Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 41

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The World Trends as Seen Through App

After finishing the decisive battle with demon, I ate, take a nap and showered, then opened the app again.

On my smartphone screen, I could see a lot of people still coming and going in the forest where the battle took place.

Inside the cavern created by the Demon, there were people dressed like researchers and knights and adventurers acting as guards, crowded with people investigating what was going on in the area.

After all, it must be a very rare thing to see a Demon in a land far from the Demon Continent, and this state of affairs will continue for some time until they find a clue to this incident.

If I want to start playing [Story Mode] again, it’s best to skip a bit of time and start again.

“Although I lived in seclusion in that world for a while, but only a week has passed here…. ”

I had been living in that world for a little over two months, but according to the calendar, only seven days have passed in this world.

I had thought that the passage of time would be different, but it was only a tenth of the time that had passed….

It was an unexpected discovery.

The phone records and emails were full of nagging from my boss about taking paid leave and messages urging me to come to work because they was short-staffed even though I was on vacation.

I quietly decided to stop reading those messages and get back in the game.

To be honest, as someone who is leaving the company after digesting paid leave, I don’t want to accept this kind of nonsense.

If possible, I’d like to hand in my resignation right away.

“Now that we’ve let our boss’s nonsense go, how has the world’s situation changed?”

By manipulating the world map, I was able to see the islands and continents on the planets one by one.

On one of the continents, there was a war between the human races, which includes many beastmen and other races, and the armies of the human race.

To be honest, I don’t want to go to this continent, but it’s not necessarily a bad choice when you consider the merit of easy leveling up.

Let’s consider it as one of the candidates.

Then, on an island the size of Japan, the eight-headed dragon race, which has been possessed by miasma, the demons like the Yamatae Orochi in the story, and the human race wearing distinctive outfits were about to fight one on one in the final battle.

This island nation is inhabited by very powerful demons because the Demon Continent is nearby, and the minions of the Demon God and demon kings also get under the nose of the Dragon God to do evil from time to time.

…….. This continent couldn’t be chosen.

It’s not that I’m afraid of demons and serpents or anything like that, it’s simply because there doesn’t seem to be any adventurer’s guild.

I don’t want to go back to the beginning and start with securing my identity.

Because of the well earned title of C rank adventurer, I want to be as active as possible on islands and continental areas where adventurer status is common.

For the same reason, I also can’t pick the demon continent and mountain range where the Dragon God lives.

That side will be fine for later, I guess.

After that, I looked around at the world situation, and it turned out that from the point of view of securing my identity and raising my level, the first continent I saw in the strife area was the best.

However, the conflict isn’t happening on the whole continent, it’s just that I have the impression that there is a rebellion against a large country that occupies a large part of the continent who is trying to suppress sub-humans.

Well, aside than the oppressing superpower, the surrounding small and medium-sized countries and other countries as big as the big country are quite peaceful.

Even though it is peaceful, but since they are humans, it is inevitable that there will be fights and more or less minor arguments, but this situation is the same everywhere, right?

This side of the world, though, has differences in size, a history of both war and, naturally, many discriminations.

As I pondered this, my vision wandered around the world map, I suddenly saw the movement of the Dragon God.

Normally, he would have stayed quietly in the mountains and islands around the Demon Continent in order to monitor it, but he suddenly left the island and started moving towards the human continent where the World Tree is located.

By the way, the human continent with the World Tree is the continent that I was on until a few days ago.

I was planning to go to see the huge World Tree which is 1000 meters high, but since I was invited by Onmyouji, Togami family to exterminate the youkais, I didn’t have time to go because I had to upgrade my level.

For the cowardly uncle, it’s necessary to at least level up to Paladin level and gain new skills to feel safe. Since it is impossible to respawn in the real world, you must always build up your strength and proceed with caution.

Getting back to the topic at hand, the Dragon God flew alone towards the World Tree and landed at the foot of the mountain-like huge World Tree.

Just wondering what the hell he was doing here, this time from the World Tree appeared a spirit…. No, it was a female dressed like a goddess, appearing in a radiant dress.


Why a goddess?

Some kind of goddess appeared from the World Tree.

Moreover, she was accompanied by a number of translucent spirits that were probably accompanying her.

Although a goddess-like being was appearing, none of the people in the town flourishing at the foot of the World Tree seem to have noticed it.

Perhaps the dragon god or goddess was using some concealment skill, or else it would be difficult for that goddess’s size to go unnoticed.

Although not as big as the World Tree itself, the goddess was about 10 meters tall.

Maybe ordinary people’s naked eyes can’t see it at all, precisely because the power of the app can be seen.

That’s a very convincing theory, right?

First of all, in order to confirm what happened to the World Tree, or to figure out what the World Tree really is, I used the [Life Evolution] function to find an explanation.

[World Tree]

Is the final evolved form of the plant, nature itself. Like the final evolved form of dragons, Dragon God, the The World Tree also received strong blessings from the God of Creation and is a sub-god.

Although the World Tree herself does not specialize in combat, the great spirits that are dependents have high combat power, and thus their overall combat power is quite high, rivaling that of the dragons.

The World Tree’s body as a spirit is formed by magical power, so its size does not matter what size it is, and it can be scaled up or down at will.

She also known as the Spirit Goddess or the Nature Goddess.


All I can say was “Eh~”.

I didn’t know there was such a thing about the World Tree.

By the way, usually the explanation of the commentary is very casual, but this time there is quite a detailed explanation, does that mean that the World Tree is very important to this planet?

Well, she is one who became a sub-god on her own without any rituals or anything like Dragon God, that’s how great she is.

Incidentally, after that, the Dragon God and the World Tree parted soon after doing some communicating, and the Dragon God went somewhere else.

Looking at it closely, at the same time it seems that he would occasionally go to the Demon Continent to do surveillance work, so I’m still convinced that this guy’s character is f*cking serious.

Although I don’t know what the meaning of this series of actions is, it must be very important, right?

One of these days, if I ever meet the Dragon God, I’d like to ask him what he’s doing, and ask about all sorts of things.


Yamatae no Orochi

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