Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 42

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Youkais Extermination 1

The Dragon God was flying around the world doing something, his next destination was decided to be a sub-human oppressed area in a conflicted nation.

However, in Story Mode, the respawn point is fixed, and you can only revive at the place where you killed.

For that reason, I decided to use the 【Skip】 function to speed up the time and wait for the adventurers who gathered in the forest to disperse.

It might take months or even years for things to calm down again, but since skip function was added in story mode, it seemed to be able to be adjustable on an yearly basis, and a display of how many years to skip was added to the item.

It’s a really nice design, not like in the beginning where that made you create a world without any explanation.

I decided to let it skip a year for now and see how it goes.

It seems to take about an hour to skip a year, so I fell asleep and laid in bed, only to hear the sound of bell echoing in the room.

…… Could it be someone from the company?

I was known as a workaholic but suddenly got paid leave, so it’s not surprising that my subordinate Miyagawa would come to visit.

He knows where I live.

I walked quietly to the front door so that they know I wasn’t leaving, and looked through the door scope on the door.

Then, there was a beautiful young girl with dark hair, Kuroko Togami, as usual.

Apparently it wasn’t company-related, thank goodness.

No, it’s not good.

Considering that she came to invite me to exterminate the youkais, she might be worse than the company’s people.

“Excuse me abruptly, Saito-sama. It’s Togami.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll open it for you.”

When I opened the door and greeted Togami-san, she had black-clothes bodyguards with some kind of mysterious look on their face on her sides.

She clearly looks like she’s in some kind of trouble.

Don’t tell me it’s really youkai extermination-related!

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life as an old man in battle!

“Saito-sama, actually I would like to speak with you for a short time. As I’m sure you already know, Saito-sama, it’s about that youkai.”

“Oh, yes, yes. That youkai. It’s not good to talk about it while standing in front of the door like this, let’s get inside.”

What’s this youkai you’re talking about?”

I don’t know anything about it, but you said Saito-sama already know.

What do you want from a company employee who was a mere civilian until a few days ago, this young lady….

Even if you take into account that you don’t know that this power is something that was recently acquired, how does that lead to the existence of the youkai in the example.

It’s smell dangerous.

However, even if the guest gives off a dangerous smell, I can’t let a beautiful girl like her stand up at the entrance.

So I led the young lady Togami who took black-clothes bodyguards into the old man’s small room, and made her sit in front of chabudai.

I’m not sure if this room is unusual for the young lady of the Togami family, who lives in an impossibly large mansion, but she is constantly scurrying around.

I’m sorry, but this is the reality of being a single person.

“…this is a surprise to me.”

“I’m sorry it’s so small,”

”No, It is not that. Saito-sama’s room didn’t have any protective wards or cloaking wards to hide from the youkais, so I was a bit surprised…. I thought you were usually on guard…”

Of course not, an ordinary room doesn’t have such things.

What the hell do you think an old man’s room is?

And don’t say anything about youkai’s attack, It’s scary and I can’t sleep at night.

Oh, maybe it’s that thing.

Does she think that the reason why Shikigami has lost touch with me is because this room has a defensive ward around it, and I was using that power to hide myself or something?

That’s a complete misunderstanding.

”A defensive ward, huh….”

“Oh! I understand now. It’s just that Saito-sama doesn’t have to bother dealing with youkais with that kind of methods, right?”

Ah, yeah.

First of all, I’ve never fought a youkai before.

I’d be happy if I could explain from there, but I don’t know what to say to the young lady who’s expecting so much from me.

If the old man of the Togami family or that brawling boy were here, they would say, “Is there such reason?”

They weren’t here when needed.

But when you think about it, even though they are a clan that uses a mysterious weapon called shikigami, but this girl, who is physical ability equal to me at warrior level 3, can oppose that life form called youkai.

I’m sure the current me can really defeat it with a single blow.

In fact, I’m probably insanely strong in this world with no levels.

Of course, I’m not assuming that I’m dealing with thugs, but the world as a whole.

“Hahaha. Well, I can’t lose to those youkais around here. I’ve been training myself, you see. If a youkai appeared, I’ll split it in half with my sword of light.”

“Oh! That’s reassuring! Well then, let’s get right to it, let me explain to you about the youkai inquestion!”

I looked at beautiful lady in front of me while regretting my big boasting mouth.

Oh, man. What was I doing?

This way of saying it, it’s like I’m in the groove of fighting youkais.

I literally dug my own grave.

Damn, you’re too good at getting people on board with you, lady!

It’s scary!

Behind that shining smile, I’m seeing a dark personality behind it!

“Okay. So, about this youkai….”

“Yes, as you know, this area is actually the territory of the great nine-tailed monster, Tamamo Gozen, who has lived in this area since ancient times, but in fact, the seal that restrains the nine-tailed youkai has been weakening recently…

According to the story I heard afterwards, the gist of it is this.

Apparently, long ago, there was a great fox youkai called “Tamamo Gozen” that ruled the entire area around here, and she was on a rampage.

The Togami family, the ancestors of the Lady in front of me, who were concerned about this, used the dragon vein in this area to seal it up.

In those days, dozens of excellent Onmyouji held down the nine tails, and when her movements were temporarily stopped, they used the Onmyouji who would become human pillar sacrifices as materials for the seal, and managed to imprison her in the depths of this place.

Recently, however, the seal has begun to show signs of weakness, and it seems that the nine-tailed power is gradually leaking out and make the youkais around here go berserk.

But even if they try to apply the seal again, the power of the other party is so powerful that it is difficult to deal with her in a straightforward manner.

To summarize the story, this is what it seems to be all about.

”That’s why I came here today to ask for Saito-sama’s help to defeat the activated youkais because of the weakened seal. In fact, I was hoping that you could help me immediately a week ago, but at any rate, I lost track of the shikigami’s response and lost track of them…”

Kuroko Togami says it in a disrespectful manner, but that’s probably inevitable.

To begin with, I didn’t exist on this world at that time.

Even if I did occasionally return home, it was only temporary, and it would have been difficult to follow my footsteps as I had immediately resumed [Story Mode].

However, youkais extermination…….

I don’t know what kind of monster those youkai were, but well, if it’s against a small fry activated by leaked power, it won’t be that dangerous.

A have trump cards such as light bullets and holy swords that didn’t exist before.

I can’t lose.

This is a good time to test my skills and see what the power of the monsters in this world is.

I’ve never seen youkai in my life so far, but if I had to face the youkai alone, which seems to be revitalizing and increasing, I’d be stuck with an uncontrollable opponent.

In other words, it is a safe way to think about fighting when youkai specialists are accompanying you.

“Okay. I can’t say every time, but depending on the reward, it’s not too bad to accept.”

“Of course I promise you a reward. ……..How about five million as an advance and five million as a success fee?”


A black-clothes guard come out to chuck out 5 million as if nothing happened.

Hmm, 5 million…..

Eh, 5 million?

The daughter of Togamy Family misunderstood me for being silent, then she said something even ridiculous.

“Is that not enough? That’s why I had advised my father that this reward was too small…. I’m sorry, Saito-sama, this is all I have on hand right now…….”

“No, it’s okay. Thanks a lot.”

I accepted the request, even though my heart was pounding at the sheer amount of money I received from the Togami family.

Could it be that exterminating yokai is extremely profitable?


Chabudai is a short-legged table used in traditional Japanese homes.

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