Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 44

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Youkais Extermination 3

After convincing Togami Kuroko-san to accept my help in defeating the One-Tailed, I carried the young lady, who was about to collapse, into a black luxury car and headed for our destination.

I don’t know what kind of youkai One-Tailed is, but for now, I’m the only one who has to fight her first.

I’m not going to let this young lady, who is in a state of exhaustion and worn out, take part in battle.

But that being said, you can’t change one’s nature, and if I’m not careful, this lady will probably sneak to fight her by herself.

Therefore, in order to prevent that from happening, I have to deal with the youkai as quickly as possible.

What I can rely on is the power of skills I have developed in my basic occupations, and the power of the newly added, [Paladin].

Paladin was created by combining [Warrior] and [Priest] in battle against demon race in another world. And the fact that the two were united means that now my character only has two occupations: [Paladin] and [Alchemist].

Therefore, there is one more vacancy left in the occupations, and by using the app on the character making screen, I can gain new power.

However, as I looked up new occupations on my way to our destination, no matter how much I stared at the screen in the car, nothing came to mind.

Of course, if I take a new occupation and learn the basic skills automatically, I will become stronger than now, but I can’t find a basic occupation that meets the requirements for transforming occupations under loose conditions that allow me move up to a composite occupation like Paladin did.

Unlike the Paladin who could only be fused by raising their level, the composite occupation created by combining with the alchemist is said to be affected by the presence or absence of items and alchemy experience as well as level.

According to the explanation on character making screen, by preparing alchemy items such as a strength recovery potion, magic recovery potion, and an antidote to poison paralysis sleep, then by combining [Assasin] as fusion material, a composite occupation [Ninja] will be created.

Naturally, all of these must be smelted on their own to be effective.

I don’t know why, just ask the app for that.

Also, if you have experience in smelting super-rare materials, such as the philosopher’s stone or super-high-ranking grimoires, you can fuse them with magical occupations, and it seems that a compound job [Great Mage] will be born.

As such, alchemist is an unusual occupation that requires experience and items to step up to the composite occupation, so it is not possible to just level up and fuse them together.

However, it’s unavoidable to reset this occupation that I’ve leveled up in the future, so I have to find a composite occupation premise that would be active, but with looser conditions, and I found the only one that met my requirements.

”……… , huh?”

“What did you say, Saito-sama?

“No, it’s nothing.”

I couldn’t resist mentioning it, but it seems that the basic occupation of can be fused with Alchemist depending on the level.

However, I couldn’t help but have a feeling that the name of the composite job is a land mine.

After all, the name of the composite job that would be created by fusing a Soul Reaver and an alchemist is 【Akuma】.

Well, speaking of akuma, there is certainly no shortage of lore and legends about them using human souls and the like, or playing with them to suit their own convenience.

Akuma, who regards souls as an item, is said to be fusion of Alchemist, but can it be really recognized as an occupation?

I wonder if there is some kind of penalty just by changing occupations to [Akuma].

I’m not sure…..

However, since there is no other alternative, I have no choice but to choose the , even though I’m feeling a bit reluctant.

The initial skill of is said to be called “stealing magic”.

It seems that this skill allows you to steal magic power from opponents by touching or wounding them.

Since the magical power taken away can be used as it is, so if I combine it with [Paladin], I can create holy sword that becomes inexhaustible as I give damage to my opponents.

What is this skill, it’s just too vicious.

Well, since people in the other world, other than me, can only have two occupations by their specifications, this combination would never be possible, and the training method to become a is still a mystery.

To begin with, if you become a Soul Reaver, your parameter would be low, you don’t have any direct means of attack anyway, and if you don’t have someone to steal its magic, this occupation would be useless.

The reason why such a minor occupation can become a powerful weapon for me is because I can acquire a basic occupation without any conditions and own 3 of them.

But at any rate, the preparations are now complete.

All that is left to do now is to challenge the youkais extermination and solve the problem.

“Saito-sama, our destination is in sight. That shrine is the place where the nine-tailed youkai is sealed up.”

Kuroko Togami pointed ahead to a shrine where Inari was placed and enshrined in front of a stone statue of a fox.

Hmmm, so that’s where it is……..

I mean, she say it’s sealed, but I don’t feel anything…

I was wary of many things when I heard that it was a yokai, but I didn’t feel any strange sensation or miasma-like something like that like I did when I encountered the demon race in another world.

Rather, there is nature around the shrine and the air feels good.

The only problem is, where is that strong youkai?

It’s a complete mystery.

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