Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 37

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Demon Race 2

Against the demon and monsters that have powerful dark attributes, I continued to shoot light bullets from the priest skill.

As expected, it didn’t seem to be effective against a demon race with a higher-ranked power, but did a great damage to the slow-moving monsters, crippling the armor that was the its body itself, turning into a beehive.

Roughly like that.

Looks like the adventurers had escape out.

”Whew. Mission complete for now.”

“b*stard, who the hell are you? That power is beyond what a child can train for.”

”Ah, so that’s what it looks like from the demon race on this planet. Hmm, it’s unexpected.”

I thought I was just a kid with a little bit of strength, but it seems the 3x occupation correction was a cheat.

Well, after all, it only took two months to level up for me to the same level with the Knights, so it must be true.

As expected of a character of Creator God.

By the way, I’ve stopped attacking the demon and am now just hanging around.

The demon was surprised that I wasn’t resisting, but I didn’t look like I was giving up, and he was wondering if there’s something in my actions, and what would do next.

Don’t be so vigilant, I’m just hanging around.

Since I managed to let the adventurers carrying important information about the source of stampede and Mizzet I had to protect escape, now I can be relax and ready to fight until near-death state at any moment.

I don’t know why the demon race decided to launch the stampede in the first place, but frankly speaking, that doesn’t matter to me.

I’ve never thought of them as hateful, and I’ve never thought of them as a clear enemy.

They are simply an extra-regulatory race that was born on the planet created by the application.

I don’t intend to forcibly exterminate them.

It’s just that I don’t want the world I created to be ruined, so I was asking the Dragon God to monitor it.

But it seemed that the demon wouldn’t take any action for a while, so I asked him a question.

“Why did you decide to start the stampede? Is it still related to Demon God?”


”As I recall, the Demon Continent was supposed to be guarded by the Dragon God, but how could you have managed to get through the eyes of the Dragon God, the Primordial Dragon, or their attendants to this continent in the first place?”

“What the hell do you…. how do you know all that?”

No, actually I’m not very good it.

Even with a wyvern, I can’t say I can definitely kill it now.

There are three types of dragons: the dragon race, which is different from the wyvern; the High Ancient Dragon, the highest ranked ancient dragon of the dragon race; the Primordial Dragon, which is even higher than the High Ancient Dragon that has received the blessing of the Creator God; and lastly, the Dragon God, which is the top species of all dragons, the strongest dragon god, is watching over all of them.

To be honest, the teory that a demon race that was fighting against me at such a high level would have come across the continent under eye of Dragon God and his attendants would be unreasonable.

If that was the case, then this guy wasn’t from the Demon Continent.

“Hmmm, the only thing I can think of is that you were originally just an elf who was exposed to the miasma in some ritual, or maybe you were exposed to the miasma by a higher-ranking demon race and turned into a demon.”

“What? You, how far do you know! Silly, impossible!”

“Oh, do I hit the spot? So I’m right?”

The upset demon-elf scratched his head and his face began to turn red.

It’s like some kind of drug addict, I better stay away from him.

And while he was doing that, I was going to escape.

“Don’t run away! Our business is still not over! ”

“No way! I don’t want to be approached by a guy who looks like on some kind of drug-fueled mess! Light bullet, light bullet, light bullet!”

Using light bullets to restrict his movements, I started to escape from the cave, leaving the demon that came after me.

Since I couldn’t win a proper battle with the cards I had now, I was going to take him to town. At the moment the adventurers must have brought the information to the Guild’s Headquarter and formed a strike force to take out this demon.

I don’t have anything grudge against this guy, but the fact that he was trying to disrupt the town by getting many victims as possible through the stampede, sooner or later he will be exterminated.

It is only a matter of time.

And because this demon had planned this far, and had no intention to let me go, he had no future.

The moment he choose to chase me, it was death flag for him.

“Damn, so irritating!!”

“Whoaa, where did you get that resentment? ”

He sent out a terrifying murderous aura filled with hatred and chased after me with a terrifying voice that was completely different from that of a former human species.

Morever, as expected of a high-ranking demon race, he seemed to be casting some kind of magic while avoiding light bullets all over the place.

As I recall, his speciality was dark magic and summoning magic, judging at his skill in summoning a Dullahan-like monster on the spur of the moment, the main thing he trained in was probably summoning magic.

If that’s the case, it would be better to recognize this magic as summoning magic as well.

“Come out, Cerberus, the guardian dog of underworld, come out, the Corrupt Dragon, the guardian of Hades, respond to my will and respond to the summoning…..”


After casting the magic, the demon tore off one of his arms and used it to invoke the summoning magic.

The torn arm was magically split into two parts, one of which took the form of a three-headed dog and the other of a rotten dragon with its bones fully visible.

Apparently he played his trump card to get rid of me here.

I mean, would you normally go that far?

Now that it was revealed, I should run away first and plan to counter again.

Well, it seemed that my speculation based on the information known to the Creator God was a disadvantage for him. From his bloodshot eyes, you can see that he was quite angry.

“These two are pseudo-lives that have summoned by my soul and miasma as exchange! I won’t die until miasma runs out or I kill you…….! You better give up here and die for me, [Brave]!!!”

“I’m not a Brave!!”

As I tried to run away, he summoned beasts that appeared in exchange for a big price attacked me.

The main body of the demon seemed to have used up a lot of its power right now, and it seemed to be in a very poor state of mind. His soul was drained away, and his lifespan was unlikely to be long, his body was shrinking.

He used to have a youthful appearance just a moment ago, but now he looks like a dying old man.


So, If I fight here until near-death state, the summoned beasts that had done their job would turn to ashes, and that demon will die on his own, right?

I just found something good.

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