Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~  Chapter 3

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The day I when installed the strange application part 2

The screen of my smartphone now displayed a planet that was zoomed in and several features had been added around it. Well, we might use those features later to run the game, so we will touch them one by one.

There were four features we had at the moment.

You can check the records in the past.

To skip the time in the game or accelerate it.
* You can’t skip time during the events.

You can add water, minerals and protein, as well as other resources needed for the creation of the world.
* Remaining points: 5678

The energy necessary to create miracles.
* Remaining points: 34567

I understand the log and skip feature. You can see the status through [Log] while time is running fast or skip through the [Skip] feature, both of these features work side by side.

Next up is [Resources]. If you tap on the details, you can find that there are resources such as water, iron, protein, gas, etc. Which is also divided into other details.

However, because each item has a [Add] option, the type of the world may change depending on the allocation of added resources.

But there are too many details to check one by one.

We can skip this part.

There is no official website or strategy website, so information is limited. But there are some guidelines like [Recommended Allocation 1] [Recommended Allocation 2] …… so I should think this isn’t that bad.

And finally [Mana] ……

I wasn’t not sure about this one. What did that mean by the energy necessary to create miracles?

Even though there is a [Create a Miracle] option here, it’s still gray and can’t be operated now.

I do not know what this is.

“It’s all there, but there is something missing. There are only four functions. Is this because it’s still under development? ”
Probably more new features will be liberated in the future as the story progresses.

It must be so.

For now, I decided to follow the game’s guidelines for investing resources in planetary creation.

I decided to choose [Recommended Allocation 1] to the planet.

“Huh …?”

I tapped [Add] but there was no response.

“What really happened?”

When I tried to tap the [Skip] button a message appeared [Error! You can’t skip during the event]. Looked like I was currently in the middle of the event. So I decided to leave this game and go take a shower. Well, while I shower, there must be some changes in the game.

This game is somewhat similar to an auto-play based game, and the best way to play this game is while doing other activities.

Thirty minutes later.

“Whew! I’m feel refreshed. Now let’s see how it progresses. ”

I checked my smartphone, which I placed without turning it off, and looked at the screen.

Then I saw the view of hell on the screen.

“What is this?”

On the planet I want to develop, all kinds of meteorites from outer space fall and bombard the ground.

What really happened?

I checked [Log] to see the cause.

[Dropping a comet that is rich in water onto the planet]

[Dropping a comet that is rich in water onto the planet]

[Dropping a comet that is rich in water onto the planet]

[Dropping a mineral-rich comet onto the planet]

Seriously? It seemed like this bombarding was a process of adding resources, which was executed by [Recommended Allocation 1].

What a mess, is this the way the world is formed? I mean, these are too stalky. It can’t be like this, it should be more laid-back, can it?

The shape was now very different from the original planet. After that, I continued to watch meteorites and comets collide with each other for a while, and then the event reached its end and a new message appeared.

[Resource addition is complete. Impact after adding resources, two moons have formed!]

It seemed the event had ended.

No, was this really okay?

My planet was very chaotic. What’s more, my planet split after colliding with large meteorites and comets. The remains of the collision created two floating moons next to it.

“Yeah, yeah. I admit this event was executed well. There is no life on the planet yet, so there are no casualties. What matters now is the future. ”

When I looked at the [Skip] item, I noticed that the icon that was previously grayed out now turned bright white. Maybe because the event had ended, the skip feature was now available.

Because I had no plans to make my planet more chaotic by spending more resources, I tapped the [Skip] button without hesitation.

[Starting to accelerate, please wait a moment. —— 15 minutes left before the next event]

Looked like this needed to be left alone again.

But even while accelerating, the shape of the planet in the game continued to change little by little.

The catastrophic event caused devastating damage, it boiled magma and vaporized water on the planet’s surface to become clouds.

Then, the clouds turn into rain that drops to the ground, allowing the planet to begin the cooling process.

Repetition of this process is described on a large scale, and even more amazing was this scene had happened in the game.

To be honest, I’m very impressed now.

“Wow …”

I stare transfixed until I forget the time. Then, with a “Beep!” the acceleration process stopped. It seemed like fifteen minutes had passed before I realized it.

What appeared on the screen was a blue spiral planet with a vast continent and ocean. There was no vegetation or greenery on the surface yet, however, the shape already resembled to the earth.

Mother Earth was complete.

[Land and sea have formed on the planet! The basic form is complete! New features added!]

There are new features? Let’s check on the screen.

[Life Evolution]
By utilizing the resources found on the planet, you can create and develop life.

* The creation and evolution of certain types of life requires mana.

And finally, after all this time, I was able to create life forms.

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