Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 47

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It took nearly three days to completely anhilate the youkais.

There may be some inaccuracies, but maybe not.

After all, it’s not like I’m the only one doing this job, and I’m sure there are others doing the same job somewhere.

Like Onmyouji, priests, monks, and so on.

The youkais who were active under the influence of the Nine-Tails began to die down, and Kuroko Togami came back to visit when she considered the job was over.

Maybe she will give me a reward.

“Sorry to bother you, Saito-sama. Thank you for completely fulfilling the request. Do you know what people in industry are talking about now? It was rumored that a strange person were going around killing youkais with incredible speed. I was flooded with questions whether Saito-sama belongs to my family or not.”

“Eh ….. Hahaahahha, well I happen to be in prime condition.”

Looks like my fellow youkai exterminators were watching me. Well, It’s no wonder if the holy sword and light bullets would stand out, after all, they were too shine.

“Oh, you are still as humble as ever. Even so, it is a fact that Saito-sama helped me. Since I was the one who introduced you to my father, I am honored that you can accomplish this much.”

“Glad to hear it. After all, I received the down payment, so it’s inevitable I have to finish the job.”

Looks like I managed to finish this five million yen job on time.

Fortunately. The extermination of these youkais isn’t dangerous as I thought. With my current level, I’m sure I can handle those small fries easily.

Maybe I can make a lot of money with request like this again. Should I build the Saito Office, which specializes in exterminating youkais?

No, don’t get carried away.

If I play an active role in this kind of industry, I might get involved in a problematic situation by interfering with the interests of an organization that has been making a living for a long time.

It’s better if I take a safe position by only working at the request of the Togami Family.

“And this is the remaining 5 million. I’m sorry ….. I already advised my father to pay more due to the many compliments from fellow Onmyouji, but …”

“Oh, that’s fine. Maybe your father thought that because the contract had been made, the payoff would be the same.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

Well, freelance contracted by big companies like that everywhere.

If the job is successful, then further requests will be considered. But once the contract is made, the rewards will be paid according to the agreement, no matter how hard you work or not. Well, this is basic in Japanese society.

“Don’t worry about that. I’ve received 10 million in total, so I think this is a good job.”

“Thank you for understanding my father’s decision. Saito-sama is indeed very kind, I didn’t expect you to accept it after I showed my family’s embarrassing side.”

No, I’m not trying to be understanding.

In fact, I made 10 million just walking around town in three days, if you think about it, that’s a lot of money.

10 million yen might be a small amount for this young lady, but for me who was a salaryman, it’s a big amount of money.

There is a lot of difference in sense of money here.

“If you have any more youkai extermination requests, I’ll accept them. But since I’ll be away for a while, you probably won’t be able to contact me in the next few weeks.”

“Alright! Please help me again when the time comes! This time I will not lose to my stubborn father and provide more money!”

The young lady was excited as if she was on a mission and said to the black clothes bodyguard behind her. “Call ojii-sama. Tell him if my father does not accept what is said to him, be prepared for a one on one fight,” what a terrible child.

…. But, is this the market price?

I wonder how much the real market price is.

My fantasies spread in anticipation, and I almost grin as my expectations expand too much.

I hurriedly corrected the grin to a smile and managed to keep up my calm appearance.

“Well, Saito-sama, thank you very much for this time. Next time, I think there will be more requests related to” Tamamo Gozen” requiring Saito-sama’s help so please help me at that time.”

She bowed beautifully and left the room.

A request related to ‘Tamamo Gozen’, the great youkai of the nine tails, who is also the main mission as an Onmyouji …….

I don’t know how strong the nine tails are, but it’s probably not a simple matter.

Assuming that Genzo Togami old man’s class was on the same level as Onmyoujis from a long time ago, that would mean that with a few dozen old men, it was all they could do to temporarily create an opening for the Nine-Tails.

Furthermore, we know that not only the main body, “Tamamo Gozen”, but also her daughters, two to eight tails, so I can’t see the vision of ensuring the success of the request at the current level.

It might work out by making a big sacrifice, but maybe not, so this cowardly old man wants to acquire more power and go for sure.

So, I open the app immediately and choose 【Story Mode】.

I’ve already skipped five years of time in the app, and the forest where I fought the demon race had calm down and returned to normal.

Hmm, this would seem to be a good time for me to respawn. I made a final check with the app to see if there were any people around, and then I got off to another world.

Yang mau isiin saya pulsa dipersilahkan ??

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