Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 51

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Return to Another World 3

After hearing about what appeared to be a heroic saga of Mizzet from traveling merchant from another country, I crossed the border without further ado.

Incidentally, my destination is a port city on the edge of this country, and it has already been confirmed in the app that there are ships coming and going from there connecting to the continent.

That said, the civilization of this world is almost all still underdeveloped, and there are still a lot of various mysteries of the world and geography that humans have yet to unravel.

Fortunately, this continent and the opposite continent have mutual cognitive exchanges and an organization that spans countries, the Adventurers Guild.

Well, but there still seemed to be some differences in culture and ideology, but with the country being governed by kings and nobles, and with the words of the church, the common sense that I have always been cultivated about the other world seemed to be work.

The details of replacing Paladins of ultra-elite occupations as a privileged class, giving preferential treatment to other composite or superior occupations, and church’s ideology seem to differ from each other, etc.

By the way, this knowledge is what I learned when I was studying together with Klein-kun and Mizzet at Galhart’s house.

I’ve been riding One-Tailed like that, and when we crossed the border, I got off her back and let her go into beastmen mode.

“Mister, are you going to a human city?”

“Well, I had plan to do that. I’ve been ignoring it because in my previous country, I don’t have time to go. But now it’s different, we’ll go to another country.”

“Hm~. The lands are connected, but there are different kings, and their domains are also separate. It’s a strange world where a human being is doing something like a youkai’s enclosure.”

One-Tailed seemed to be not too interested in that.

I don’t know how long ago One-Tailed was a youkai that existed, but it seems that the human nation was unified in the time this kid lived in.

In Japan’s recent history, shoguns were supposed to have their own domains of rule, but even so, there was a power that united the shoguns at the top of their rulers.

One Tailed is probably feeling a sense of incongruity about the existence of multiple kings who are the highest rulers in a single land.

Generals are just like nobles in this world, and they certainly aren’t kings, I guess.

Well, this isn’t so much a problem of worldviews as it is that these youkai just know too little about the world.

Even on Earth, there are many foreign countries, and the land is divided into different areas.

“Well, Japan is also an archipelagic country…”


“What, you don’t know?

“Hmmm, hmmm…I knew there was an ocean, but I didn’t realize it was an island…”

One tailed looks stunned by my answer.

She looks like a pigeon that has been hit by a pea gun.

I couldn’t help but find the stunned face amusing, so I took pictures using the camera function of my smartphone.

Incidentally, this smartphone already has a lot of photos of Mizzet, photos of otherworldly landscapes and magical creatures, photos of book materials taken for reference, etc. saved on it.

Definitely not stolen photos.

Even though Mizzet didn’t know what I was doing, this was an upright and unobstructed press of the shutter.

Well, after taking a few pictures, Mizzet seemed to have a keen intuition that the smartphone was a magic tool that could draw pictures and tried to snatch it away, but unfortunately, the smartphone couldn’t be separated from me, so Mizzet gave up.

With that kind of feeling, when I took a quick shot of the border as a memory, my smartphone suddenly began to shake.

It seems there’s a new update to the application.

[The specific action “Crossing the border” in the story mode was achieved, and an achievement trophy was obtained. In addition, by obtaining that achievement, the new feature “Temple of Creator God: Level 1” was liberated.]

“Wh, what!?”

“Nnh? What’s wrong, Mister!? The enemy? Is it an enemy attack?”

I didn’t even know [Story Mode] has an achievement feature……..

I don’t know what a specific action is, and there isn’t indicator for it anyway, but apparently the new feature was released when I did an action that met the app’s requirements anyway.

At the top of the logout section in Story Mode, a new feature called the Temple of the Creator God has been added.

I don’t know what function it has, so I’ll read the explanation right away.

[ Temple of Creator God: Level 1].

The room of the god of creation that exists in a different dimension.

The current size is a single room of 6 tatami mats with an attached courtyard.

You can enjoy replay mode in the room.

No, this explanation still doesn’t tell me anything.

By the way, a six tatami large single room is more like a hut than a temple.

No dignity at all, Creator God… … Maybe because it’s LV1?

I don’t know what the so-called replay mode is, but that mystery will be solved once we try it, right?

But still, achievements…

Assuming that this is a future achievement that raises the level of the temple, I’m wondering what the conditions are for getting an achievement or something like that.

I’m pretty sure I defeated a demon, but isn’t that included in the achievements?

…That might be, actually that demon’s problem hasn’t been solved yet, and in the future, if I find out why that demon tried to cause stampede, and track down its backstory and traces, I might be able to get an achievement.

Raising level is important, but achievements are also interesting!


But if it’s enough for the app to recognize it as an achievement, I feel like a lot of things would be trouble in the future.

Let’s start by investigating the movements of the demon race in this continent.

“Well, the policy is decided. Then let’s go in and take a look.”

“Where is the enemy? Where’s the enemy, Mister?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. There’s no enemy, so calm down.”

“Where is enemy enemy?”

I feel bad for One-Tailed, but she had already scared, so I can’t help it.

So far, hostile monsters have appeared countless times, but most of them have been one-horned rabbit-level, so I guess my panic this time is making her feel bad.

However, even if I wanted to explain, to the One-Tailed who was so scared that the ears of the fox were tightly closed, it seemed that she couldn’t hear anything.

Well, I can only say sorry.

After that, I grabbed the cowardly youkai and chose the “The Temple of the Creator God” without saying anything.

Well, just take your time to calm down inside.

When I select the temple, a shining door will appear in front of me.

It’s probably to let me open this door and enter the room.

I decided to go in right away.

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