Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 32

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Adventure of Mizzet 5

It was been a month since I gave the lessons to Mizzet. And lately, she’s become less likely to treat others with ridiculous and reckless behaviour.

She was now trying to look good in public and was studying hard.

When she learned that the children of orphanage supported by the Earl in the city were in poverty, she decided in her own way to visit the orphanage to see if there was anything she could do about it.

She grew spiritually by emphasizing the “gentleness” of the lessons she had been taught.

Well, all of this was limited to “people other than me”.

How do I know?

This is because, of course, behind the growth of this former brat, Mizzet, there was always the hard work imposed on me.

“Kenji, I’m going to bring food to the orphans again tomorrow, so I’ll leave the food shopping and other things to you.”

“My lady, I think it’s great to deliver food to the children, but if you did it yourself, the children will be more happy, right?”

“What are you talking about? Whoever delivers or prepares the food, it’s the same. When you’re hungry, it’s enough to have food to eat. The important thing is to use my position and power to help the weak. That’s the second rule. And I have my own work to do.”

And so, the usual strategy meeting held in my room, or rather, the girl who drove her special horse (me), beat me on the back with power of a young girl while urged me to prepare quickly.

This is my position, like a horse pulling a cart with its head, like a working animal.

……..In other words, this is what happened.

Even though the people in the town were saying, “You’re as gentle as a saint” and “Mizzet-sama seems to be an E-ranked adventurer now”, and the Mizzet world was raining down their praises, but please do not forget that there is my precious sacrifice behind it.

However, having learnt the lesson, it’s a good thing that I’m the only one who received her ridiculous behaviours.

Because Mizzet is not fundamentally evil; she is neither stupid nor foolish.

She understands what her actions are, right and wrong, and make me to work because I’m the only one who can be relied upon by the girl.

If I explicitly said, “No, I don’t want to do it,” then she would feel down.

As results, I couldn’t refuse her request to prepare food for the children Mizzet wanted to help, and no one else can help the little girl who has to spend her time training, studying, and the recently added etiquette lessons and magic training.

Even if I wanted to tell the servants to “prepare the food”, Basically I was the only servant following Mizzet herself, and all the other guards and servants were under the Earl’s authority.

All the other guards and servants were under the authority of the Earl. They went hunting with Mizzet only for the safety of his daughter, the Earl’s daughter, and not obliged to obey her instructions.

It was just what the Earl told them to do.

Therefore, as Mizzet’s true companion, I was the only one who could freely discuss matters with her.

Whipping my back severely for this is…….Well…’s like an expression of affection.

It’s because she knows that I won’t be intimidated by a mere attack of her level.

In one month of hunting, my character level has risen to 7, and though little by little, if the dust settles, it will gradually become stronger.

When I have free time, I also practice my swords with Klein and Mizzet, and this may have helped to raise the level of my warrior’s occupation.

When she lost a challenge, she realized that I was stronger than her.

Of course, if I had given the girl some face and lost the match, the situation might have been different, but don’t underestimate this old man.

No matter how clingy and likable the young girl is, it’s a serious crime to remind this Oldman about heavy labor of salaryman life.

I was able to avoid direct injury in the practice ring where I was able to legally beat Mizzet, and I was able to maintain a winning streak.

I had no intention of stopping the total victory until one day the fast-growing Mizzet caught up with me and took a win.

“Let’s do it then. When I deliver the food, please come with me, my lady, because if I’m alone, the orphanage children will be disappointed.”

“I’ll take care of it. And please take the money for the food out of my savings jar. I’m begging you! Please.”

“I see.”

There’s one more thing. Mizzet has a good nature.

No matter how much she exhausted me as a companion, she would do same for herself.

What a commendable, gentle character she has.

After all, the Earls would give her pocket money for anything she wanted to buy.

However, she does not take it as good. She saves little by little money from rewards earned by adventures with me, as if she wanted to take responsibility for her own actions, and operates based on that fund.

That is why I quietly took the silver coins from the dimensional storage and said.

“Oh, my lady. By the way, I saw a cheap rabbit skewer at yesterday’s booth. They said they’ve been taken care by Miss Mizzet, so they’re giving it away for free.”

“Ew! Oh, really? Is that so? Well, you’re really good, Kenji! You got information I didn’t even know about!”

Mizzet smiled cheerfully and said happily that the financial burden was thus lightened.

Even this oldman have some leeway to give the young girl money pocket to look good.

Of course, I bought a rabbit skewer at the booth afterwards.

I can’t help lying, too.

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