Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 31

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Adventure of Mizzet 4

After the rebellious girl succeed of subjugating her first demon, Mizzet was praised by her grandfather-guild master, her parents, and her brother for her success in defeating the demon without help.

When they found out that she had defeated the demon, her family show more affection and love for her. From then on, Mizzet had got me into forest everyday, hunting with no less vigor than an adventurer.

In fact, Mizzet was already a good as a low-ranked adventurer.

In order to catch up against my guild card, which was a C-rank guild card given to me by Adventurer’s Guild because of the scarcity of user recovery magic, while Mizzet had recently registered as an F-rank in Adventure’s Guild, she was trying her best to defeat an F-rank demon.

Besides that, she also never missed her daily training. As results, her recovery magic began to bear fruit. If only sprained ankle, even now Mizzet could heal with a little time.

You may think it’s just a sprain, but the point is that she had grabbed the trick, and now all she needs to do is scale it up.

It’s just a sprain indeed, but it’s not a joke.

What’s important was the fact that even though it was weak, she had managed to use her recovery magic.

The main part of the training was to learn swordsmanship from Earl’s private soldier who was good at close combat, practice and learn magic in her own, then I will teach her, and finally combine the results to complete the guild’s mission.

What a genius education it is!

To what extent did the Earl know about Mizzet’s potentials?

I didn’t think that her absent family, or the guards who were changing frequently, can accurately grasp the potentials of that rebellious girl.

If you ask me, who had been spending a lot of time with her, I could only assume that the Mizzet’s dream of becoming a Paladin was no longer a distant daydream.

It was been a week since the first subjugation, but Mizzet’s growth had continued unabated, like a runaway car with broken brakes.

Well, as elite occupation in this country, Paladin is a good thing.

The problem is after that.

Although there was a big difference between the overlap of the occupations and the initial level, I had an advantage, but this gap would be smaller and smaller in the face of Mizzet’s talent and growth speed.

I can’t actually lose because I have the power of Creation God, but if my character become evenly matched, it’s not hard to imagine Mizzet losing her inhibitions and becoming even more uncontrollable than she was now.

I’m not sure if I’ll have the strength to stop her when that happens, so I decided to make a plan.

And the plan is…. shojou manga.

You want to know why it’s a shojou manga?

The answer is simple.

It’s about the glamour, the success of young girl, and the royal justice of defeating evil and helping the weak.

It’s not just about girls’ manga, but it’s the crystallization of Japanese moral education.

I decided to impose the rule of moral education on the unruly Mizzet for sake the future.

Just like sheathing a blade that is too powerful to attack, I waited carefully for the opportunity to fight.

Then, the sound of light footsteps approached my room, and the door swung open without knocking.

The Earl Galhart’s invincible rebellious girl, Mizzet-sama, had made her entrance.

“I’m here, Kenji! Get ready for an adventure right away!”

“Good morning, my lady. I’m glad you’re looking well today.”

“Of course….Oh, what’s that?”

Mizzet, who had no qualms about barging into my room, turned her attention to me, who was lying on my bed, leisurely reading a manga.

It seemed that the manga had already intrigued her.

I was sure that Mizzet, who was full of curiosity, would take some sort of action with an unknown object, but it was quicker than I had expected.

“It’s called shojou manga.”

“Shojou manga? What’s that, something funny? Is that something funny?”

The picture of a beautiful girl and a beautiful man on the cover, and the glossy and shiny comic book cover piqued the young girl’s curiosity.

Hmmm, it’s just as I had planned.

“Yes, this’s very interesting. In my hometown, this is considered like scripture. This will make you a strong and clever Paladin.”

“Woaah!! Seriously?? If that is a guide to becoming a strong Paladin, then it’s the right tool for me right now. I also want to know about Kenji’s hometown, let me see it.”


The lie that I made up on the spur of the moment that it was an item to become a Paladin worked, but she grabbed the manga and kicked me off the bed.

Tsk, she really need to be educated.

If she go on like this, she might become a Paladin of disaster, wielding her strength wherever she goes.

It’s a shame to leave her alone, because she has a good heart, and she wants to help her brother who is sick, and she wants to please her parents, and she wants to learn about my hometown.

Now is the time to give her an education.

“I don’t understand the text…….. Gaaaah!!”

The pictures seemed to suit Mizzet’s taste, but she was thinking hard because she couldn’t understand the characters.

That’s because the language used is Japanese.

I don’t know why I am able to use this world’s language with the app’s magic power, but I can’t do it the other way around.

After all, to the people on this planet, the existence of Japan is an alien world.

“Please give it to me, my lady. It’s an ancient writing from my homeland, so it’s possible that it didn’t reach this country. I’ll read it for you, my lady, so please give it to me.”

“Ah, okay.”

When I sat down with my legs crossed in front of the bed, Mizzet sat on it as if my thighs were cushions.

With my arms wrapped around the girl, I opened the manga and read aloud.

When I was about to finish the first volume, “The Saint of the Unfortunate Baron’s Daughter Edition”, Mizzet’s interest seemed to have caught up with me, and she immediately urged me if there was another volume.

Of course was, I immediately moved on to the second volume, “The Villainess of Duke’s Daughter Edition”.

When I was nearing the middle of the third volume, “Reverse Harem”, a maid at home brought me a lunch invitation.

Mizzet was so enthusiastic about it that I read it as hard as I could, but it seemed that I had forgotten all about the time.

“I’ll eat my lunch later! Read on, Kenji! I want to get to the part where she defeat that wicked duke’s daughter!”

“Yes. But, my lady, you must have a good lunch to be strong…. And did you notice that there’s a coda hidden in this holy book?”


I held up one index finger and paused for a moment before I began to speak.

“Rule number one: A young woman must be strong, wise, beautiful, and never give up her pride.”

“Oh! That’s what the baron’s daughter said when she first met the prince!”

“That’s right. So, first of all, you must not only have strength, but you must also learn to be wise, and become beautiful by always watching your behavior.”

The young girl’s eyes sparkled as she responded to to my words..

I’m sorry, Prince of the story, but I’m going to have to borrow your handsome power.

“The knight is the one who fights the strong and helps the weak.”

“I know that too! That’s what the son of Marquis who protects the girl from the villainous daughter said!”

“Exactly.. And then, thirdly, don’t indulge in your own power and strength. All three are essential, well, essential, to the advancement of the Paladin.”

“Oh, yes, of course. I’m not going to use my power to attack people like that evil woman.”

After listening to all the lessons, I looked at Mizzet, who puffed up her chest in my arms, and grinned.

The first one is discipline. Two, which is about the strong helping the weak, that is to say, to understand and embody the “gentleness” of the image of the Paladin.

Then came the third and final commandment, which implied the folly and danger of wielding power indiscriminately.

It is unclear whether the young Mizzet would have understood this, but the gist of it would have been clear from the manga.

The evidence for this was that she was very upset with the villainous daughter who was abusing her power, and therefore the brainwashing of this uncle had been completed.

After that, all I had to do is to spend a few days reading out all shojou manga (5 volumes) in front of Mizzet in order not to let this passion cool down.

Hm, it’s easier than eating peanuts.

No matter how smart she is, she’s just a kid.

This way, all the violence and misbehavior towards me will cease.

It’ll cease, right?

It would be good if it would stop.

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