Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 30

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Adventure of Mizzet 3

I wielded the dagger I had borrowed from the Earl’s mansion and, one by one, I killed the horned rabbits and other wild animals in the forest.




If you hunt one, the cowardly animals would react to the voice, making it even easier to find next prey.

Even aggressive horned rabbits would try to run away when they saw their companions and the monsters being hunted in front of them. But unfortunately, they can’t escape from my three occupations.

Several monsters had already succumbed to me, and their lives have withered away.

When I left Mizzet, who was still staring at the rabbit behind me, I silently leveled up, and my smartphone finally vibrated.

It was the app notifying me that my character level had risen.

I took my smartphone out of my pocket and checked my character’s status.

[Level up! ]

The “Warrior” has reached level 4 and has learned the provocation skill.

The “Priest” has reached Level 4 and has learned the skill of Light Bullet.

The “Alchemist” has reached level 4, and has learned the skill of Alchemy.

Due to the furious leveling up, I acquired three new skills.

When I tried to use them, I unconsciously understood what they do.

Provocation is the ability to add a magical shout to attract a creature’s attention and turn its focus to me.

Secondly, Light Bullet are super-effective energy bullet against creatures and magic with the Dark attribute.

I tried throwing a light bullet at a nearby horned rabbit carcass, and found a scorched hole opened up in its head.

It seemed that although it had no explosive power, it was penetrating and was a single-point breakthrough attack.

Lastly, Alchemy seems to be a skill that allows you to change the shape of tools or synthesize them with your magic power, but I didn’t think it’s particularly useful at the momen.

I checked the physical abilities and skills that increase by leveling up, and when I got the results, I laid a smile on my face and stopped hunting.

Now, let’s see what’s going on with Mizzet……..

“Fyuuh, I’ve won. What a tough opponent.”

“Oh, well done, Mizzet-sama. To beat a demon in your first battle…

Mizzet puffed out her chest with a “Hum-hum~~” at my words, and the guards clapped their hands as if they were waiting for the right moment.

No, this was indeed something to be proud of.

Even though it may sound weak as a horned rabbit, the 8-year-old girl, Mizzet, didn’t have an occupation, so she couln’t be blessed by it.

On top of that, her physique was that of a young girl herself, so her physical ability should be quite unreliable.

However, she defeated the monster with her own strength, and her performance was quite impressive.

However, it seemed that she didn’t win completely, and her body was covered with scrapes and cuts.

Judging from the shape of the wounds, it didn’t look like she was hit by a rabbit’s horn, so she probably got them when she was jumping around to avoid an attack.

She didn’t seem to care, but if I left her wound unattended, the guards would put pressure on me, so I decided to help her recover as a reward for winning the first battle.

“Wow, my wounds have healed. That’s the recovery magic…”

“If you want to eventually become a Paladin, you’d better take a good look at my recovery magic I use.”

I said she’d better take a good look at it, but it’s not something you can remember with one look at something unknown.

After all, since it was a power that I got automatically when I created a character, so I didn’t know what kind of principle it used or how to exercise it to learn it.

I just thought it would be better to have a look at it as an experience rather than didn’t see it at all.

“Of course. And now I kind of know how to do it. I learned how to use the magic when I was watching my brother’s practice magic, so I should be able to do the basics activation. I don’t know if it will work for recovery magic, but all that’s left is practice! That’s all right, Kenji, I’ll just go home and try it out for myself.”

No, no, how could it be so easy to learn. Hahaha, you little girl.

Are you joking with this Uncle?

But ignoring me who thought so, “What shoul I do?” “Ah, that’s the way to do it.” “Yes, isn’t it good to do that?” Mizzet was asking and answering her own questions.

When you were young, you were so overwhelmed by your confidence that you thought you could do anything.

It reminded me of when I was young.

Let me to take a look. Since you thought you would soon be able to learn the magic, I would let you to be guinea pig for appraisal-san with a slightly improved performance after the level had been increased.

It should be able to appraise one’s speciality as usual.

[Mizzet Galhart]

She is almost learning how to use recovery magic.

Has a talent for magic and fighting.
Rather weak.


“What’s wrong, Kenji? Ugh…. Your spit is so dirty! It’s dirty!”

“Cough, cough.”

Oh, come on, seriously?

It’s a lie, young girl, tell me if it’s a lie!!!

It’s strange how she is so close to learning how to use recovery magic, isn’t it?

Although she hadn’t succeed in acquiring a occupation yet, but she seemed to have the talent for fighting at the same time, so if she went out hunting again for a few days, she was bound to get it.

Is this the so-called difference in human talent?

The God who created mankind is truly unjust.

Even though the God is I myself.

“Hey, I’m not sure if it’s right. But Mizzet-sama seems to be on verge of mastering the knack of recovery magic. You should leave the tiniest wound intact and use it to practice your recovery magic at home.

I was so shaken up to think and ruminate, so I tried to keep my composure and told her the truth.

However, it was another mistake, and Mizzet stared at me quizzically and her mouth was agape.

“How do you know I’m on verge of mastering it?”

“With intuition.”


“It’s a hunch.”

“Is that so? Well…. never mind. Today is the day when my first challenge came to fruition. I’ll bring this demon back to Adventurers’ Guild and amaze my grandfather!”

Although she apparently felt suspicious and didn’t accept it, what seemed more important was the joy of having defeated the rabbit, and Mizzet, who had entrusted her prey to her guards, returned to the city in an excited mood.

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