Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 38

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Demon Race 3

Faced with the approaching summoned beasts, I decided to resist somewhat in order to observe the situation until the demon died.

Maybe everything would be solved if I just plunge into a near-death state, but it also serves as a test to see how far I can go with my current character level.

I was going to fight to the point of dying, since it was a rare opportunity, it was time to give my all.

The result of the battle was a crushing defeat.

Now, I was in a state of devastation, my magic power was exhausted, and I was bleeding heavily, and I was just one step away from being pushed to the brink of death.

But the expression on my face as I was being pushed to the brink was very clear, and I wasn’t desperate at all.

“I see….This is really an unexpected discovery. So is this how efficient it is to fight to the limit against an opponent that can threaten my life?”

What caught my eye was [Level up! ] on my smartphone screen, and [You have met requirements for transforming to Paladin. Do you want merge Warrior and Priest?]’s notification.

Even though I was already on the verge of reaching my physical limit, the joy was so great that it made the pain vanish.

Incidentally, the demon died unknowingly while I was fighting with summoned beasts.

Because on the halfway through the process he said, “I’m going to kill the Brave!!! I’ve done my duty, Demon King!!” I think he lived a happy life in his own way as well.

Of course, there’s no way this demon know what happens after he died, but as a Creator God who created Elven Race, I’m glad he was able to meet a satisfying end to his life.

If possible, the next time I start the [Story Mode] again, let’s also find out why this demon race did this.

“Now then, let’s check the power of Paladin before these two monsters eat me and die.”

With a wounded body and slowed movements, I operated the app and tapped on item that changed my occupation to [Paladin].

Then, all of sudden, I felt an overflowing feeling of power, even though there was no change in appearance, and after an instant of omnipotence power, a tremendous amount of magical power erupted.

It was like the awakening scene of a protagonist who was cornered into a desperate situation, a picture like that.

“…… Heh. So this is the power of a composite occupation with a power approaching that of a high level occupation, It’s amazing!”

Even though I’ve just changed occupation and I’m only level 1, I’m so full of power and magic just by standing here, the beasts that were about to attack me stopped in their tracks because they were on alert.

That’s a hell of a lot of power.

And it wasn’t just correction of parameters that was amazing. The initial skills gained by becoming Paladin were also a ridiculous thing.

This is certainly something that this country called a preferential occupation.

This is a cheat, a real elite occupation.

lt’s still a mystery whether all composite occupations are this good, but higher level occupations like [Brave] and [Sword Saint] surpass even all of them, so that’s why they’re so powerful.

All I can say is “worthy of it”.

Then, while my strength recovers slightly from my occupation change, shall I make a big move and log out?

The summoned beast that had stopped in alert was waiting for me, and I felt that now was the time to win.

In order to use the initial skill of the Paladin, [The Holy Sword], I concentrated and unified my mind as if the moment would last forever.

The particles of light were gathered in my hand, which was raised upward, and a huge sword was formed with the enigmatic sound of “ゴゴゴゴ”. (It’s JOJO reference, search it yourself)

It was only a visual inspection, but total length was probably 50 meters.

Such a ridiculous large sword of light that surpassed the trees of forest, illuminating the surroundings and causing a stormy whirlwind.

It feels like the sword of light, which had performed a special move, continued to absorb more and more magic power and stamina, but… what would happen if I swing it down?

At any rate, since it’s the last time, I poured all my energy into using the skill, but… this is an ultra-aggressive environmental destruction skill of the type that is absolutely not allowed to be used with your life on the line.

The initiator skill, me, was more scared, I can’t quite muster the courage to swing it down.

I guess the size of this sword of light is so big that it can be seen in the town.

I hope it didn’t cause any trouble, but…. it would.

I guess this skill is a great move that absorbs the user’s magic and stamina, but it doesn’t feel like there would be a big idiot who would use his life as fuel in such a last minute situation.

Crafted at the cost of lifespan by an overly young ten year old, the power of this holy sword is probably comparable to the greatest firepower in the history of holy swords.

Well, I was still level 1, so it’s only this much, but if this was released by a trained Paladin, it’s hard to imagine what would happen.

Maybe it would cause uproar in the town.

“Well, it’s no use thinking about it…. Then I’ll take you guys out!! Don’t grudge me, Summoned Beast.”

I swung the 50-meter-long holy sword of light down, and after feeling the energy of the light envelop my surroundings with so much destructive power, I abruptly lost consciousness.


“Ah, I’m back.”

As soon as I came back to consciousness, I realized that I had successfully logged out and returned to my room.

How should I put it, compared to logging out according to the normal procedure, when you are forced to log out while in a near-death state, the rate of consciousness awakening is much slower.

It also took some time this time to realize that I was back in my room.

Anyway, let’s operate the app in order to confirm the character’s repair time.

[Because the character fell into near-death, the story mode was disarmed, and the character is now being repaired, with 3 hours to go before the repair is complete]

It seemed to be more severely damaged than when the wyvern ate my head, and it would take quite a long time to repair.

Even so, it’s only 3 hours.

As long as I let it go, the repair work will soon be over, I guess.

“Now then, let’s see how powerful that holy sword is.”

Next, I used the world map to look at the forest where the battle was taking place.

So, there was a canine summoning beast that had just finished its mission and was about to disappear, and a dragon shaped beast that had been blown to pieces by a direct hit from the holy sword……..

“Ahhh, what a pity! The dragon was blown up, but it didn’t hit the dog~.”

But never mind, a level 1 Paladin was able to produce this kind of power against that summoned beast. The attack power can be said to be impeccably qualified, right? I’ll definitely hit it next time.

Well, it doesn’t matter either anyway because It was going to disappear from the world, but I just don’t feel happy about not hitting it.

Of course, I’m sure I’ll get it next time, but I don’t think I’ll ever see this beast again, so I just said that because I’m not going to lose.

This uncle also has a sense of pride.

Incidentally, the adventurers in the form of a strike force gathered in turn at the central location of the explosion to investigate what had happened and to discover the demon corpse that had turned into dead wood.

Incidentally, my machete that I forgot to store in the dimension storage, and the steel sword, which is a fixture of the Earl family, were also found, it caused a commotion.

“Ah, I’d better hold off on [Story Mode] until the commotion dies down.”

Let’s take a nap after eating, take a bath, and think about what to do tomorrow.

I’m sorry for Mizzet, but just looking at the scene, I’m afraid I’ll be considered dead, so I’m retiring as the Earl’s servant for now.

Next time, I’ll take my C rank adventurer’s card and go to another country.

Well, I’ll do that.

Well, take care of yourself, Mizzet Garhart.

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