Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 50

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Return to Another World 2

One-Tailed who had become cavalry riding mode was running in nature with me on her back.

Through the forest, through the grasslands, through the wilderness.. arrived to the next city by the time the sun rose in the morning.

I’m not in adult form, but in 10 years old me, so there is no problem with weight, but her stamina is still pretty good.

Is this the power of a youkai?

But having said that, the walking speed of One-Tailed in cavalry riding mode is faster than expected.

It takes three days of walking to cover the distance in one night.

And unlike a horse, even if there’s no road or unstable road conditions, it’s hard for this kid who’s a fox to lose her balance, which is also her charm point.

“Have I been useful to you, Mister?”

“Well…I have to admit it.”

“Hmph….. Alright. I’m counting on you for breakfast.”

Saying so, One-Tailed licked her body that she had turned into a beast with her tongue, and after being satisfied, she transformed back into a young girl.
She seemed to be able to transform freely without any restrictions.

I thought to myself as I hand out the convenience store onigiri in front of One-Tailed as promised.

If I think about it, there should be a race called beastmen in this world, and let’s forget about whether beastmen can change into calvary riding mode or not, there’s no problem if One-Tailed follows me like this.

Although this kid’s race is indeed a youkai, at first glance it looks like a fox beastmen, or at least that’s what it looks like.

Besides, from the look of the changes, she can probably hide her ears and tail at will.

The only problem is that One-Tailed’s combat strength is very low, and the disputed continent we are heading to is dangerous.

If One-Tailed can also get advantage of occupation correction in different world, I can travel with her while train her….. but will the rules of this world apply to youkai?

If it doesn’t apply, I want some ways to strengthen her.

I want some information, so let’s appraisal it.

I check out One-Tailed, who is devouring an onigiri with a happy expression.

[One-tailed Youkai Fox, Momoji]

Good at hiding body psionics.

Fast at escaping and can also turn into a mounted beast.

Although her power is still growing, her potential ability is comparable to that of a Sub-God.

If she eats well, sleeps well, and having fun, she will eventually be able to become a great Nine-Tailed youkai.

She is tremendously weak.


So that’s how it is?

No, that’s how it is.

I get it roughly. Anyway, as long as this kid lives full of energy and happily, she will become stronger one day.

If she eats, sleeps, and having fun as much as she can, she’ll become a nine-tailed youkai, so I guess that’s it.

But what I don’t understand is that “someday she will become a great Nine-Tailed youkai and comparable to that of a Sub-God”.

Eh? What is Nine-Tails are in the same level as Sub-God?

That’s bad, if such a monster on Earth trying to break the seal.

If this information is true, I wouldn’t be able to fight against Nine-Tails with my current fighting strength. Rather, I don’t know how much power the Togami family and their associates have yet, but if we compare combat power with the Dragon God of this world, for example, we can only see a future of total annihilation no matter how much we think about it.

Wouldn’t that be bad?

The bad possibility is, some of the cities will be destroyed….

“Hey, One-Tailed, is your mother really strong?

“Hm? Yes, she’s strong. Maybe the female Onmyouji who tried finish me off before this, well I don’t think it would be a match even if there were 10,000 of them head on.”

One-Tailed replied as if she wasn’t interested, and then ate her breakfast one bite at a time.

I see, even if there were 10,000 Kuroko, they couldn’t beat her head-on…

It’s really the power of that of a Sub-God, One-Tails.

“By the way, people around there call her The Great Youkai, but is she actually a God?”

“Oooh~, not quite sure. Even though humans say she’s a Great Youkai, I can’t tell who’s telling the truth when my mother calls herself a land god. After all, I’m just a mere youkai.”

Probably One-Tails’s statement of the land god is correct.

In fact, the appraisal tells that it is comparable to the sub-god. Although I don’t know what the land god is, the god point cannot be wrong.

Well, it’s not like I know what I can do, but I can’t be lazy in leveling up now.

It’s mainly for me to survive.

After that, we don’t go into the town and continue the journey by running wild in the wilderness, dealing with the monsters that appear from time to time in the mountains.

Sometimes, it surprised the the wagons and travelers that passed by, but it may be that they mistakenly thought that I was a beast tamer who subdued and ensl*ved the demon, they understood that I was traveling since 10 years old me in cavalry riding mode.

Occasionally, when I take a break, someone will ask me where I’m going, or say hello to a rare monster I’ve brought with me, etc… In a world where monsters exist, One-Tailed isn’t particularly noticeable in a bad sense, and has become accustomed to it.

I don’t know if she is aware of this, but she seems to pretend to be just a wild animal when she encounters humans in her cavalry mode.

The kid is smart in this regard, able to read the atmosphere and flow of the scene and grasp the situation immediately.

Although the combat ability is only at the level of a low level adventurer, she doesn’t seem to be a burden.

And then during the journey, crossing several towns and finally arriving near the border of the country, our journey was progressing well, I heard this rumor from a merchant from a neighboring country.

“A talented girl knight who became a Paladin at the age of 13?”

“That’s right. I’m a merchant after all, so I’m very sensitive to such rumors. It seems that a noble girl in that country became a Paladin by using swords and magic, and was hired as one of the knights with power in that country.”

Hmm~, the noble girl who become a Paladin……..

Sounds familiar.

By the way, has Mizzet been doing well since then?

She’s also a noble girl and dreams of becoming a Paladin.

She’s not a super genius like the one who became a Paladin at the age of 13, but she’s got a lot of talent. She might be able to compete with that genius girl sooner or later.

“Oh, I see. There is a young girl who was aiming to become a Paladin among my acquaintances, so I feel nostalgic for her. Ah, as a thank you for the information, I’ll buy one of those fruits.”

I gave a coin to the merchant who had told me an interesting story to thank him.

“Hahaha, thank you for your patronage. Then I’ll tell you one more tidbit of news. I remember that the girl who became a Paladin at a young age is looking for a boy who supported and guided her when she was a child. He should be around the same age as you are now… …. But that was a long time ago… that boy has grown up by now, right? Geez, what a romance!”

The merchant told me the additional information and crossed the border with a smile on his face.

…….Hmmm, “looking for a boy about my age”.


This one, isn’t it exactly Mizzet?

Whatever, whatever, she’s already living on her own anyway.

Even if that girl was Misette, I shouldn’t have stepped in after all this time.

Despite the cold sweat, I decided not to worry about it and presented the adventurer card to the soldier guarding the border.

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