Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 35

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Signs of Sinister 2

She changed from the noble’s clothes to adventure’s clothes, and soon after getting dressed, she left the house with a child’s sword in her waist.

For this young girl who knew the structure of the mansion well, the guards of the gate seemed to be nothing, and she simply slipped out of the door as if nothing had happened.

Even the Earl didn’t expect Mizzet to be so active, and although the entrance to the house was guarded, but there was no staff on duty to look after Mizzet herself.

In the first place, various meetings had been held between Earl Family and Adventure’s Guild, and many personel who can fight were busy surveying the forest, guarding the Earl, and many others were also busy fulfilling the tasks assigned to them.

It’s just that there’s not enough room to spare for a single child who may not even to be a legitimate daughter.

Finally, Mizzet, who had left even the town and entered the forest, was moving deeper and deeper into the forest.

The more you go deeper, the more monsters stronger become, so the monsters that jump out at were heavy burden for Mizzet.

It’s already becoming difficult to deal with even one-on-one, so I fought them down.

Even though we were going to deep in the forest, we were still in a shallow place, so at present character level, it’s nothing to me.

“Uh… Uh…Wait!…. Take a short break, Kenji!”

“Do you want to go back to house?”

“Not yet! I haven’t got any clues yet. I’m just taking rest because the demons are strong!”

I was dealing with all monsters she couldn’t handle, but it seemed that even the weak ones were quite hard to Mizzet herself.

No matter how much she trained daily as a swordsman, this little girl was only 8 years old.

Her level was low and the parameter correction from her occupations was probably small too, and she didn’t have enough physical growth to continue hunting.

However, this is a different world, and no matter how young she is, if her level is high enough to compensate for it, it’s a different story.

Just as I, the child who was set to be 10 years old, was beating down monsters that even adults adventurers had a hard time to deal with, so that those who were mastering their occupation’s level totally beyond common sense.

Even I, whose total value of occupations was still 27, was like this, couldn’t imagine how monstrous the [Brave] and other high level occupations in this world that I was planning to go check out in the future were.

“Alright, break is over! Let’s go deeper! I’m going to get the source of stampede today!”

“But if we go deeper from here, the demons will be even stronger, right?”

“It’s all right. Because no matter what kind the enemy is, Kenji will not be defeated.”

The thick confidence from Mizzet was a mystery.

Why on earth do you think I can’t lose?

I’m Creator God who was eaten by a Wyvern on the first day of his adventure.

This character, who can be resurrected again and again, may be invincible, but he’s still not the strongest at the moment.

Even if I didn’t lose, it was useless if I couldn’t protect Mizzet and she was incapable of fighting.

Even character repair took some time.

“Please don’t do anything rash.”

“If I do anything reckless, Kenji will definitely protect me, and that’s okay too.”

There’s no guarantee that I can protect her.

As much as I would like to say that, I hesitate to tell her the truth, as she had so much faith in my power.

No matter how much I tell Mizzet now, she won’t listen to me.

She would probably laugh it off.

While some of that anxiety passed through my head, I reconsidered that if it came down to it, well, if I could draw the attention of the demons by using a series of provocations of my warrior skills, I would be able to buy enough time for Mizzet to escape.

With her current ability, she wouldn’t be ripped and eaten with a single blow against a Wyvern, the opponent was a intelligence-low beast, after all.

There are many ways to deal with wild animals if you want to.

After that, I went deep into the forest with Mizzet, killing the demons that were getting stronger and stronger, and after gaining quality combat experience, I found a cave-like place where my level had once again risen.

“What is that? A cave?”



Mizzet crossed her arms and snarled.

I’m sure she was thinking that the cave was suspicious.

Why do you think I thought that?

It’s because I was thinking the same thing right now.

I’m not sure whether it’s the power of Creator God or instinct, but I could feel the miasma-like energy from the cave.

When I first saw the goblins, I also felt that this body had a serious error caused by the influence of the demons, in other words, a rejection of the misuse of mana.

Even if I’m not particularly aware of it, but I felt naturally uncomfortable if there was a miasma.

Maybe it’s only Creator God, or Sub-God as Dragon God and Brave who is strongly received protection, who feels this feeling of strangeness.

“That cave is suspicious,”

“No, it’s not suspicious,”

“No, I think there’s something strange. I will investigate it!”

The miasma was so dense, it meant that the cave had a source of miasma, or that something was present.

That’s why I sensed the danger and tried to stop Mizzet, but the little girl, who were curious about the existence of the artificial cave that was clearly suspicious even without feeling the miasma, just ran into the cave.

………Well I thought it would be like this, but what has become can’t be helped.

At the very least, I’ll go ahead and explore and protect Mizzet from any danger.

I overtaken Mizzet as I ran into the cave, and I went straight, hiding her behind me.

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