Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 49

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Return to Another World

When I started 【Story Mode】 and landed safely in another world, it was already midnight.

This is a world where two moons were created when the app created the planet, so the moonlight is stronger than on Earth, and it’s a little brighter at night, but even so, the visibility is still poor in the forest.

When I was looking around on the app, I could see it clearly, so I guess I misjudged the time of day I was getting off.

However, I don’t think there are any monsters in the area that would be bothered by this visibility in particular, so I quickly summoned One-Tailed.

By the way, wyvern is not nocturnal, so it is probably resting soundly in its den right now.


“Hey wake up, you’re free to go now.”

I shake the sleeping One-Tailed and wake her up and release her .

One-Tailed seems to be sleepy at first, but soon notices that the area is different than before and looks around.

“Hmm? Where is this place? There’s a big tree growing here.”

“Morning, One-Tailed. Are you hungry? Wanna get something to eat?”

“…Hm? Ah! You’re that Onmyouji fellow from earlier! Please don’t kill me!”

I may be friends with an Onmyouji, the natural enemy of youkai, but it’s not like I’m going to eat you or anything, so calm down.

The girl youkai who is desperately rubbing her head against the ground makes me feel helpless.

I mean, even in my 10 year old form, she can recognize me as the same person.

Maybe the yokai have organ to identify individuals without being limited by appearance.

It’s the kind of thing that uses spiritual or magical power to identify the individual.

For now, I take out an onigiri (rice ball) to reassure One-Tailed and hold it out in front of her.

“Here~ Here’s your food~”

“Huh! Oh, oh, there’s a rice ball in front of me……..That’s so cruel…”

Apparently she thought it wasn’t being offered to her, but rather deliberately shown to her in order to persecute her own self who was weakened by hunger.

How traumatized are you, kid, what happened to you in the past…….

I can’t watch her grumbling and growling her stomach and enduring her hunger, so I decide to force her to eat because it can’t be helped.

“If you want to eat it, take it. You can eat it if you want.”


One-Tailed stares at me with astonished eyes in response to the onigiri suddenly shoved into her mouth.

There’s no need to be so surprised.

Or rather, well, One-Tailed doesn’t realize that this is a different world, so she’s probably thinking that there were Onmyouji hiding and watching her, something like that.

”Yes, you can eat. There are still plenty of onigiri left over, so eat as much as you want. There’s no Onmyouji around, so eat a full meal and get well soon.”


“Yeah, yeah, that’s it.”

In addition, I took out natural water and a spare onigiri and deployed it in front of One-Tailed.

For a moment, her ears twitched as if she could sense the presence of her surroundings, but maybe she relieved that she didn’t catch anything in her detection, and she began to eat the offered onigiri in unison.

“It’s so good, I’m so happy…..Ugh, but I’ll have to share it with Kaa-sama and Ane-sama too…”

With tears streaming down her face, the “corporate sl*ve” youkai gathered up her rice balls and tried to serve in a mournful manner.

It’s too pitiful, too much pity, One-Tailed.

The low hierarchy in the family is probably the reason why she have always been rebuked for her achievements.

Damn, don’t make this old man cry.

It was like seeing myself as an salaryman.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait. There’s no more Onmyouji here, or rather, there’s no Onmyouji in this world, and no more sisters or mother to take away your achievements. Calm down.”

“That’s impossible. Even if we are sealed away, as long as we live, our ties could not be broken … huh?”

Perhaps she finally noticed, One-Tailed scurried around in confusion.

I didn’t think that the Nine-Tailed family had such an inherent ability, but apparently that power did not reach another world.

The fact that Shikigami couldn’t detect this much either, it seems to be a reasonable result.

“It’s just as I said. It’s not Japan or another country across the sea, this is a completely different world.”

“…Is it different from the seal?”

“I don’t know much about sealing, but it’s probably a totally different principle.”


One-Tailed carefully examines the other world, a place where even her family’s sensing abilities don’t work, and twists her head around while folding her arms.

She occasionally ate an onigiri while thinking.

And finally, she came to a conclusion, and after eating and eating and eating and eating, One-Tailed laughed, her stomach puffing up.

“Do you believe now?”

“Hmm. I don’t know why, but it seems my family no longer exists in this world.”

“All right, then. That’s not problem anymore. You’re free to live your life as you please. But there are people in this world, too, so if you do anything bad, you’ll be in trouble again. Then take care of yourself.”

With that, I leave One-Tailed behind and walk away.

Well, it’s very touching to think that a corporate sl*ve youkai was saved in this way.

The onigiri was sacrificed, but considering the 10 million yen I received as a reward, 120 yen only a trivial amount.

By the way, I bought a lot of onigiri considering the trip, so there’s still a lot left over.

Even from behind, I can hear a single “I’m free!” the cries of joy, and I’m sure she’ll live freely from now on.

Now then, let’s head to our next destination, the disputed continent.



I walked casually, using my holy sword skills to instantly kill the nocturnal monsters that occasionally jumped out at me.



Oh, isn’t that a wyvern on that cliff?

It’s sleeping very well.

I’d like to have a revenge match one day, so if the Adventurer’s Guild has a request to defeat it, I’ll try to test my skills.



I’ve been hearing voices behind me for a while now, but I’m ignoring them.

I must be really tired to be having auditory hallucinations at my age.

No, it’s impossible for this body that just finished repairing itself to be tired.

It’s time to accept reality.


“………Hey, why you keep ignoring me? I want to eat onigiri again. I want to eat onigiri again!”

When I turned around, I saw the face of One-Tailed that had been following me with an unconcerned look on her face.

Why was this kid following me?

Obviously, it was very difficult for her to be free, and if she gets involved with humans again, she’ll be in big trouble.

This kid, who is so quick-witted because of her cowardice, should be able to understand such a thing.

Is this the reason for the existence of the social rule of not feeding wild animals?

This fox youkai is completely fixed on me….

”Hah……..Why are you following me?”

“I’d like to taste some more of your onigiri, mister. And I’m useful too, you know? If I’m serious, I can carry a man as a mount, and if I hide my ears and tail, I can blend in with humans and eavesdrop on their information. How convenient is that?”

The desperate appeal of One-Tailed has tears in her eyes as if to ask me not to throw her away.

Aah, what a pain in the ass.

She has been appealing to me as being useful in many ways, is this what’s called licking?

But looking at her like this, it seemed that she would never give up anyway

“Just one time, how about trying to ride on my back? If you find it convenient, I hope you can give me onigiri again. Can’t you?”

“All right, all right. Just one time, okay? If I find it’s not convenient, make sure you get back to the wild. It’s promise.”


Suddenly One-Tailed began to dance a strange dance and struck a pose with a ‘con’! And with a single cry, she changed into the shape of a beast.

Hey, seriously, is this what riding on your back means?

……..I didn’t think I’d go into cavalry beast mode.

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