don’t know if I can get the expected information, but let’s try to appraisal it.

[Two-Tailed Youkai Fox: Momiji]

She is good at art of disguise.

She fast at escaping and can also turn into a cavalry riding mode.

As a result of turning into a two-tailed, not only does she have increased combat abilities, but she can also use foxfire.

The protection of *** made her grow rapidly and has potential to rival the sub-gods.

If she eat well, sleep well, and have fun, she will eventually become a Great Nine-Tailed Youkai.

A bit weak.

Wh, what….?

Is the reason for this rapid growth entirely due to my creation god product ……?

No, well, One-Tailed, correction, Momoji is a youkai, so in the end she can’t get an occupation. So the evolution process itself is like raising occupation level.

Therefore, instead of occupation, she get evolution experience extra points, which is consistent with the order of the blessing content.

“One-Tailed,…. No, Momiji.”


“You, it seems that you can use Foxfire because of the increased tail.”


“It’a true.”

Momiji didn’t seem interested in the new ability, but used Foxfire with the feeling of “If I able to use it, so let’s give it a try”.

As a result, several blue-white fireballs appeared around Momiji with a “bang, bang, bang” sound.

Although the appearance gave a scary and creepy feeling, it was quite warm even from a long distance, so the attack power was probably high.

“It’s working~”

“Oh, that’s great.”

“Hmph. It might come in handy when you’re cooking meat.”

But to Momiji, it seems that foxfire is just like a gas stove fire, and the idea was not to use it in battle, but to use it for barbecue.

This kid was still as nonsense as ever.

It’s a shame that she has the same power as her sister, Two-Tails, but she’s not thinking in the same way.

That said, I knew from the start that she wasn’t interested in fighting and brawling.

“Well, in that case, you’ll be able to protect yourself a bit better. I think it’s time to start traveling again.”

“Yes. It’s fun to play with those rabbits with horns, but I’d rather eat onigiri and look around the human town.”

“Yeah, okay. Let’s do that.”

In this world, even if humans had fox ears, they would only be seen as beastmen, so as a youkai, Momiji could blend into society very naturally.

When I told this kid about it before, she was very interested in human society, so she must be happy to be able to live in an open and honest way without being excluded.

I feel a little sorry for her considering how she has been chased by humans, and I want to let her experience the warm human culture of this world, so I decided to head to town.

Once we left the temple of the God of Creation, we headed for the town on foot.

Since we had already crossed the border, the town was not far away, and the land that flourished as a town near the border was close.

“Okay, next person. Do you have an ID? If not, you have to pay a tax of one silver coin.”

“This is my ID. And the beastly girl over here has no ID yet, so this is a tax for her.”

“Hoho, you’re already a C-ranked adventurer at your age. That’s great, kid.”

“Oh, sort of. It took a lot of effort before I got that guild card.”

The town gatekeeper was interested about me becoming an intermediate adventurer at the age of 10, and said that he was happy to hear that and nodded his head with a look of bewildered understanding.

Well, it’s just that I didn’t become an intermediate level adventurer by going through the kind of adventure that the gatekeeper thought.

The so-called hard effort was mainly the hard effort of healing the firstborn son of a noble and taking care of the rebellious young girl in order to get that guild card.

“Well, it’s passable! And don’t forget to register her ID, okay? She,’s your important family, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, thanks for your concern. See you!”

“Oh, see you later!”

Momiji and I waved goodbye to the gatekeeper as we passed through the gate.

But family?

That gatekeeper thought that Momiji and I were related by blood or something, probably because of the unique Japanese face.

Except for some of them, most of the human races in this world have a western face.

Therefore, the appearance of me, who has a Japanese face, and Momiji, who is a Japanese youkai, are slightly different from them.

It was a rare face shape, so the gatekeeper thought that we were brother and sister, right?

However, the towns in this country are different from Earl Galhart’s territory, and there are various races mixed together.

While there was no overt racial discrimination among the people, the majority of the population was still dominated by humans, with very few other races.

I don’t know why, but in the cities of this country which is far away from the Earl’s territory, the number of people after the human race is led by the beastmen, followed by the elves, dwarves, and a very small number of dragon people, winged people and so on.

Of course, the human race was the most common, but their proportion was obviously different.

As the culture changes, so does the place.

By the way, the dragon people are a human species that has the dragon element, not the dragon race.

It’s a normal human species created by consuming mana just like the elves.

Well, if you look at the app’s world map, you’ll see that they often revere the dragons as an object of worship, so it’s not surprising that they take pride in being different from other races.

That said, that’s just from the perspective of the inhabitants of this world, and from the perspective of a player who is a creator god, you can see all sorts of different facts, just so.

And then there’s the winged people, which again is just a human species with bird wings on its back.

Since there are various kinds of wings, I even as a creator god can’t grasp exactly what kind of factors are combined to make them, but in short they can fly in the air.

It’s obvious that their weight and wing ratio are not suitable for flying, so it can be seen that when they fly, they make use of their race’s unique magic.

In fact, there is a similar explanation in the description of the “Life Evolution” race, so it is probably the correct answer.

After arriving in a town where there are so many different races, I immediately went to the guild in order to register Momiji as an adventurer.

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