Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 53

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Temple of Creator God 2

I avoided the biting power of the approaching wyvern and crossed my arms to defend against the swinging tail attack that had overwhelming power.

For a moment the air escaped from my lungs as I crashed into the wall of the boundary made by [Replay Mode], but I fired a series of light bullets in order to manage to evade the wyvern’s pursuit, and used stealing magic to replenish my magic power while restraining it.

“Ugh! I can’t lose to you!”

“Come on, onigiri man! That guy has not even strong enough to fly, he’s almost out breath!”

“I know!”

Even though I won’t die within the boundary, there’s not much energy left to maintain the holy sword as my body becomes scarred and my consciousness flies apart.

But the same goes for the other side.

Although being forced to this point by a wyvern that’s not even dragon is quite unpleasant, it’s a great improvement from when my head was bitten without being able to fight back.

Be confident, I can do this.

I bet everything I had on the final blow, giving the Holy Sword maximum magical power.

Then, the approaching wyvern’s fangs and my holy sword collided with each other from the front, bursting sparks everywhere.

If this was not a fang but a scaled body surface, it would have penetrated, but unfortunately the hardest fang in the wyvern cannot be pierced by a single blow.

However, as time passed, the Holy Sword’s attack power was slowly overpowering the opponent.

“Ora ora ora ora ora!!!!!!!”


Then as if to make an end, I pushed the holy sword that had absorbed magic to its limit.

Thus, the wyvern fangs that finally had the limit of durability were crushed off with a crunching sound, and the holy sword went right through its head.

The lifeless wyvern projection directly turned into light powder and disappeared, and the boundary was lifted.

Of course, my stamina was restored as well.

“Oh yeaahh! After six bitter attempts, I win! Suck it up and watch it happen, Wyvern!”

“Woaah! You finally made it! Congratulations!”

One Tailed and I were so happy that we ran forward for a high five.

Yes, no need to hide it. This wyvern battle is already the 6th recurring battle.

The first battle was killed by the poison from the wyvern’s tail.

The second battle was crushed by the wyvern’s full body impact.

The third battle was being bitten by the wyvern, which was truly horrible.

However, over the course of multiple challenges, the levels gradually increased, and by gaining a better understanding of the opponent’s action patterns, I finally won in battle 6.

As a side note, the rate at which the experience level rises in replay battles is extremely slow.

However, it’s more efficient than normal hunting since you can fight strong enemies over and over again without risking your life.

The ‘s level has risen by 2 levels to level 6 in just 6 battles.

Incidentally, I seems to have learned a new skill called “Magic Transfer” at level 6.

The usage is still limited and is a subtle skill.

The is really depressed …….

“As expected of a man who recognized by me, you’re really persevering. If I’m attacked by that monster, I’ll surrender within two seconds. Even if I know I won’t die.”

“Well, that’s probably the case.”

It’s not a good thing to say, but One-Tailed doesn’t have any perseverance.

Let’s just say, in order to actually master One-Tailed’s power, I tried to get her to join the wyvern battle, and she cried out to me in 2 seconds.

Because it looked so pathetic, I immediately canceled the replay mode….

That being said, that way there’s no way to know One-Tailed’s power, so I tried to get her to fight the past projections of Mizzet and Kuroko-san, and it was tough, but she won by a slim margin.

Even with the traumatic Onmyouji as her opponent, she would not die, I said so, and then she worked hard to avenge the hatred for many years.

“But this room is really strange. Physically the enemies are real, not just illusions. Even if they are about to die, they will recover immediately after the battle. What is going on?”

“I don’t know about that either.”

“It’s obviously Mister’s power? Even if you tell me so.”

“Well, for the time being, let’s take a break.”

I’m not physically tired, but I’m mentally tired.

The next step is Creation Mode. Also, to improve One-Tailed fighting ability, let’s summon a weak enemy for exercise.

…… Well, the only enemy that One-Tailed seems to be able to defeat without being scared is a bunch of horn rabbits.

It’s a good way to test whether a yokai can get an occupation, and if they can’t, it will be good way to give her confidence to overcome her fear.

Let’s try it right now.

“Then, it’s your turn…”


“Yeah. If you’re going to travel with me, you should at least get some exercise, otherwise the danger will always be with you. If you don’t want to die, It’s best to train.”

“Eh, Eh~…….I can’t help it, I don’t want to die after all.”

One-Tailed didn’t think that she would have to fight, but after getting the information about the dangers ahead of her, she agreed to do so, albeit reluctantly.

Well, although it was understood from One-Tailed’s character that she didn’t like fighting, but that was the only thing that really couldn’t be helped.

After all, unlike back in Mizzet’s time, One-Tailed doesn’t have an identity or parents that she can depend from.

At least I hope she has the strength to run away and hide if I’m caught in the middle of a near-death situation.

“Well, don’t worry, I’ll find an opponent that matches your abilities, so it will be fine.”

“Is that so? That’s relief.”

Plus, I’m going to start making One-Tailed’s equipment in creation mode from now on.

I don’t know exactly what I can create, but the alchemists that I’ve been training since my first day in the another world have already reached a considerable level.

My alchemist’s level is high enough that I’m not ashamed to be a C-ranked adventurer, so I’m sure I can make a lot of things.

Therefore, I decided to summon a bunch of rabbits in replay mode, throw One-Tailed in, and focus on creating.

Now, what shall I create?

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