Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 52

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Temple of Creator God 1

When I entered the Temple of the God of Creation through the door, I found an endless white horizon with a blue sky and a white house standing alone in the middle of it.

So this is so-called the Creator God’s temple LV1.

It was indeed a temple…more like a house, although it was small, but the design including the color scheme was like a temple.

How to put it, somehow I felt a sacred atmosphere from it.

“What is this place? Mister, isn’t it the enemy coming?”

“It’s okay, don’t worry, One-Tailed. This place is…. my power? Well, whatever, anyway, it’s a space that I created with my own power. So there is no danger.”

“Really?…Haho~, I’m relieved then.”

One-Tailed, who is a cowardly youkai, seemed to be relieved with the phrase “the space I created” and collapsed on the ground with her feet unstretched.

But even so, it’s a bleak space.

It’s true that there is a sense of holiness, but most of the space is nothing but the sky and white horizon, so it’s a bit lonely.

Well, anyway, let’s go into the temple and take a look.

Once inside the temple, it was a chapel-like place with a chair and a table that was somehow equipped with a mouse and a laptop.

What an off-putting sight, a chapel with a computer won’t do, right?

It completely ruins the atmosphere.

“Hmph! Mmmm, I can feel the power from that inexplicable white box…

“Eh, so you can feel that?”

One-tailed fox-eared sprout twitched and stared at the computer.

However, since this cowardly youkai with excellent perception can sense power from the computer, one can assume that the main functions of this temple are concentrated in that place, right?

I immediately sat down in front of the computer and operated the screen with mouse.

I found that there was a message written in the same font as in the application.

The only thing was that the message was written by an angelic character on the screen, and since there was no speaker, there was no voice, and the words that moved its mouth was written in the message box.

[Angel: NoName]

First time meeting you, Creator, this is the different space “Creator’s Temple” that you manage.

Here you can freely use the functions of the temple, enjoy the “Replay Mode” where you can fight the strongest enemies you have ever encountered, and enjoy the “Creation Mode” where you can produce and create items.

However, in order to be able to use the functions of “Creation Mode”, you must acquire a production job such as the occupation “Alchemist” or the occupation “Blacksmith”.

In “Creation Mode”, you can use Mana to create simple items and materials, but to create advanced items, you need to have the appropriate job level.

Then, do you want to enjoy “Replay Mode” or “Creation Mode” right away?


What’s going on? Suddenly a guide character appeared.

I really hope that such a feature can be installed on the app earlier… …

Forget it, let’s leave the arbitrary words out of it.

I have absolutely no idea who this angel is, but since it appeared because of the app’s function, it’s not an enemy, right?

In the end being marked as an angel, I don’t know if this guy is alive or an AI.

Maybe it’s not even an AI, it’s just a paper model person displaying a fixed article, as much as I don’t understand.

“Mister, there’s a person with wings in the picture, isn’t there? Has this guy been sealed too?”

“No, I don’t think it’s the seal. This guy probably lives in the picture.”

“Ooh, there are some weirdos like that too.”

As someone who doesn’t understand modern human society, I think One-Tailed can’t understand anything, so I should respond appropriately

Having said that, the options are only “yes” or “no”, but does this mean we can’t move on until we choose one of them?

After thinking about waiting a while like this, this time the selection disappeared and a message box appeared.

[Angel: NoName]

It seems you can’t decide yet.

Of course, you don’t have to play either one right now. If you want to enjoy the “Replay Mode” or “Creation Mode”, please request it from me in the “Message Input” field.

With that, Nameless Angel temporarily withdrew the option, and instead, a message input field appeared that you could enter with the keyboard.

Hey, hey, what do I have to enter in the information input field?

If I enter “Did you eat yesterday? What would be the reaction?

… Let’s ry it.

[God of Creation]

Did you eat yesterday?

[Angel: NoName]

Sorry. Since I don’t have a physical body, I don’t have the ability to take in nutrients.

But communicating with you energizes me, so can that be described as eating?

Hey, hey, hey!

It really responded, this angel!

Hey, could it really be an angel?

No, it’s a different space made to appear by an app that can create planets with a hidden element called achievement, so anything can happen.

First of all, let’s assume that this angel is real, so I don’t have to think about difficult things, and I’m more relaxed mentally.

Then I asked the angel about the app and the planet , but its response was “Sorry. I don’t seem to have any related items in my knowledge.”

I’m afraid this angel only has information about the temple.

Even though it could communicate, there was no more advantage than that.

Incidentally, it has very detailed knowledge about the functions this temple currently has, regarding the replay mode and creation mode.

The replay mode seemed to allow you to create strong enemies you’ve encountered in the past, and build simulated boundaries where you can fight to your heart’s content without losing your life even if you are unable to fight.

There is no limit to the number of enemies that can appear or the number of people you can challenge, so you can train for battle in a variety of scenarios.
But, um…Replay Mode?



One-Tailed, who probably doesn’t understand anything, were thinking with the same gesture as me thinking about the replay mode.

Hmm~, does the job level go up even if aI fight in replay mode?

I’m wondering about that.

Well, the 【】 I just recently acquired is still level 4, and it doesn’t seem to require much experience to level up, so I guess I’ll find out by trying it out.

For example, if ,,,,if I fight a strong enemy with a wyvern level, at least my level should raise up.

Thinking so, I ordered Replay Mode from Nameless Angel and selected Wyvern from the list of list displayed.

By the way, the battle selection as previously declared was “encountered”, not only mention the demons and monsters, Mizzet and his guards who are humans, and even Grandpa Togami Gen-san and Ojou-sama who are Earthlings also can be chosen.

This is so awesome, let One-Tailed play a bit afterwards too.

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