Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 33

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Conversation of Dragon God

It’s been a while since the World Tree started moving, and while Saito was pouring his heart and soul into educating Mizzet, a highly ancient dragon came to the Dragon Mountain Range, the dwelling place of the dragon race that surrounds the Demon Continent and watches over it.

He seemed to speak in a panic to the superior Dragon God.

“Hmm, so what’s matter?”

“There is something I would like to convey even if I have to put this life on the line!”

The Highly Ancient Dragon spun his words while enduring the intimidation of the god standing in front of him.

The goddess of the World Tree began to act on the words of the oracle conveyed by the Great Spirit of the Wind.

When the uppermost being, who is one of the pillars of the sub-gods, started to act, if he or she did not act in a confrontational manner, his or her father, who is the god creation, would tolerate it.

The Highly Ancient Dragon in the highest position earnestly appealed to the Dragon God with the determination to sacrifice his life.

The relationship between the superior and inferior dragons is stricter than that of the spirits, who are considered the goddesses of the nature, and if the inferior dragons were to address the superior dragons, it may be overwhelmed with power, or even have a horn broken.

Moreover, what he was facing was not a mere dragon, but a Dragon God.

It is precisely because the Highly Ancient Dragon is the strongest existence in the dragon species, that is why he understand the overwhelming power gap.

Even the comparison between adults and children is not enough.

He has made up his mind to advise the existence of this dragon god, to the extent that he was willing to die for the sake of his clan.

However, the Dragon God in front of him is not particularly angry, nor is he trying to intimidate him into understanding his position, he is just standing there.

Not only that, but he even sighed at too short-sighted thought of his Dragon clan member, and shrugged his shoulders “Yare yare.” He didn’t expect that simply sending Oracle to the World Tree would cause such a ruckus.

The Dragon God held up one finger and explained to all of his family members, “First of all, you are wrong about two things. First, I don’t care how the World Tree acts, because we are both created by God the Father. We are both created by God the Father, and we are not traitors who have been transformed into demons by the miasma, but we do what is good for our father.”

He said, and held up a second finger.

“The most important thing is that we should not fight against each other and be hostile to each other. Because by nature the Father doesn’t need our help, only that we exist here. Surely, since we were created, we should act to meet that expectation…. Does killing each other meet this expectation?” In the end, he added, “If you don’t understand it to this extent, then it’s really hopeless.”

Dragon God didn’t want to tolerate his foolish family members, so he was going to exert his intimidation to break their hearts, as a way of making them reflect on what they’re doing, although it doesn’t take their lives.

However, the pressure were so intense, the heart might not be the only thing that would be broken.

When the Highly Ancient Dragon heard these words, his eyes were wide open, and he shocked by idea of Dragon God, or rather, the will of his father, Creation God.

It because he understood how much love He had poured into creating creatures like himself. Understanding his own ugly and superficial motives, the Highly Ancient Dragon left the scene in contrition.

Fortunately, the Dragon God did not have to deal a single blow to the Highly Ancient Dragon.

Then the Dragon God exhaled a breath and muttered.

”But perhaps Father has already seen through our tangled psyches and still created us…. ”

Even that traitor Demon God, Father has anticipated his actions and took the countermeasures called “Braves.”

Of course, it’s impossible for me to understand all of his thoughts, but I’m sure that there are countless other plans that he has implemented.

In this situation, what can I do?

He had an answer in his mind at least.

The answer is to think about the meaning of his father’s words in the current situation, and to use his own abilities to seek growth.

No matter how strong he as sub-god, he is nothing more than a lizard crawling in the palm of his father.

So in order to be able to stand beside his father one day, the best way is to try to understand the meaning of every word of his father so that he doesn’t get in the way.

It’s not nice 1 to say it, but taking direct action like Goddess, there is a possibility of one in ten thousand or one in billion that will make father unhappy. The more I think about it, the more I feel that this is too risky.

The ultimate goal would be to hand my father a world that was comfortable for him and the world he wanted, but… this would be a long way off as long as the obstacle of the Demon God was still in the world.

Then suddenly, the Dragon God looked in the direction where his father would be.

”Oh. While I was lost in thought for a bit, the foolish demon race dared to head to my father’s side without shame or notice.”

For a moment, the thought of erasing them and taking care of it myself without leaving a trace passes through my mind.

But I can’t get rid of the idea that maybe that’s my father’s purpose, or maybe it’s just for fun.

“Not good, what have I done. Without thinking about Father’s intention of purposely preparing demon race of this level, I was caught in a state of short-circuiting my thoughts for a moment. That’s not good….But, I see, then is this a pre-planned game…. ”

As a basic premise, it seems that the father is now playing the game of educating a human girl.

In that case, I think it is in the plan to prepare the sacrifice called the demon race in order to become food for that education, and to prepare the problem like an adult who gives toys to children. That’s what Dragon God thought.

As I thought, it is impossible to know how deep he is thinking about each move, anticipating and moving ahead.

Even if it’s just for fun, surely that girl’s education is also a foreshadowing that will eventually lead to something.

After calculating to that extent in an instant, the Dragon God was impressed by a sublimity that far exceeded his own expectations, and meditated on it.

If Saito Kenji, the man himself, were to know about this assumption, he would probably think, “There’s no something like that,” but it will be some time before he realizes that.

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