Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 54

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Temple of Creator God 3

Now, we need to create weapon and armor, but first we need to find the materials to make them.

Looking at outside of temple, One-Tailed was still frolicking–fighting with Hornrabbits, her combat style is always to hit and run.

In short, it’s a guerrilla fighting style.

Use the illusion of hiding her shadow, attack fiercely from a dead end, and then disappear.

Repeat over and over again.

Therefore, due to its fighting style, large weapons and defensive gear will only be an obstacle, and bulky equipment won’t work either.

The best solution should be equipment that is as light and small as possible, and has an unobtrusive color that conveniently conceals her stance.

For example, designs based on ninjas and assassins might be better.

So, let’s check the list of materials right away.

[Angel: Noname]

Welcome back, creator.

Are there any features of the creation mode that are bothering you?

[Creator God]

I would like to see a list of material items that the current mana can produce.

Can you show the materials needed to create the equipment?

[Angel: NoName]

Of course.

Let’s take a look at the list of items in the order of consumption in mana.

Let’s start with the ore.

-Crimson Ore
-Iron Ore
-Copper Ore
-Gemstones (Raw Stones)

Do I need to display biological material as well? Since the types of biomaterials that can be used for equipment are almost endless, I think it’s better to only look at the recommended ones.

[Creator God]

It’s very helpful.
Regarding biomaterials, I will discuss with you later.

Let’s put the conversation to rest for the time being and deliberate on the displayed ores including mana’s consumption.

Fortunately, mana has increased in resource capacity after the birth of the dragon god and then after the birth of humans, and a considerable amount of mana is now accumulated, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

But what became a bottleneck here wasn’t mana, but rather whether or not my current alchemist level could handle high level metal materials.

The highest level metals like Orichalchum don’t even feel like I can refine them.

It might be possible with the assistance of the creation mode feature, but mana abundance and whether or not it’s a waste of mana are two different things.

I would like to use it to increase my alchemy level, but I want to actually making equipment for now, so I’ll think about it later.

[Creator God]

Do you have a recommended ore for alchemy abilities in the alchemist level 20 to 30 range? With the acceptance of creation mode assistance, of course.

[Angel: NoName]


You’ve already grown your alchemist to level 20, which is great.

But even so, creating with orichalchum, adamantite, and crimson ore will be difficult even with assistance.

I’m afraid mithril is the limit.

[Creator God]

I see, thanks for the clarification.

Apparently, mithril can be barely possible.

When I asked the Nameless Angel for an additional explanation of Mithril, the characteristics of the material are “light”, “hard”, and “tenacious”, and in addition has a high affinity for magic, so it is an excellent material to use as a weapon as a medium for activating magic.

“Well, then, let’s use mithril for equipment.”

If you’re just looking for a weapon with offensive power, it might not be a good idea to use mithril that is too light as a weapon material.

But this time, the user wasn’t someone who attacks the opponent with a weapon to crush them, but rather One-Tailed who was aiming for a vital attack.

This time, it is the best material for a weapon.

I chose the Mithril Ore to produce the material item first.

It seems that the material item will be stored in the dimensional storage of the smartphone after it is produced, and the actual creation will be done by operating the computer with reference to the character’s production level.

It seems that all the inorganic materials stored in the dimensional storage can be used as materials, and the magical items that you can find in the other world can also be used as materials for weapons and defense equipment.

After that, I used the computer to refine the mithril ore and mass produced the mithril ingot.

It seems that the materials created in the creation mode can be used to make exactly the same thing depending on your level.

No matter how many times you cast an ingot, if it’s an intermediate level ingot with some impurities, the screen will show the details of its composition.

Presumably, the result will remain the same no matter how many times you make it before your occupation level or temple level is raised.

Next, turn the refined ingots into weapons.

You can change the shape of the ingot using the function of the creation mode, and work while checking various parameters of the metal such as strength and viscosity.

This function is not useful as a reference for the actual forging or gold making.

All you have to do is to look at the computer screen and click with the mouse, tap with the keyboard….

Well, as long as I can make good product, it doesn’t matter anyway.

After that, I spent a few hours adjusting One-Tailed weapon, and One-Tailed, who every once defeated monster I summoned in replay mode, would say “I’m strong” and then she came to make a fuss, so I threw her into a larger or slightly stronger group of monsters and continued working.

“…… Well, is that all that’s finished?”

Removing the completed equipment from the dimensional storage, I found the weapon in my hand to be identical to the one operated by the computer, shining with a lavender light and boasting of its existence.

First of all, let’s try to identify it.

[Mithril’s Dagger]
Degree of completion: A+
Durability: 100%
Special Effect: Increased magic power, increased magic speed, and ***** blessing.
Note: A highly perfected dagger created by Kenji Saito. With the blessing granted, the user gets extra occupational experience points.

Well, it seems that something bad is made.

There is no problem with the completion and durability, it’s still within the range of common sense.

In fact, for a material made from barely manageable ores, it’s probably well made.

The problem is the special effects.

What the heck is “*****”?

This definitely has the word “creator god” in it, right?

Fortunately, it doesn’t show exactly what it is, whether it’s due to a lack of appraisal level or something else, and only a very high-ranking person would be able to spot it, but if they find out, I’ll be in trouble.

The effect is an occupation experience bonus, which is very common from a game perspective, but considering that I’m the only creator god on this planet, this should be a unique and rare ability.
That’s bad, it would definitely be a big mess if it was discovered.

But then again, the equipment made using the creation function was given this, meaning that in the future, all items that I get to aid creation at the temple will be given extra protection from time to time, right?

Since that’s the case, there’s no escaping it, so I’ll have to give up and accept reality.

If a high appraiser discovers the existence of the protection, “This must be the blessing that God-sama has given me in response to my passion for creation!”

Let’s just pretend to be fool.

I decided to make a sheath with the God of Creation’s protection and gave it to One-Tailed along with dagger.

I’m sure she will be happy.


Hihi’irokane (ヒヒイロカネ or 緋々色金, meaning “crimson ore”) is a metal depicted in some ancient japanese legends that allegedly possessed strange physical properties, and could be used to forge some extraordinary metal alloys. It is very similar in concept to the Orichalcum.

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