Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 46

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Since I planned to protect this One-Tailed and then send her to another world, I decided to end the day and return home.

Even though she was weak, she tried to run away from me …. No, to be precise she was afraid of Kuroko Togami, an Onmyouji, and tried to run away from her, but because she was exhausted and lost a lot of power, so she ended up falling asleep.

One-Tailed, sleeping curled up in a black-luxury car, is just a child of youkai from wherever you look.

The young lady from the Togami Family told me what kind of evil this girl had committed, but as expected, the contents were so excusable that I didn’t get the impression that she had done anything bad.

According to her, this youkai was insider to Nine-Tails, using her child appearance to catch people off guard and trick them. By approaching people, she could find out the movements of those who were trying to exterminate youkai, like Onmyouji.

It was said she was skilled at run away and hiding herself, and often caused trouble by stealing food and goods.

She is very visible and difficult to catch.

Approximately that’s the story.

To be honest, I can’t help but think that this child was only being used by the Nine-Tails.

Her evil isn’t that bad, and since she doesn’t have the strength to face Onmyouji, she’s very wise, choosing to steal food from people and then running away when found instead.

It’s said that her older sister, Two-Tailed, is a maniac who kills and robs her targets, so it seems like the younger she is, the weaker she will be.

I’m glad I didn’t kill her earlier.

Well, if she was in perfect condition to fight, he could be a worthy opponent for Kuroko, provided she was in perfect condition too. But this child, despite being daughter of the nine tails, I don’t think she would do that.

This One-Tailed, who is the weakest among the Nine-Tails family and understands the dangers of fighting, must have the same “value your life” principle as mine.

Even though she had the power to fight, she didn’t do it.

Living among people, she understood how dangerous the Onmyouji was, and was aware of the possibility that her sisters and her parent, the Nine-Tails, would be sealed away. And besides that, her special abilities lie in “hiding” and “running away.”

There seemed to be cowardly youkai too.

Meanwhile, when I was in the car thinking about such trivial things, Kuroko was thinking deeply about today’s events, occasionally stealing glances at One-Tailed and sighing, and then steals another glance and sighs again.

Perhaps she was wondering if she could just let the daughter of a Great-Youkai, who was said to have done something bad in the past, leave when she had a chance to kill her now. After all she is a young lady who makes a living by exterminating youkais.

However, on seeing this child, who was sleeping comfortably, the urge to kill her completely disappeared.

It is said that the One-Tailed’ sister and mother, the Great-Youkai, the Nine-Tailed Fox, have brutal traits, either I or Togami-san can’t be lenient with them, but this one is a bit of exception …

Well, there’s no need to worry, I’ll make sure to send her to another world.

That’s why when I get home, I’ll immediately take out my cellphone and store this girl.

“Hey, wake up.”

“Hmmmm, Kaa-sama, please don’t do this, Kaa-sama … I can’t fight …”

Looks like she was delirious.

Judging from her delirium content, it seemed like she was dreaming of being forced to fight on the orders of Tamamo Gozen, the Nine-Tailed Fox.

It must be really hard being a “corporate sl*ve” of youkai, being forced to work hard even in her dreams.

Well, to be honest, whether she wakes up or not, it doesn’t change my plan to store her in dimensional storage. So I decided to keep her as she is.

And it worked.

When I grabbed my phone and press the store button, she disappeared immediately.

That’s good. And then, let’s do the work I were originally expected to do.

Since I had already been given five million as a down payment, so that inevitably I have to exterminate the youkais.

I don’t know where they are, but if I take a wandering around, they might show up by themselves.

From what I heard while in the car, youkai are attracted to people who have high spiritual power.

I don’t know if I have spiritual power or not, but it’s probably the same as magic power.

If it’s magic power, I have a lot as a result of my leveling-up in another world, then I’m quite confident.

While doing that, it was great for me to go to a convenience store.

I lightly turn my shoulders as I head for the convenience store, and walk through the darkened back alleys, graveyards and abandoned hospital that are often attracting attention as haunted places.

Then I see translucents human figures that look like floating spirits, fireballs that look like human souls, the ghost of a girl who has an entity that seems to be a spectre, and so on.

I took a look at them all.

Moreover, despite the fact that they’re all over the place, people without spiritual or magical powers don’t seem to be able to see these things, or even if a yokai passes right by them, the average person doesn’t seem to notice them, even if they give them a slight chill.

I can see them clearly, but…… this what is called spiritual perception?

Apparently my level has risen to the parameters of psychic sense.

Of course, these small fry youkai are obviously harmful to people, and in fact, they do a lot of bad things, such as possessing people who are driving a truck and putting them to sleep.

Naturally, I would have defeated all the youkai I’ve seen.

Sometimes I would cut them down with my holy sword, other times I would used my light bullets to destroy them from a distance.

Regardless of the substance, the skills will erase them, and at the same time, the ‘s skill was used to rob of their magical power.

No matter how many times I fight them, my magic power never fades.

It was an endless loop.

After three days of wandering around the town in the evenings and at night, I finally managed to defeat all the youkais that I could see.

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