Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 36

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Demon Race 1

The miasma, which was already dense earlier, became even more intense as I walked through the cave with my back to Mizzet.

Somehow, there was a sound like metal clashing each other inside the cave.

I could hear people yelling and maybe they were fighting.

“Hmmm. It’s dangerous. It’s going to be tough from here on out, Young Lady.”

“What are you talking about, it hasn’t even started yet. I’m getting excited.”

“I see.”

This was just a speculation, but the ones who were probably fighting were the source of miasma in this cave and scout adventurers who had found this cave and set out to investigate.

There was no reason why the scouts couldn’t find a cave that two children could lightly explore and find.

It’s natural to assume that the team of adventurers, who had already figured out that the cave was suspicious, encountered something in the interior and that’s how the battle broke out.

It was not settled yet because the sound of battle was still reverberating in the air, but if this was a victory for cave-dwellers, it was doubtful that they would able to escape.

After all, the adventures had not returned to the town to report, so they were forced into battle.

It’s possible that this was the case.

But Mizzet’s idea to continue charging isn’t all wrong.

The idea itself was shallow, but if the team of adventurers was in a tight corner, there were many things I can do to help them out, aside from Mizzet.

It’s because as basic strength, I can rival the knights of Earl family, and even heal the adventurers who had left the front line using recovery magic.

“If we don’t go soon, it might be too late. Let’s go Kenji.”

“I understand. But if the situation getting worse. You have to run away. Please keep this in your mind, Young Lady.”

“It’s a deal then. However, no matter who the opponent is, I won’t run away.”

Mizzet, who didn’t understand the gravity of the situation, went deeper with a cheerful look on her face.

And after a while, we found a vast space at interior cave that looked like a large hall.

There, a team of adventurers with weapons in their hands fought an elven man whose entire body was covered in black miasma. The three members of the adventure’s team were in the front, and another two were lying unconscious on the ground.

It wasn’t clear whether they were alive or dead from a distance, but looking at the team’s current situation, the remaining three wouldn’t be able to fight for much longer.

It’s dangerous, let’s turn back.

It’s bad for them, but they’re probably some of the high-ranking adventurers who starting to do investigation, and they absolutely no chance of winning the battle against the miasma elf.

Moreover, that miasma elf seemed to be playing with grinned expression, maybe he was sure of his victory.

It’s already late to join the battle against such a fellow.

It’s best to run.

But when I thought about it and tried to run away, she suddenly ran towards the adventurers lying on the ground.

“Adventurers over there, cover us! Leave the the wounded who fell behind to us to treat!”

“What? The priestly reinforcements! Thanks God! We are saved. This elf is a demon. I’m afraid he’s cause of monsters rampage. Once you healed my companions, go back to contact the guild headquarters and I’ll manage to buy you some time in the meantime!”

In response to Mizzet’s voice, the adventurers who didn’t even turn their heads from the miasma elf, correction, from the demon, continued to engage in battle.

I’m afraid that they fought with the fiends to the death just to buy time, and couldn’t care less about their surrounding. That’s why no one noticed that the ones who came to help were children.

But as Mizzet jumped out, our existence was completely exposed to the eyes of the demon.

There was no turning back now.

“Young Lady, you’ve broken your promise.”

“The second rule is to fight against strong and help the weak… In this situation I can’t abandon the injured people.”

Mizzet spoke to the adventurer, who was covered in blood and collapsing, as she continued to cast weak recovery magic such as a drop water on a burning stone.

…..Haha, it can’t be helped.

I’ve already jumped out anyway, and the odds of survival are the same whether I run away from now or save these adventurers and escape.

In fact, saving these people first would probably strengthen combat effectiveness and then probability of survival would be higher.

Having calculated so far, I cast recovery magic on the two of them in one breath to give them a big refill.

“Ugh, this place…”

“What’s happened… Huh, little girl?”

“Humph, you should be thanking me! This Mizzet-sama has brought Kenji to you! It’s OK now. Don’t worry, plese leave the rest to us.”

The two who regained consciousness by the Recovery Magic stare at me and Mizzet with a stunned look.

I’m sure they didn’t expect that the reinforcements who came to rescue them were two children.

Although Mizzet and I had become well known in the town due our recent adventure activities, but nonetheless had not been recognized as insane enough to intervene into the battle with the demons.

Their reaction was quite common-sense.

However, with this, I was able to secure two guards who can move.

From here on out, all we had to do was escape and bring back the information that there was a demon in the cave.

I’m sure Mizzet was happy to have been able to save someone’s life, and the reason why she broke her promise with me was because she wanted to save people’s lives first.

I’m sure she didn’t want to selfish anymore, and in fact, she was getting into escape stance.

Well, since I’m going to bring the information back, I’ll do one last appraisal and leave without any worries.

[Demon Race: Elven Species]

Good at dark magic and summoning magic.
Hasn’t shown any real skills yet.
His level quite high.

Dark magic is a special attribute magic that has many mental manipulation abilities.

I see, he was maneuvering monsters with this ability and planning the stampede.

Certainly if with this power it would be possible.

But since it was still early days since the discovery that the stampede was about to happen, preparations should not be completely ready yet.

As long as we brought back information, it would be easy to defeat them.

Even if this demon’s power was higher than that of adventurers to some extent, it is unlikely that he would be able to resist a strike force sent from the town to defeat him.

The strength of an individual is also important in a different world, but as long as there is no desperate gap in power, then the victory or defeat depends on the quantity.

This is the iron law of the battlefield.

But when I was thinking about running away, I was interrupted. “Hahaha! This is really interesting! Still wondering what kind of rats came in. I didn’t expect it to be the children of two human. Plus the powerful healing magic that doesn’t match the age… It’s very interesting. Interesting , Interesting, interesting, and extremely interesting!!!”

When the demon yelled like crazy, a magic circle suddenly appeared at the exit of the cave, and from the magic circle appeared wearing decomposing armor and swords….., it is better to say that the armor itself was a degraded version of the three-headed Dullahan (headless horseman).

Hey hey, are you trying to say that we’re not allowed to run away?

The appraisal result showed that although there were only 3 monsters of the same level or slightly weaker than the current me, these monsters are enough to buy time and make the demon move aggressively to knock down the remaining 3 people.

More than anything else, the numbers were troublesome.

“……. Ah~, there’s nothing we can do now. Adventure-san, can you take Mizzet-san back to the town? I’ll block those monsters and demon, please run away with five of you.”

“Mizzet…? Could it be. She is Mizzet belongs to Earl’s family…?!”

“Yes. She is Mizzet the daughter of Earl Galhart. If anything happens to her, you can be sure that your head will cut!”

Although the adventures were shaken when I told her identity, but they couldn’t afford to worry about that.

“Alright, hurry up! If Kenji says so, let’s leave this to him so he’ll win easily! There’s no way my Kenji will lose!”

“But, but, to leave the child behind…”

“All right, let’s go! They’ll behead you! Just trust me!”

I don’t know if my threats about decapitated head’s worked, but the young girl and the 5 adventurers who fought the demon were preparing to run away. Of course, the demon won’t allow them to do so, but I have the Lightning Bullet skill, which has a special effect on the dark attributes.

No matter how powerful the Demons are, it’s easy to buy time because of the aspect issue.

As a deterrent, I released as many light bullet and provocation skills as I could to the demon and monsters, witnessing the adventurers who fled with the young girl under their arms.

…….. Alright, let me make a fuss.

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